Andis vs Wahl: Which Brand Makes The Best Pet Clippers?

Andis and Wahl are two of the biggest brands when it comes to pet grooming supplies. Both have an extensive selection of dog clippers, but in this post, I will discuss an Andis vs Wahl comparison to help you choose the best one.

The market for dog grooming tools is massive. This is why it’s not surprising to see dozens of pet clipper brands in just a single search.

Andis vs Wahl

Despite the tight competition, Andis and Wahl managed to grow their clientele. Nowadays, their clippers and other grooming tools are widely used for both professional and at-home purposes.

If you’re a beginner groomer or pet owner who can’t decide which brand to get, the points below will be a big help. Read on and let me know your thoughts about these two brands.

About Andis pet grooming tools

Andis is a veteran when it comes to pet grooming tools. The company has been around since 1922 and has produced countless clipper models for both professional and DIY uses.

For those who are on a budget, Andis makes the best option. They have affordable and mid-range models that almost every pet owner can afford.

Professional groomers also have many options when it comes to Andis clippers. They make clippers not just for dogs, but also for large animals like cattle.

About Wahl pet grooming tools

Like Andis, Wahl is also an old-timer when it comes to grooming clippers. The company has been around since 1919 when Leo J. Wahl redesigned a medical massager to become a barbering tool.

Nowadays, Wahl is a leader in clipper tools, both for human and animal applications. Aside from pet clippers, Wahl also makes pet shampoos, nail grinders, and so on.

In terms of quality and price, Wahl can give Andis a run for its money. Below, I discuss the comparison between these two brands to help you choose.

Andis vs Wahl clipper comparison

1. Model options

When it comes to model options, both Andis and Wahl have professional and at-home options. They also make clippers for large animals like horses and smaller ones like household pets.

For example, Andis has the UltraEdge series for large animals and the ProClip and EasyClip for domesticated pets. Aside from that, the brand has a range of options for both corded and cordless designs.

As for Wahl, they have the Lister Star Clipper made for professional large animal grooming. For home pets, they have less intimidating models like the Easy Pro and Pet-Pro.

So if we’re going to talk about variety, I think it’s a tie for Wahl and Andis. Both have a selection of clippers to boast about and at pocket-friendly prices, I must say.

2. Motor power

When it comes to clipper motors, Wahl and Andis use different types. For the most part, Andis sticks by the traditional rotary motor while Wahl has its proprietary Power Drive system.

Both these clipper motors are powerful, but they have major differences. Let me discuss this below.

First, the rotary motor usually found on most Andis pet clippers is the common option. It’s the only motor that’s available at variable speeds, making it a great pick if you want adjustability.

Moreover, clippers with rotary motors have the same speed in terms of motor power and cutting. It’s also cheaper and repairs are much easier to come by.

On the other hand, Wahl’s Power Drive system is not one to be dismissed. This patented motor system is made to cut through thick and matted pet fur.

Aside from that, this system has 30% more torque than other motors used by Wahl. It’s also considerably quiet and vibrations are reduced.

However, since this is a proprietary technology of Wahl, repairs, and replacement parts are also exclusive to the brand.

3. Blade quality and precision

In terms of blade material, Wahl and Andis have used two different options.

Wahl opted for hardened steel and stainless steel options. These are common and affordable, which makes them appealing to buyers.

While stainless steel doesn’t rust easily, it won’t hold its edge longer than hardened steel types. Meanwhile, hardened steel is tough, but it needs regular oiling and cleaning to avoid corrosion.

On the other hand, Andis uses carbon-infused steel for their clipper blades. It excels in durability and hardness, though users have to be careful with corrosion.

Overall, both Andis and Wahl sell replacement blades for their pet clippers. You can buy them by piece or set, whichever you find suitable for your budget.

4. Build and design

When it comes to build, Andis pet clippers tend to have more heft than their Wahl counterparts. It’s a little heavier and can be uncomfortable to hold if you have small hands.

On the upside, the hefty build of Andis clippers is a good feature for professionals. It’s because the added weight means a bigger motor, tougher housing, and overall rugged construction.

Nevertheless, Andis still has compact options. There’s the ProClip ION Trimmer and the Easy Clip Mini II. So far, the smallest model in Andis’ animal clipper lineup is the Trim ‘N Go, which weighs a measly 0.3 lbs. and has a total length of just 4 inches.

Meanwhile, those who are looking for slim and easy-to-grip pet clippers have a lot of options from Wahl. Personally, I love their compact Pocket Pro model, which is used for touch-ups when clipping your pet’s coat.

You can also try their Pro-Grip Pet Clipper Kit, which is 25% smaller than standard Wahl clippers. This will make grooming easier and more comfortable for pet owners with small hands.

I also noticed that both brands use a lot of plastics on their clipper housing. It’s pretty normal to keep their tools’ prices affordable for pet owners and groomers.

5. Warranty terms

Wahl outperforms Andis when it comes to the warranty of their pet clippers. This is a major factor, especially if you’re investing in their flagship and top-shelf models.

Specifically, Andis offers a one-year warranty for all their products in case you receive them with manufacturing defects. This is a decent warranty coverage considering that Andis clippers are in a low to mid-price range.

On the other hand, Wahl offers up to 5 years in warranty. The exact number of years depends on the specific model you’re going to buy, but they definitely offer a longer coverage than Andis.

For example, the Pro-Grip Pet Clipper Kit comes with a 5-year warranty. This is surprising considering its low price that can compete with what Andis offers.

So if you consider such a guarantee paramount to your purchase, Wahl is surely a good brand to consider. But despite its much shorter coverage, Andis compensates in terms of quality.

6. Maintenance needs

Both Andis and Wahl clippers need regular oiling if you want the blades to last longer. Also, the longevity of the tool highly depends on the level of use and regular wear and tear.

With this, I don’t think Wahl and Andis have major differences in terms of maintenance level. If you use the tool frequently, you’ll have to maintain it often.

7. Noise level

In my experience, the overall noise of a clipper depends on how much power it has. For example, if you’re opting for the Wahl Deluxe U-Clip Pro, expect it to be louder than the Andis Easy Clip.

It’s because the Deluxe U-Clip packs up to 7,200 strokes per minute (SPM), which is almost double the 3,800 SPM of the Andis Easy Clip.

So if you want the quietest model, you should be willing to sacrifice some level of performance. This is a common trade-off since a powerful motor always means a higher noise level. 

8. Price range

When it comes to price range, I can say that both Andis and Wahl are on the same sliding scale.

The cheapest model under Wahl pet clippers is the Wahl Animal Easy Trim, which is roughly around $14. Meanwhile, there are more premium models like the Wahl Bravura, which will set you back by as much as $450.

Loyal Andis customers can expect to pay a minimum of $20 for their cheapest offering. On the other hand, the upper range is around $500+ like the Andis Professional Pulse ZR II.

Overall, there are many options from the two brands. It all boils down to the features you like and the budget you’re willing to shell out.

Top 3 Andis Pet Clippers

1. Andis ProClip AGC2 Clipper

If you’re looking for the best Andis clipper to use on your pet, the ProClip AGC2 won’t disappoint. This corded clipper uses a two-speed rotary motor for a stable and reliable grooming experience.

I also like its shatter-proof housing that will last for years of use. It also comes with a #10 UltraEdge blade perfect for most grooming needs of your pet.

While the AGC2 Clipper is heavier than other models, it delivers powerful clipping performance. It’s a great tool if you have a large dog like Golden Retriever or German Shepherd. We have used it many times for Sherlock.

2. Andis Excel Pro-Animal Clipper Kit

For those who have an extra budget, the Andis Excel Pro-Animal Clipper Kit is a wise choice. This has a 5-speed rotary motor that can be used across breeds.

It’s a corded clipper with a non-slip grip and durable housing that will last for a long time. This comes with a #10 Ceramic Edge blade to get you started on pet grooming right away.

Overall, the Andis Excel Pro-Animal Clipper is made for professionals. But if you’re a pet owner with experience in home grooming, this tool is surely a great addition to your toolkit.

3. Andis EasyClip Versa Pet Clipper

Are you looking for a cheaper clipper for your pet? If so, you should consider the Andis EasyClip Versa Pet Clipper. It’s a starter kit with four-blade guards, blade oil, trimming scissors, a brush, and a CD guide.

Moreover, this clipper has detachable blades. The package includes the #10 and #7FC blades, and you can also purchase the compatible 4FC and 5FC blades separately.

Overall, this is much lighter than other Andis clippers, and it’s also considerably quiet, even for nervous pets.

Top 3 Wahl Pet Clippers

1. Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Clipper

When it comes to Wahl clippers, the Animal Bravural model is one of the most trusted among pet owners and groomers alike.

This cordless clipper has a 90-minute runtime with a 60-minute charging time. You can also use it as a corded type by running the clipper while the cord is attached.

Moreover, this has a 5-in-1 blade design that can be adjusted between #9, #10, #15, #30, and #40. This way, you only need one pet clipper for a variety of coat lengths and types.

2. Wahl Professional KM10 Pet Clipper

If you’re looking for a more premium pick, the Wahl Professional KM10 Pet Clipper is surely worth the money. It’s a corded model that has two speeds, equivalent to 3,000 to 3,700 strokes per minute.

Moreover, it has Constant Speed Control, which adjusts speed automatically to ensure smooth clipping in challenging areas. It also has a rounded front design to prevent clipped hair from clogging.

Above all, this is covered by Wahl’s 5-year warranty to protect your purchase. It’s suitable for small dogs up to large livestock.

3. Wahl Professional Chromado Lithium Pet Clipper

The Wahl Professional Chromado Lithium Pet Clipper can be used both as a corded and cordless type. It has a 90-minute runtime in a 60-minute full charge.

This is also a lightweight clipper that’s easy to hold and glide through a pet’s coat. It’s only 7 inches long and weighs a comfortable 10 ounces, which is more worthwhile to use than other Wahl models.

Meanwhile, the blade is made of high-grade steel to withstand intense grooming needs.


We hope that this Andis vs Wahl comparison helps you choose the best tool brand for your pet. Both brands have excellent offerings which match specific grooming needs.

Whatever brand you choose, it’s important to check the features of the clipper before you purchase. This way, you’ll get the most out of your money.

If you want a pet clipper that will last long, you should consider investing in a premium and durable model. While it has a bigger upfront cost, the tool will pay for itself in the long run. 

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