Are Crab Apple Trees Poisonous To Horses?

If you are taking care of horses or using them for a living, you have to be with the question, “Are crab apple trees poisonous to horses?” When given in massive numbers, any apple or even crab apple-related food can be dangerous for horses.

It is supported by some reasons we are about to explore as we answer this question. First, we have to know about the crab apple tree.

Are crab apple trees poisonous to horses

Crab apples are smaller apples. It is also considered to be something that would taste sour. So it won’t be suitable for your horses.

There are so many foods that your horses can chew on, but apples should be the last thing to be as an option. You will know why as we explore more and find proper reasons on why apples or crab apples are lethal to horses.


Are Crab Apple Trees Poisonous To Your Horses?

Must you be bothered of finding an answer to are crab apple trees poisonous to horses? But then, there is nothing to worry about as we are about to learn and explore more about this matter.

Crab apple trees or apples contain something that can cause gastrointestinal problems for your horses. In addition to that idea, the seeds of these apples contain a highly toxic chemical to several animals called cyanide.

If and only if they accidentally ate an apple, maybe it would just have minor effects on your horses.

Are crab apple trees poisonous to horses

The answer to your question about crabapples being poisonous to horses is no. It is not contaminated in a way that your horse would die.

Maybe, if taken in massive numbers, it can be. But then again, what are the instances that your horse would eat an apple under your provision.

Well, it wouldn’t be poisonous if they have only had one or two crab apples for the rest of their lives. Although tons of crab apples can make them suffer, they can poison their digestive system.  Here are the following facts that you should know:


Fact #1. Where crab apples are usually found

Of course, it is not every day that crab apple trees would grow in your place or exactly where your horses are.

Trees grow differently under different circumstances. For example, some grow because someone planted it, but some would appear. One of the reasons behind this is that your trees are especially wild ones that can grow from seeds.

And seeds would sometimes be spitted by animals and humans who become a vector to grow such trees.

Usually, crab apples are found in Asia and North America. Usually, they grow widely for their growth habit being so attractive. It also has decorative fruit. It is recognized to be something smaller than the usual size of the apple.

One of its attributes is that it is tartier than what usually apples would be. But then this apple is best to make cider, jellies, and preservatives.

Now, if you live in Asia and North America, be sure to check your surroundings to look for this crab apple tree.


Fact #2. Animals that eat crab apples

Animals that eat crab apples are those considered wild ones. It would usually appear out of nowhere.

Crab apples are usually attractive to birds like crows, thrushes, and blackbirds. There is also a reason behind that. And that this crab apple tree can sustain about 90 species of insects.

And that makes it attractive to birds and many other creatures on earth. You might get curious about mammals if they eat one. However, since it is not suitable for horses, it does not mean that it could not work for others.

are crab apple trees poisonous to your horses

Mammals with robust digestive processes and prone to eating any food available for them can sustain eating crab apples. Examples of these mammals are badgers, mice, voles, and foxes. These are animals unbothered and very wild. It is rare to be considered a pet. A horse’s immune system is built to endure all food content of what a horse eats.

And that’s something horses could not sustain. So the animals mentioned above are either omnivores or carnivores.

On the other hand, horses are herbivores, which means all they can digest are herbs and plants. That could be enough reason on to why other animals can sustain eating crab apples and horses could not. They have different characteristics and, of course, a digestive system that could work differently.


Fact #3. Ideal food for horses

To help you learn more about horses and the food they can consume, here is something you can check out. The first option you have is grasses. However, as mentioned above, they are herbivores, so you should expect more plants and plant-produced food.

The grass is common in almost every place in the world. Grass can be seen everywhere. It is a wild plant that one can see along the road or even on some plants. It can be enough to sustain your horses.

are crab apple trees poisonous to your horses

They do love eating grass. And in connection with that, hay or haylage can be good for your horse. It makes them complete and makes their digestive system work so much better. In addition, it keeps a horse energized for the rest of the day.

We highly recommended it, especially during autumn or cool weather days. Right when pasture is not available. And of course, lastly, we have fruits and vegetables. Of course, these are the most healthy food you can give to your horses. These things can add moisture to your feed. So in that way, the food will be even better.



Are crab apple trees poisonous to horses? Again, it is not poisonous, but it can cause gastrointestinal problems and lead to poisoning the digestive system when intake for large numbers. So keep that in mind.

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