10 Backpacks to Travel With Your Guinea Pig

Traveling with a guinea pig requires a lot of planning. These furry pets are sensitive to extreme temperatures, and car rides can be very stressful too. To keep your furball safe and comfy, you must get a backpack to travel with guinea pig pets. Some of the brands I swear by are Petsfit, BEELIKE, papipet, Pecute, and UG Pet for a more enjoyable travel experience for your guinea pig.

As small pets, guinea pigs are quite vulnerable to stress and outdoor elements. It’s very important to get a pet backpack that will shield them against harsh weather and other stressors.

Backpack to Travel With Guinea pig

Below, I reviewed 10 pet backpack carriers that offer safety, durability, and value for money. See which one suits your guinea pig best:

10 Backpacks to Travel With Your Guinea Pig

1. Petsfit Pet Carrier Backpack

Petsfit Dogs Carriers Backpack for Cat/Dog/Guinea Pig/Bunny Durable and Comfortable Pet Bag

The Petsfit Pet Carrier Backpack offers privacy and comfort for guinea pigs. This pet backpack mesh windows on the sides as well as stylized ventilation holes in the front. For added airflow, there’s also a roll-up opening in front of the bag.

The rest of the bag is made from durable PU and EVA with excellent water resistance and durability. Overall, this is 16” x 10” x 13” and can support up to 15 lbs. of weight. This is very comfy for guinea pigs and owners alike.

Moreover, the Petsfit Carrier Backpack uses durable zippers with nylon teeth and a metal slider. It will last long despite regular use and washings.

Inside, there’s a built-in tether that you can connect to the guinea pig’s harness. This will prevent the furball from escaping if you have to open the top door. There’s also a soft mat that will keep your pet comfortable.

You’ll also get padded shoulder straps as well as a hip belt to keep the bag intact on your back.

However, guinea pig owners noticed that this bag is slightly shorter than the height it’s advertised for. But for guinea pigs, this won’t be a big deal.

2. BEELIKE Small Pet Backpack Carrier

Beelike Soft-Sided Dog Carrier Airline Approved for Puppy Dogs and Medium Small Kitty Cats Portable Pet Backpack Travel Carrier

Another guinea pig backpack I recommend is the BEELIKE Small Pet Backpack Carrier. It’s 13.8” x 9” x 11” and designed for small house pets like guinea pigs, hedgehogs, and chinchillas. Overall, it can support up to 10 lbs. of weight.

The BEELIKE Small Pet Backpack Carrier is constructed with durable polyester and mesh material. Thanks to its mesh sidings, this backpack offers excellent ventilation. It also opens on the sides and at the top for convenience on your part.

Moreover, this pet backpack can be carried in three ways. It works as a traditional pet backpack, a pet handbag, and a travel carrier on the car. There’s no need to purchase these carrier types separately since you’ll get it all with this BEELIKE model.

Aside from that, this backpack has two pockets where you can store your pet’s supplies. It’s also equipped with wide shoulder straps and a soft mat inside.

Overall, this guinea pig backpack collapses to a flat size for easy storage. The bottom is very sturdy, and it won’t easily sag as long as you adhere to the maximum weight limit.

3. papipet Pet Carrier Backpack

papipet Pet Dog Carrier Backpacks, Puppy Dog Hike Travel Front Pack with Breathable Head Out Backpack Carriers for Small Medium Dogs Cats Rabbits (XL, Pink)

For better ventilation, you should consider the papipet Pet Carrier Backpack. This is designed with a peephole in front and a cinch adjustment. This will give your guinea pig more airflow while allowing it to peek outside.

Aside from that, the papipet Pet Carrier is entirely made of breathable mesh and polyester. The back is padded with a thick sponge to keep the pet owner comfortable while preventing the guinea pig from chewing through it.

Pet owners also love the rigid bottom cover of this bag that offers support and comfort for guinea pigs. There’s also a built-in leash inside to prevent your furball from jumping out of the bag as you walk.

Moreover, there are side pockets on this bag where you can store small pet items. You can also wear this in front if you want to closely monitor your guinea pig while walking.

However, since this has an open-top design, it may not be suitable for anxious guinea pigs. Nevertheless, its small size is more than enough for all guinea pigs.

4. Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack

Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack, Dog Carrier Backpack, Expandable with Breathable Mesh for Small Dogs Cats Puppies, Pet Backpack Bag for Hiking Travel Camping Outdoor Hold Pets Up to 18 Lbs

Is your guinea pig a notorious chewer? If so, you should consider the Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack with acrylic windows.

Like most pet backpacks, this one has a roll-up mesh entrance in front. However, the side and front windows are made of transparent acrylic. This provides ample lighting for your pet while preventing it from chewing through the mesh.

Don’t worry because the acrylic windows have ventilation holes to let the air circulate. Aside from that, the bag is made of 300D Oxford cloth that can resist wear and tear. It’s also blended with PVC composite fabric for reinforcements. Underneath, there are non-slip rubber pads to prevent the bag from sliding around.

Another great feature of the Pecute Carrier Backpack is its expandable back. There’s a folded mesh tunnel that pulls out to give more space for your guinea pig. This tunnel has a separate zippered door so that you can access your pet easily.

When it comes to your comfort, this backpack has padded shoulder straps. I also like the waist and chest belts that keep the bag snug on the back.

5. GINYICY Bubble-Style Pet Travel Backpack

GINYICY Portable Travel Pet Carrier Backpack,Space Capsule Bubble Design,Waterproof Handbag Backpack for Cat and Small Dog,Airline Approved Pet Backpack Carrier (Brown)

If your guinea pig prefers a carrier with more privacy, you should consider the GINYICY Bubble-Style Pet Travel Backpack. This borrows the classic capsule-style from cat backpacks. With this, your guinea pig can peek outside or settle on the quiet base to rest.

Moreover, this backpack is made of a PU leather outer shell. It’s scratch, chew, and water-resistant to keep your guinea pig safe inside.

Aside from that, this bag has 12 ventilation holes and side mesh windows for ample ventilation. And if you want to increase the airflow, you can replace the bubble window with a mesh cover. Both are included in the package.

Another thing I like about this bag is it opens fully using the main zipper or on a small entrance that lifts the bubble window portion. This allows you to access your guinea pig without having to open the entire thing.

However, this bag comes with a strong odor, so make sure to aerate and wash it before use. I suggest giving it a few days to air out because the smell lingers.

6. UG Pet Backpack Carrier

If you’re traveling on a plane with your guinea pig, consider getting the UG Pet Backpack Carrier. This is a backpack that you can also use as a roller bag and a handbag in one.

This backpack-slash-trolley has mesh sides and front for ample ventilation. The rest of the bag is made of high-grade oxford fabric with durable nylon zippers.

Moreover, this has telescoping handles and caster wheels for easy pulling. You can adjust the handle from 19.7” to 37.4”.

But if you want to keep your hands free, you can use it as a traditional backpack carrier. It has padded shoulder straps as well as a chest and hip belt. This will keep your guinea pig safe inside by preventing too much bounce and sideways movement.

The UG Pet Backpack Carrier also has a removable fleece bed. There’s also a removable board base that keeps the bag rigid.

Aside from the pet backpack, you’ll also receive a collapsible pet bowl and a name tag. Overall, this bag is 17” x 13.4” x 15.7” with a 60-day free return guarantee.

7. Kundu KDU-013 Deluxe Backpack

Kundu KDU-013 Deluxe Backpack Pet Travel Carrier with Double Wheels - Black - Approved by Most Airlines

Another roller backpack I recommend is the Kundu KDU-013 Deluxe Backpack. This is made of mesh side and front panels as well as 600D oxford fabric. It’s made to endure the harsh nature of long travels.

Aside from that, this backpack works in three ways. It can be used as a backpack, a roller bag, and a handbag. Traveling with your guinea pig just got easier.

Of course, comfort shouldn’t just be on your part. Inside, this bag is lined with fleece material with a soft mat to keep your guinea pig cozy.

I also like the metal zippers as well as side pockets for storage. Overall, this is 13” x 12” x 20” that can support up to 10 lbs. of pet weight. This is more than enough for all guinea pigs, and you can even transport multiple furballs inside as long as it’s not too cramped.

Moreover, this has a telescoping handle made of aluminum alloy. It’s also equipped with smooth-rolling wheels, though you have to tie the loose straps to prevent it from snagging.

8. COVONO Expandable Pet Backpack

COVONO Expandable Pet Carrier Backpack for Cats, Dogs and Small Animals, Portable Pet Travel Carrier, Super Ventilated Design, Airline Approved, Ideal for Traveling/Hiking /Camping

If you’re looking for a pet backpack that offers ample lighting and ventilation, I recommend the COVONO Expandable Pet Backpack. This has an acrylic board on the lower front to let your guinea pig peek outside.

Meanwhile, there are mesh side and top windows for ventilation. This is paired with nine airflow holes to keep your guinea pig cool inside.

Aside from that, the COVONO Pet Backpack has an expandable back section. It will give your guinea pig enough space to roam while you’re camping, hiking, or picnicking with them. The expandable mesh tunnel at the back has a separate door where you can access your pet.

This backpack also has chest buckles, non-slip bottom, and metal zippers for added safety. There’s an added tether inside that you can connect to the guinea pig’s harness. This way, you can open the roll-up mesh opening without losing your pet.

Overall, this guinea pig backpack is 13” x 10” x 16.8” without the expandable back. It can support up to 18 lbs., which is more than what you need for a guinea pig.

9. PETKIT Pet Backpack Carrier

PETKIT Cat Backpack Carrier, Travel Pet Backpack Carrier for Cats and Small Dogs, Ventilated Backpack for Cats with Inbuilt Fan & Light, Comfort Pet Backpack with Padded Strap, Lightweight

If you’re looking for something fancy to get your guinea pig, the PETKIT Pet Backpack Carrier might be the ultimate choice. Unlike traditional pet carriers. This one has a built-in electronic fan to keep your furball comfy. The fan speed is adjustable and can be set in automatic or manual.

Aside from that, this has LED lighting inside, so you can easily check on your guinea pig during low light conditions. This is also equipped with multi-aspect vent holes to keep the air moving with the Coanda effect.

In front, this bag has a clear plastic window on its solid rigid frame. There’s an EVA hardened pad and pearl wool underneath the plastic frame to keep your pet comfy. And to prevent too much sweating on your back, there’s an added layer of breathable mesh.

Inside, your guinea pig will have ample space to relax. You can also utilize the built-in tether to keep your pet attached to the carrier.

While this is more expensive than the usual mesh bags, it’s worth the splurge for long air travels. It’s also compact enough to meet the in-cabin pet carrier rules of some airlines.

10. Petmania Expandable Bubble Carrier

PETMANIA Pet Carrier Backpack [Black Expandable Front] - Transparent Bubble Carrier, for Small Dogs/Puppies, Cats/Kittens, Hiking, Traveling, Airline Approved

The Petmania Expandable Bubble Carrier has a fully transparent bubble design. It will let your guinea pig enjoy a 180-degree view of the surroundings.

Aside from that, this sports an expandable front, thanks to the added mesh between the capsule window and the other half of the bag. This is also added ventilation on a warm day.

Overall, this pet backpack has nine ventilation holes and an oxford fabric shell. Meanwhile, the transparent bubble front is made of ABS plastic.

At the back, this pet carrier has padded shoulder straps as well as chest and hip belts to keep the bag close to your body.

Overall, this guinea pig carrier opens in the middle and on the sides. This gives you convenient access to your pet even while walking.

This backpack is 11.5” x 14.5” x 16.5”, which can be suitable for air travel depending on specific airline rules.

The only issue I see here is if your guinea pig doesn’t want being entirely exposed because of the clear front design. Other than that, this pet carrier does the job well.

How to choose a pet backpack for guinea pigs

When it comes to carrier backpacks for guinea pigs, you should consider the following updates:

Backpack size

The first thing you should check is the size of the carrier backpack. While guinea pigs are small, you still need to give them ample space to move and breathe.

Guinea pigs have big personalities, so that a spacious backpack will be a good choice. Still, avoid extremely large backpacks where your guinea pig might roll and bounce inside.

In general, an 11” x 11” backpack suits most guinea pigs. Nevertheless, it’s always best to measure your pet’s body then add a few inches on it for comfort.


The material of the carrier backpack should put up with a guinea pig’s chewing habits. Also, it should withstand wear and tear while remaining comfortable.

Always look for a soft mat inside where your guinea pig can lay down. Aside from that, the external material should be tough and rigid enough to retain its shape.

Aside from that, the zippers of the bag should be chew and scratch resistant. I also swear by metal zipper sliders since it doesn’t break easily despite regular use.


Proper airflow is necessary to keep your guinea pig comfortable inside the backpack. Always look for mesh panels that will allow air to enter and exit the bag.

A few pet backpacks in the market have a built-in fan, like the PETKIT Pet Backpack I reviewed above.

Moreover, multiple entrance points are a good feature since they will let you open a bigger hole for airflow if need be.


Next, make sure that the pet backpack is secure and won’t allow your guinea pig to escape. It should use durable zippers and locks, especially for long travels.

Aside from that, the interior shouldn’t have any sharp spots that could hurt your guinea pig.


Guinea pigs can get very stressed during travels. The bag must provide them with privacy to keep them away from the noise and other stressors.

For anxious guinea pigs, pet backpacks with small bubble windows might be the ideal option. You can also consider soft-sided bags with thick oxford fabric sides to block light and sound.

Ease of use

Lastly, the guinea pig backpack should be easy to use on your part. Look for padded backing and shoulder straps to reduce the strain on your shoulders. Also, consider hip and chest belts to keep the bag close to your body.

While guinea pigs are lighter than cats or dogs, you’d still want added comfort, especially on long-distance travels. The straps should also be adjustable to suit your height and preferred setting.

Wrapping Up

With a backpack to travel with guinea pig pets, you can take your furball on your trips without too much stress. Aside from getting the right backpack, it’s also crucial to acclimate your pet to be placed inside a carrier. Always plan and prepare to minimize the stress on the part of your guinea pig.

The 10 backpacks I reviewed above will surely give your guinea pig the comfort it needs. Let me know which one you plan to buy for your pet!

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