10 Backpacks to Travel With Rabbit Safely

A backpack to travel with rabbit pets is one of the most important accessories for bunny owners. Unlike cats or dogs, rabbits are more delicate and require a great deal of care while traveling. To keep your pet safe, I reviewed here 10 of the best backpack carriers you can use. Some of my top picks are Lollimeow, PetAmi, Yosoo, Companet, BlitzWolf, and more.

As with any pet supply, you have to ensure that the rabbit backpack is safe and durable for long-term use. This way, you’ll get the best value for your money. The options below will surely nail these two aspects:

backpack to travel with rabbit

1. Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack

Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack, Waterproof Bubble Backpack Carrier, Cats and Puppies,Airline-Approved, Designed for Travel, Hiking, Walking & Outdoor Use

If you’re looking for a pet backpack for your rabbit, my top pick is the Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack. This has a capsule or bubble design that allows your bunny to look around. Monitoring your rabbit is also easier because of the full transparent front.

Moreover, this rabbit backpack is made of a plastic bubble front and an oxford polyester shell. It’s water-resistant, durable, and comfortable for long travels.

The Lollimeow rabbit backpack also has nine ventilation holes to keep your bunny comfy on a warm day. There are also mesh doors on each side of the bag that you can open for added ventilation.

Inside, there’s a soft mat where your bunny can lie on. There’s also a harness tether to prevent your rabbit from escaping in case you’re opening the mesh doors.

Overall, this pet backpack can support up to 13 lbs. of rabbit weight. It has an 11.4” x 11” x 16.5” size that’s spacious enough for small to medium-sized bunnies.

However, this may not be the most comfortable carrier during very hot days. Also, it’s best for mellow rabbits that are already used to traveling long distances.

2. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats and Dogs, Puppies | Ventilated Design, Two-Sided Entry, Safety Features and Cushion Back Support | for Travel, Hiking, Outdoor Use (Heather Gray)

If you’re looking for a soft-sided rabbit backpack, you should consider the PetAmi Deluxe. This is a large carrier that can fit up to 18 lbs. of rabbit weight.

Aside from that, this backpack has mesh sides and a front mesh window for breathability. It also opens on two sides, so you can easily access your rabbit while traveling.

The PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack also has a large front pocket where you can store treats and rabbit food. There’s also a name tag slot to prevent your bunny from getting lost, especially during air travel.

Moreover, this is designed with wide shoulder straps as well as waist and chest straps. You’ll literally wear this backpack, which prevents your bunny from sliding and bouncing inside.

I also like that they added back padding to prevent the bag from digging on the skin. Its main shell is also made of 600D polyester that’s tough against harsh elements.

The only thing rabbit owners noticed is that the bag tends to sag when carrying an 18 lbs. rabbit inside. The curved top also loses its shape when pushing the weight limit on the very last pound.

3. Yosoo Pet Carrier Bag for Rabbits

Pet Carrier Bags Hamster Rat Hedgehog Rabbit Sleeping Bag Breathable Portable Outgoing Travel Handbags Backpack with Shoulder Strap (Color : Pink) 8 10inch

For small bunnies, the Yosoo Pet Carrier Bag for Rabbits is a good choice. Unlike full-sized backpacks, this has a sling design suitable for short trips like walks around the neighborhood or a day hike.

This is made of a plush and warm material that will keep your rabbit cozy on a chilly day. It’s also easy to wash and is quite similar to kiddie bags.

Moreover, this is fitted with an adjustable strap, so you can carry your rabbit any way you want to. I also like the mesh peephole with larger holes. It will allow your rabbit to look around and have enough airflow.

When it comes to security, this has a sturdy zipper. However, I want to warn you that if you have an aggressively chewing rabbit, the material may not hold up well.

Overall, this cute rabbit carrier is 21 cm x 25 cm x 8 cm in size. It’s suitable for small rabbit breeds as well as other pets like chinchillas and hedgehogs.

This bag is available in a variety of colors for a very low price. If this is your first time buying a rabbit carrier, this is a great starting option. It’s not that sophisticated, but it keeps your rabbit safe and comfy.

4. Companet Foldable Pet Carrier Backpack

Foldable Pet Carrier Backpack,Under 18 lb Dog Cat Rabbits Carrier Bag,Ventilated Design,Safety Features and Cushion Back Support for Travel,Hiking&Outdoor Use,Airline Approved

Are you obsessed with denim? If so, the Companet Foldable Pet Carrier Backpack is the stylish choice for you and your rabbit.

This has breathable mesh panels on the side, front, and top. You can also roll the top door to let your rabbit breathe fresh air. It also opens in front, which serves as a tent for bunnies up to 18 lbs.

Aside from that, there’s a faux fleece padding inside the backpack to keep your rabbit comfortable on long travels. This is aside from the built-in tether that you can connect to your pet’s harness.

I also like the bottle holder on the side with a drawstring adjustment. It also has small pockets where you can keep small items for your rabbit. There’s another pocket on the other side where you can store your keys, wallet, garbage bags, and so on.

Moreover, this rabbit backpack is made for traveling since it’s easy to attach to the handle of your suitcase. The back also has a shoulder strap and a fixed strap for travel purposes.

On the lower back, you’ll find a storage pocket with an opening for a headphone jack.

5. Lemonda Portable Pet Capsule Backpack

BlitzWolf Anzone Pet Portable Carrier Space Capsule Backpack, Pet Bubble Traveler Knapsack Multiple Air Vents Waterproof Lightweight Handbag for Cats Small Dogs & Petite Animals-Cyan,30L

Does your rabbit get nervous outdoors? The Lemonda Portable Pet Capsule Backpack will be a good choice. It only has a small bubble window that lets your rabbit look around while maintaining its privacy. Since it’s enclosed, it minimizes the noise and distractions that could stress your pet.

Moreover, the Lemonda Portable Pet Backpack has a polycarbonate front shell. It will keep your rabbit safe against bumps and other external forces. Meanwhile, the rest of the bag has durable oxford cloth with excellent water resistance.

For ventilation, this backpack has nine holes scattered on the sides and front panels. You can also replace the bubble window with a round mesh cover to boost the airflow for your bunny. Aside from that, there are side mesh windows on this bag.

The back of the Lemonda Pet Carrier has padded shoulder straps with a mesh backing. It doesn’t have a waist or chest straps, but this is only a minor flaw since the bag is rated for a maximum of 10 lbs. of pet weight.

There’s a small pocket at the side of the bag where you can store garbage bags and a small bag of bunny food for added convenience.

6. Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack

Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack for Small Dogs & Cats, G,Train Pet Backpack Carrier, Airline Approved, Cat Backpack, Small Dog Backpack for Hiking & Travel, Lightweight, Waterproof Bottom

Are you planning to take your rabbit on a long hike or air travel? If so, you should consider getting the Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack. This looks like a typical rucksack, but with a roll-up front mesh door where your bunny can peek.

The best thing about the Kurgo Pet Backpack is its 25-lbs. capacity. You can carry your large rabbit anywhere with this sturdy and rugged backpack.

Aside from that, this is made of thick and padded fabric. It has layers of padding at the back to keep you comfortable. Also, this padding is very handy since the backpack transforms into a traditional carrier when laid flat.

This Kurgo pet backpack also has wide and padded shoulder straps with a stowaway design. This is aside from the hip belt and sternum strap to keep the backpack snug on your body. If you’re an avid hiker, this is the right backpack to use for your rabbit.

Inside the bag, there’s a carabiner tether that connects to your bunny’s harness. It also has mesh ventilation for air circulation. However, this backpack isn’t the comfiest option for your rabbit in warm conditions.

7. Texsens Pet Carrier Backpack

Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet Carriers for Cats and Dogs (Grey)

The Texsens Pet Carrier Backpack might be your best choice when traveling on a hot day with your rabbit. This backpack has full PVC mesh sides and front panels. It will also let your bunny look and sniff around without having to open the roll-up window in front.

Moreover, the Texsens Pet Carrier is lightweight and easy on the back. Although breathable and light, this pet backpack can still support up to 15 lbs. of rabbit weight.

The back of this pet carrier has padded shoulder straps with D-rings where you can clip other items. It also has an adjustable chest strap to keep the bag close to your body.

Inside, there’s a rigid fleece-lined mat as well as a harness tether to keep your bunny safe. This way, you can roll up the front mesh entrance without losing your pet.

Overall, this rabbit backpack is 13” x 11.42” x 16.73” in size with pockets on the sides. It also folds thin for easy storage.

Just take note that since this is made of mostly mesh, it’s not advisable for rabbits that have destructive chewing habits.

8. HALOViE Pet Carrier Backpack

HALOViE Pet Carrier Backpack Expandable for Small Dogs Cats Under 20 LB, Mesh Breathable Foldable Pet Travel Bags

For the outdoorsy rabbit owners, the HALOViE Pet Carrier Backpack is a good choice. It has a collapsible back that gives your bunny more space to sniff and look around while camping, picnicking, and relaxing outdoors.

This pet backpack has mesh panels on the sides and front. On top, there’s a roll-up cover that you can open to give your bunny more airflow. To expand the back, you simply have to unzip the opening and pull the mesh material. This tunnel-like structure has a door in case you want to access your rabbit.

Moreover, the HALOViE Pet Carrier is made of a durable oxford fabric shell that wicks moisture. It also has metal zippers with buckles to prevent accidental opening or escaping.

Aside from that, this is fitted with two side pockets for storage. The expandable mesh material at the back also serves as padding for your back while carrying your pet around.

Overall, this rabbit backpack works well, but I hope they can put more padding on the shoulder straps. Considering that it can support up to 20 lbs. of bunny weight, there should be more protection for the shoulder area.

9. KOPEKS Deluxe Pet Travel Backpack

The KOPEKS Deluxe Pet Backpack is a 2-in-1 carrier. This works as a traditional pet backpack and a wheeled pet crate. With this, you can rest your shoulders during long travels.

Moreover, this rabbit backpack has full mesh sides and front for ventilation. There’s also oxford fabric all over the bag to reinforce the structure against wear and tear.

Aside from that, this has a telescoping handle and a strap handle. This way, you can carry your rabbit conveniently, whether you’re hiking, loading the bag in the car, or walking inside the airport.

There are storage pockets on each side of this rabbit carrier. At the back, there are padded and adjustable shoulder straps.

However, pet owners complain that the shoulder straps hang loose and get caught on the wheels when rolling the backpack. And based on my observation, I’m afraid that the wheels will dig on the lower back on long walks.

Despite those minor issues, I still think that this travel backpack is well worth the money for your rabbit. It also fits under most airline seats, though you should still check the rules of the airline you’re flying with.

10. Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack

71YE74MB%2B7L. AC SL1200

My last pick for this list is the Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack. Like the one from HALOViE, this one has an expandable back to give your bunny up to 90% more space to rest.

The Pecute Pet Backpack has four breathable mesh sides for plenty of fresh air. You can also open the zippered back to expand the mesh tent for added ventilation.

Aside from that, this pet carrier has a honeycomb sponge cushion to reduce back pain on the part of the owner. It also wicks sweat and prevents the formation of foul odor.

There’s also a chest strap that keeps the pet carrier stable. It also prevents the bag from sagging or losing its shape. Many pet owners have hiked with their rabbits in this bag, and they are quite happy with the results.

Moreover, this backpack has four entrance points: back, top, front, and side. It’s very easy to check your rabbit while traveling with this carrier.

On backpack mode, this Pecute carrier is 13.2” x 10.6” x 16.5” in size and can support up to 18 lbs. of weight.

How to choose a travel backpack for your rabbit

Finding the suitable carrier backpack for your rabbit can be challenging with dozens of options in the market. To narrow down your options, you must check for the following aspects first:


The first thing you should check is the size of the pet backpack. It should be based on your rabbit’s weight and body size.

In general, the backpack should be roomy enough for your bunny to turn, stand, and lie down. Avoid buying very large pet backpacks, as this will make your rabbit slide around.

For the right size, you should check your rabbit’s body and weight. You can add a few centimeters and pounds to it to serve as a buffer during long travels.


The material of the rabbit backpack should be comfortable and safe. You’ll never go wrong with mesh when it comes to ventilation. However, you should watch out if you have an anxious rabbit that chews on almost anything.

The likes of oxford polyester are also a good option. It remains lightweight but with added durability than mesh.

For destructive rabbits, a bubble backpack or capsule-style carrier is a good choice. Cat owners often use this, but it also comes in handy for other furry pets.


Whatever rabbit backpack you choose, make sure that it has ventilation holes or mesh windows that let air in and out. Take note that some rabbits are sensitive to extreme temperatures, so it’s a must to keep them cool while traveling.

While rabbits are used to resting inside confined hutches, they still need fresh air since travels can be pretty stressful.


Rabbits aren’t known escapers, but you should never take chances. Always choose a pet backpack with secure zippers and locks. Make sure that your bunny can’t chew its way out too easily.

Aside from the enclosures, try to look for a built-in tether that you can connect to the bunny’s harness.

Lastly, there shouldn’t be any sharp or rough edges that could injure your pet.


While I don’t consider it a requirement, storage pockets will surely add value to your purchase. This will let you carry rabbit food and other supplies without bringing a separate bag. It’s also a convenient feature if you’re traveling with your rabbit on a plane.


Aside from your rabbit’s safety and comfort, the backpack should also be worthwhile to carry on your part.

Look for padded and adjustable straps to reduce the strain on your back. If you have a heavy rabbit, you should also check the material and if there’s padding to prevent the bag from digging on your lower back.


Lastly, the price should be the last concern if you’re keen to purchase a travel backpack for your rabbit. Always prioritize quality and safety at all times. While you may need to invest a few more bucks, it’s a smaller sacrifice than having an injured or suffocated bunny while traveling.

How do you travel with a rabbit in the car?

Rabbits can get car sick during long travels.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that you keep these tips in mind:

  • Do not let your rabbit ride without a carrier. It’s a mortal sin to let your rabbit or any pet travel inside the car without a carrier. This is like driving at high speeds without a seatbelt on. Always use a rabbit backpack that you can mount on the seat. Also, consider placing the backpack on the back seat unless you have to monitor your bunny.
  • Comfort your rabbit. If this is your bunny’s first time traveling in a car, it’s best to have someone pet and talk to the rabbit along the way. This will help reduce the furbaby’s anxiety.
  • Turn down your music. Tuning it to your favorite music while driving is fun, but make sure that you turn the volume down when traveling with your rabbit. Bunnies have very sensitive hearing, and your full-blast car audio will make them scared.
  • Roll up your windows. Unlike dogs, rabbits don’t enjoy the noise and wind outside. Consider rolling up the car windows to keep the environment as calm and quiet as possible.
  • Don’t forget potty breaks. For long-distance car travel, make sure that you give your bunny potty breaks. I always pack a plastic bag with hay and litter, which I put on top of a collapsible dishpan. After my rabbit eliminates, I just seal the bag and throw it in the nearest bin.
  • Practice car rides. Before the scheduled trip, it’s best to allow your bunny to acclimate on short car rides. This will prepare the rabbit while letting you observe its reaction.

Wrapping Up

A backpack to travel with rabbit allows us to bring our pets on outdoor adventures. Whether you’re hiking, driving, or flying on a plane, you’ll surely find the right option from the 10 backpacks I reviewed above. Just make sure that it has the right size for your bunny to keep the furball safe and comfy all the time. You should also select the right design, material, and features for your convenience.

What do you think of these rabbit backpacks? Share your thoughts below!

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