6 Health Benefits Of Giving A Dog Vitamins

For most of us, we don’t get enough nutrients from the food we eat. That’s why the supplement industry is booming with billions in sales every year. 

While it is a money-making machine, no doubt taking vitamins promotes health. Part of a healthy lifestyle is enhancing your diet with supplements, which goes for our pets. Even the best pet food may be lacking in essential vitamins and minerals for our dogs. Just like us, our dogs need a variety of dietary supplements at different stages of life to maintain health. You can shop for a variety of dog supplements and vitamins, such as glucosamine for dogs. The most common supplements for your dogs include:

benefits of giving a dog vitamins
  •  Multivitamins: This can deliver a full range of vitamins at one time. These fill the gaps left by regular dog food and can promote good overall health.
  • Fish Oil: Conditions like arthritis and skin allergies are greatly improved with the use of fish oil. It’s also heart-healthy, strengthens the immune system, reduces itchy skin, and promotes a shiny coat. Read more here: How To Help My Dog With Skin Allergies
  • Probiotics: Friendly bacteria are great for your dog’s digestive system. Probiotics aid in food digestion and help build up the immune system. They also speed up your dog’s recovery from surgery or an illness.
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin: Working together, these two supplements decrease inflammation and pain from osteoarthritis. This can help your dog’s mobility and overall vitality.
  • Digestive Enzymes: These work by helping break down food if your dog is having digestive issues. Your dog’s pancreas makes its digestive enzymes, but sometimes, illnesses and other conditions limit its ability. By supplementing, your dog will have no problem with his food.

We all want the best for our pets and will spend whatever it takes to keep them healthy. Buying the best holistic food can be very beneficial, but if they have any issues or ailments, taking vitamins to help correct these. So why not be proactive and start your dog on high-quality vitamins now? Isn’t your best friend worth it?

Let’s go over some of the benefits of vitamins for dogs.

Health Benefits Of Giving A Dog Vitamins

1. Strengthens Their Immune System

Supplements help boost the immune system in your dog, which reduces the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, osteoarthritis, and inflammation.

vitamins help boost the immune system in your dog

A dog’s immune system will do its job under normal conditions, but any fluctuation in diet, stress or injury can disrupt the natural process of dealing with different pathogens. A high-quality vitamin supplement will aid in keeping your dog’s immune system strong for its entire life.

2. Supplies Essential Nutrients

We can eat fresh food every day. Unfortunately, that may not be the case for your dog, as most eat dry, manufactured food. Even the highest-rated pet food may be void of the vitamins and minerals your dog can flourish on. And with all the processing that takes place in commercial dog food, it’s no wonder. Supplement your dog with essential nutrients that may be missing in his diet and enjoy a healthy, happy dog.

3. Improves Coat and Skin

Vitamins can help improve skin health in your dog and reduce shedding. If they suffer from problems like fungal infections, fleas, and ticks, dry skin, or bacterial infections, supplements like fish oils can help build up protection. Read more here yorkie dry skin home remedies

dog vitamins for skin

Essential fatty acids also help maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat.

4. Increases Energy 

You may notice your dog becoming less active. If it seems like they have lost their spark, that fatigue may be a sign of a dietary deficiency. 

dog vitamins for energy

Vitamin supplements can make up for it and bring back vitality to them.They can also help to keep their muscles and bone health during their life and improve joint health. This can lead to lessoning arthritis, making your dog more comfortable and energetic. 

5. Maintains Digestion

Your dog’s digestive system is slightly different from ours and requires more digestion to take place in the stomach. Their digestion is critical to get as many nutrients as possible from their food and balancing electrolytes and water in their body. Pre and probiotics work together to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria and increase their absorption of nutrients and vitamins in their diet. If your dog has diarrhea or bad breath, these vitamins significantly improve it. Read more here: Why Do Yorkies Have Bad Breath

6. Softens Aging

Life goes by pretty fast, and for your dog, it’s faster. Their average lifespan is 10-15 years, and you want them to age as gracefully as possible without pain. Supplements are beneficial for dogs throughout their life. As they age, their needs change, and it’s essential to have a trusted brand you can count on for vitamins and supplements.

By starting a balanced supplement plan when they are young, your dog will maintain good health as they grow older and have minimal inflammation and joint pain. While you can’t turn back the clock, you can provide optimal health to your canine friend in their golden years.

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