5 Best Wireless Dog Fence For Large Area (2022 Buying Guide)

There are many wireless containment systems in the market, but long-range types are hard to come by. If you’re looking for the best wireless dog fence for large area, you should consider the PetSafe Stay & Play as well as JUSTPET Wireless Fence. The likes of iMeshbean, OCEVEN, and JUSTPET Portable Dog Fences are excellent compact options.

Long-range and stable signals are the two most important features to look for a wireless fence if you have a large area. This guarantees that your dog won’t escape as it roams freely on the property.

best wireless dog fence for large area

Below, I reviewed five wireless fences with a wide coverage. Each one has a set of features that will help contain your dog in different ranges.

What is the best wireless dog fence for large area?

There are many options available if you are looking for the best wireless dog fence for large area. Before selecting the most suitable option for you, remember that there is no one size fits all. You have to keep your requirements in mind and then choose the most suitable option for you and your dog. 

Some of the best wireless fences are mentioned below. 


1. Overall Best Pick: PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Dog Fence

PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence with Replaceable Battery Collar – Covers up to 3/4 Acre – For Dogs & Cats over 5 lb – Waterproof Collar with Tone & Static – From Parent Company of INVISIBLE FENCE

If you’re looking for the best wireless dog fence for large acreage, the PetSafe Stay & Play is at the top of my list. Thousands of dog owners trust this containment system. It offers up to ¾ acre of coverage and can be doubled with the addition of a second transmitter.

Moreover, this PetSafe wireless fence is paired with a waterproof collar. It uses a replaceable battery and five levels of static correction. Each battery lasts for up to 2 months and needs to be replaced by PetSafe’s proprietary RFA-76 batteries.

This wireless fence also has a no-correction reentry, so your dog can go back to the safe zone without the static shock. It suits canines with neck girths between 6 and 28 inches and a weight not lower than 5 lbs.

Aside from that, the receiver collar has a warning mode whenever your dog gets near the boundary. You can use this to train your dog to recognize the perimeter, so it won’t receive a static correction.

If you’re not sure if this is the right containment system for your dog, you can call the U.S.-based customer care of PetSafe. They have helpful representatives that will help you choose and set up the fence.

The only downside I see on this wireless fence is the non-rechargeable collar batteries. It’s an added cost to purchase the replacement battery every two months, but it’s something I can live with.

2. Premium Choice For 2 Dogs: JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

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Another excellent option for large areas is the JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence. This has a maximum range of 1,000 feet in all directions. This might be the perfect choice if you have a large yard where you want your dogs to roam freely.

The JUSTPET Wireless Fence is also a reliable wireless dog fence for 2 dogs. It comes with two receiver collars equipped with rechargeable batteries for your convenience. The collars are also waterproof, which means that the collar will retain its functions even if it’s raining or soaked underwater.

Each collar uses vibration and sound reminders to warn your dog as it gets near the boundaries. Meanwhile, it will deliver a shock correction once your dog steps out of the coverage area.

You can also adjust the range of this wireless fence using its portable transmitter. This has a large digital display, so you’ll know the current range setting of the fence. This transmitter can be placed indoors, but if you have a large house, you should consider pairing a second base unit to boost the signal strength.

Overall, this wireless fence doesn’t just have a wide range; it’s also equipped with strong signal penetration. Even if your dog is far from the transmitter, the signal will remain stable.

Before, our dog used to dig and escape our physical fence. But after implementing this wireless fence, our escape artist remained safe in your large yard.

3. Value Pack: OKPET Wireless Dog Fence System

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If you have two dogs to contain in a large area, you should consider the OKPET Wireless Dog Fence System. It’s probably the largest wireless dog fence you can find, with a maximum range of 1,000 feet in all circular directions.

This boasts of solid signal penetration, so the collar remains covered whether your dog is just 20 feet or 1,000 feet away. If signal stability is an issue in your area, you can use two transmitters at once to boost the transmission of the containment system.

This has three correction modes, including vibration, sound, and static correction. The two modes serve as a warning to your dog, which you can also use for training. But if your dog goes farther than the covered area, the static correction will set off. The correction has an on and off cycle until your dog retreats to the safe zone.

Moreover, the two receiver collars on the package are both waterproof. With this, you can use the OKPET fence at home or when camping in a large area.

Overall, this wireless dog fence passed the FCC certification, so it’s guaranteed to provide a layer of protection for your dog. You can also get this on a 1-dog version if you don’t have multiple pets to contain.

4. Budget Pick: OCEVEN Wireless Dog Fence with GPS

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What is the best wireless fence for large dogs? The OCEVEN Wireless Fence with GPS might be the right choice. This is rated for dogs weighing up to 120 lbs. with a maximum range of 800 meters in radius. You can also set this in a minimum range of 20 meters.

This GPS wireless dog fence has three levels of static correction, so you can choose what suits your pet. And since it uses GPS technology, it doesn’t have separate transmitters. Everything can be set on the collar.

Moreover, this is an excellent choice for large areas since it only has a distance error of ≤ 1%. It’s pretty accurate so that you can take your dog to the campsite, dog park, and other open spaces.

Just make sure that you don’t use this near a high building or areas with thick foliage. Since GPS signal is transmitted overhead, any major blockages should be avoided.

When it comes to correction, this wireless fence will emit sound and shock corrections for 20 seconds. This will shut down for one minute then repeat the correction cycle. It will produce a total of three correction cycles to ensure that your dog will run back to safety.

Aside from that, the OCEVEN wireless dog fence is covered by 1-year technical support. And if you’re not happy with its performance, you can send it back within 90 days for a full refund. Learn More here Wireless dog fence for Gps

5. Runner-Up: JUSTPET Wireless Portable Dog Fence

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My last pick for this list is the JUSTPET Wireless Portable Dog Fence. This has a maximum range of 1,000 feet in all directions, perfect for large areas.

This has a portable design so that you can use it just about anywhere. If your dog tries to go near the boundaries, the beep mode will set in. However, if your dog runs away from the safe zone, the collar will produce the static correction.

Moreover, this uses a dual antenna transmitter with a 433 MHz channel frequency. Its strong signal penetration ensures that your dog will be contained within the large area.

Aside from that, the transmitter has a digital display, so you’ll know the range it’s currently at. It also has a control knob to easily adjust the perimeter as you like.

As for the collar, it’s waterproof, so your dog can play in a large area, even if there’s a body of water nearby. Don’t worry because the correction remains functional even if the collar is submerged in water.

Overall, this wireless fence is ideal for dogs that are within 10 to 110 lbs. of weight. The collar strap is also adjustable from 8 to 28 inches to suit small to large canines.

Aside from the receiver and base unit, you’ll also receive two sets of contact points, marker flags, two screws, and chargers for both the collar and transmitter. Read here Wireless dog fence for acreage

How to choose a wireless dog fence for a large area?

Choosing the right wireless dog fence for large areas can be tricky. To help narrow down your options, you must consider the following aspects:

Maximum range

For large areas, you need the highest maximum range you can find on a wireless fence. Half an acre is a good catch, but you can also find a system with as much as 1,000 feet in diameter range. Whether your property is that large or not, having the excess range at your disposal will come in handy on some occasions.

Signal penetration

Aside from its maximum range, you should also check the signal penetration of the wireless fence. It should be able to overcome minor obstacles. An excellent wireless fence should also work well, even if the area has mild slopes or slight growth.

If you’re worried about signal stability in your area, you can consider using two transmitters at a time. Many portable wireless fences allow you to mount two transmitters inside your house to create a stronger, radial coverage on the surrounding area.

GPS vs. radio signal

Wireless fences made for large areas can either have GPS or radio signal functionality. Those with GPS utilize overhead signals from satellites. This allows pet owners to set a massive perimeter of up to 800 meters. However, the challenge here is if your place has high-rise structures or dense trees. Such overhead blockages will impede the signal stability of the GPS system.

In this case, a traditional wireless fence is a good option. It utilizes radio signals emitted in a dome-shaped manner. As long as no walls or large structures are blocking the transmitter, it should work well in covering a large area.

Correction modes

The correction modes of the wireless fence should be matched on the personality of your dog. For very stubborn canines, I highly recommend a fence with vibration, sound, and static modes. The added vibration stimulation will encourage your dog even more to go back to safety.

Also, the static charge should be adjustable or at least automatically increasing in intensity. This way, you can contain your dog despite a high tolerance for a static charge.

Battery pack

This is a very important consideration, whether you’re buying a fence for a large area or not. Wireless fences use either a rechargeable or replaceable battery pack. Rechargeable types are the most popular option since it is convenient and cost-effective.

On the other hand, brands like PetSafe still utilize replaceable battery packs with a maximum life of up to 2 months.

Why choose this, you ask? If you’re living off the grid or planning to use the fence while camping, replaceable batteries might be more convenient. This will let you save energy since electricity isn’t always guaranteed when you’re camping.

Maximum number of collars

Many wireless dog fences have transmitters that can connect multiple collars at a time. This will let you contain many dogs in your large area without the need to purchase individual fence systems.

Most portable options can connect up to three collars, but PetSafe transmitters have an unlimited capacity. Whether it’s one dog or a dozen, you can use one transmitter for all the canines. However, the additional collars come at an added cost.

Price and warranty

Lastly, consider the cost of the wireless fence you’re going to buy. If budget isn’t an issue, there’s no excuse not to get a premium option. You can also try multiple wireless fence systems to see which one works for your dog best.

How far will a wireless dog fence work?

A wireless dog fence can work up to 1,000 feet in all directions. The answer to how far its signal can work depends on its programmed range. If you’re using the wireless fence on a large area, you should get one with a long-range perimeter as well as a reliable signal.

Take note that signal reach also depends on the terrain of the installation area. If the large area has slopes steeper than three feet, the signal may not be as reliable past that spot.

If you’re using a GPS wireless fence, the signal range is much wider, but overhead blockages can interfere with its performance. Tall buildings, trees, and other structures can affect how far a wireless dog fence will work.

What is the largest wireless pet containment system?

The largest pet containment system has a maximum range of 1,000 feet. This is the perfect choice for large areas, so your dog will have the freedom to play and run around. It will also give you peace of mind that your pet is safe even without a physical fence.

Aside from range, there are wireless containment systems that allow you to control an unlimited number of dogs. Most PetSafe wireless systems allow you to connect multiple collars at a time in a single transmitter. It doesn’t lose its signal strength whether you contain a single dog or a dozen.

Are wireless dog fences reliable for large areas?

Wireless dog fences can be used on large areas as long as you choose one with a strong signal. This guarantees that the large perimeter is well-covered. This prevents your dog from escaping the safe zone.

However, the reliability of wireless fences also depends on the terrain. You’ll enjoy a more reliable signal on flat ground than a large area surrounded by slopes, structures, and dense growth.

How many wireless fence transmitters do I need for my large area?

One way to cover a large area is to use two wireless dog fence transmitters at a time. Brands like PetSafe allow you to sync two transmitters to double the original fence range. This way, you can contain your dog in a large area while enjoying stronger signal transmission.

Most of the time, two transmitters are enough for a large area. Just make sure that its signal overlaps for a few meters to prevent the coverage from having a dead spot.

Which is best for large areas, wired or wireless dog fence?

When it comes to large areas, wired fences are the first solution to come to mind. Fair enough, a wired dog fence lets you customize the coverage and area shape. However, this is quite expensive, and it also comes with extensive labor requirements.

This is where wireless dog fences come in. You can find wireless dog fences with a long-range enough to cover a large area. Overall, the choice depends on your needs, budget, and installation area.

How do you adjust a PetSafe wireless fence?

If you have a PetSafe wireless fence, you can easily adjust the range to suit the area you want to cover. To do this, you can choose between the one-person and two-person methods.

With the one-person method, you have to measure the shortest distance between the transmitter and your desired range. From there, you can refer to the PetSafe Range chart in the user manual. This will tell you which dial position to set.

After that, you should take the collar to the boundary to see if it will set off the correction. If the receiver collar beeps away from your desired perimeter, you can adjust the transmitter dial little by little. Do this until the collar beeps on the zone where you want the range to end.

On the other hand, the two-person method involves one person holding the collar on the desired boundary zone and another on the transmitter. The person holding the collar will tell the one operating the transmitter to stop once the collar starts beeping. The two individuals can communicate through their phones when setting a large perimeter.

Why is my PetSafe collar blinking red?

According to many PetSafe wireless fence reviews I read, one of the challenges in using this brand’s fences is memorizing the blinking patterns.

If the receiver collar is SLOWLY blinking a red light every four seconds with no tone, it means that the collar battery power is less than 20%. It’s a low-battery warning, so you need to charge or replace the battery soon.

However, if the collar is slowly blinking with the red and green lights with no tone, this means that the battery level is between 20% and 60%.

Remember that there’s a big difference between blinking and flashing. If the PetSafe collar is flashing red light abruptly, it might be employing a static correction.


The best wireless dog fence for large area will save you from building expensive physical fences. In less than two hours, you’ll enjoy a virtual containment, and your dog can happily run around without getting lost. Just make sure that you set the right range and correction mode/level.

Another important thing to remember is that you should never skimp on training. A wireless fence will only be effective if you do your part as a pet owner. With a little patience, your dog will learn how the system works. It’s convenient, budget-friendly, and safe for your pet.

We hope the information from this article will help you get the most suitable wireless dog fence for your dog. Thank you for reading!

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