Bitter Apple Spray For Rabbits: 3 Best Ways To Stop Them!

Taste deterrents or bitter apple spray for rabbits can help stop them from chewing all-around your home.

As a pet owner, I think that this bitter spray only reduces the chewing but does not completely stop the problem. I’ve learned, so I want to share the following information with you.

Bitter Apple Spray For Rabbits

Where do you think you can get this spray?

This taste deterrent can be purchased online or from most pet stores near your neighborhood.

It usually comes in a spray bottle or a form of a pump spray or aerosol that has liquid inside.

bitter apple spray for rabbits

Wait! This bitter spray is designed to have an unpleasant taste.

Do you really want to give this to your pet? Well, it’s up to you.

This article will give you a guide on how to use bitter apple spray for rabbits.

In that way, you can properly use it so that you can stop your bunny from chewing your carpets or other kinds of stuff at home.

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3 Reasons Why Rabbits Can’t Stop Chewing

Since chewing is a natural behavior for a rabbit, you can notice that it can become restless when in captivity and start chewing off things destructively. please read here what can rabbits chew on

Bunnies that tend to do this may have a high chance of ingesting stuff that can harm their overall health and body.

There was a time when Thumper, my pet rabbit, started to chew on anything that he sees. He would nibble around and hop with all his might all around the house. I was not pleased with his behavior though I know that chewing is a necessary behavior for rabbits.

When I had time off from work, we went to the vet to have a clearer vision of why he is chewing and chewing even our carpet at home. That was the time when the vet gave me reasons for the problem.

Here are the following:

reasons why rabbits can’t stop chewing

#1. The continual growth of their teeth

It’s biological for rabbits to chew a lot since their teeth grow non-stop throughout their lifetime.

Their teeth wear out through this act, leading these to get trimmed.


#2. Boredom

While being held captive in cages, boredom is also a strong reason why bunnies develop behavior to chew on unnecessary things. read here how to stop rabbit from chewing

When your pet spends most of the time alone in its safe place, it t

ends to seek ways to be entertained or get your attention.

Chewing is the best way to fit various conditions.

So, if you see your little baby chewing a lot, give some time to your pet. Maybe, just maybe, it wants you.


#3. Biological urge

If you can have seen wild rabbits, you’ll observe how they tend to nibble on grasses and plants. They also burrow in their natural home.

So when they are held captive in a small cage, they will have this urge to chew, and it will be destructive if they also use their paws to play on things.


3 Ways On How To Stop Inappropriate Chewing Of Rabbits

Since you already know that it is natural that rabbits nibble on things, you need to provide them with a variety of safe and natural items.

In Thumper’s case, I give him play toys. I learned from his vet that these toys could keep him away from boredom.

Don’t worry, though:

There are also other options that you can select to minimize or stop the destructive chewing.

These are the following:

ways on how to stop inappropriate chewing of rabbits

#1. Use rabbit repellent sprays

In this blog post, we focus on using bitter apple sprays for rabbits, so this is the first item on the list.

And because these sprays are available in almost all pet stores, you won’t have a hard time searching for it.

A significant number of rabbits do not mind the taste of bitter apple sprays, and some even like it.

This option is a worthy try but not usually that effective in completely stopping the chewing behavior.

Do not use toxic chemicals in the areas in which bunnies usually chew.

Though ammonia and bleach can serve as an alternative repellent, it can be dangerous for rabbits’ health if they ingest it.

For severe cases, it can fatal depending on the amount of the chemical tit consumed.


#2. Rabbit-proof your home

A good rabbit-proofing can eliminate the possibility that your rabbit can get into trouble.

The best that you can do is to avoid the chances in which they can run around freely anywhere inside of your home.

That action will increase its gut feeling to chew and nibble anything within the range of its reach.

Things like electrical wires lying on the floor can be dangerous, especially if there are open wirings.

It can electrocute your furry friend in case its chewing was the reason why the wire opened.

Furniture and other belongings must also be protected, for rabbits can cause significant damage to your costly kinds of stuff at home.


#3. Supervise

Your pet is certainly not aware that what it is doing is not right.

Rabbits do not have the idea that they are not allowed to chew anything lying around the house.

That is why you have to teach them starting by observing their actions during playtime.

You have to make sure that you do training sessions with your furry friend as soon as you brought it home. That is the best thing that you can do so that it won’t have a chance of developing its destructive habit over time.


How To Apply Bitter Apple Spray For Rabbits

The first thing you have to ensure is that you bought a bitter apple spray intended for bunnies.

And it is not very much recommended for you to use home-made solutions without proper research about it.

The next thing you should do is identify the area where your bun is going to chew on. Cover all of those areas and do not resort to just moving the things into another spot.

Then, apply the spray according to the instructions written on the bottle or the manual that comes with the product.

If you wish to have greater control in the stuff you covered earlier, it can be much of a help if you spray the liquid first on the cloth and then wipe the areas you desire.


Where to apply bitter apple spray

where to apply bitter apple spray

  • Wooden table and legs of the chair
  • Corners and edges of wooden furniture
  • Doors and door frames
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Carpets (especially on the areas in which rabbits chew often)
  • Couch and other soft furnishings



In conclusion, you have to understand where your rabbit’s behavior is coming from.

Through this, you can find the appropriate solutions that you can take. You should train your rabbits as soon as you have it at home for its chewing and nibbling behavior.

For sure, you can stop your pet from developing this habit, which can be very destructive to your belongings when not prevented. Try bitter apple spray for rabbits!

Who knows? Your pet was just bored or needed your attention.

I hope you had a lot of information through this blog post about rabbits and butter apple sprays. please read here can rabbits eat butternut squash

Thanks for reading!

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