Can Cats Eat Green Beans? Is it Nutritious for Felines?

Green beans or string beans are known to be very nutritious vegetables. It’s packed with fiber and key nutrients with very low-calorie content. But can cats eat green beans?

If given in small amounts, green beans are safe and even beneficial for cats. It aids their digestion, and the nutritional content somehow helps boost their overall wellness.

can cats eat green beans

Below, I discussed green beans and how it helps a cat. I also added some reminders to avoid any untoward incidents.

Can Cats Eat Green Beans? Are They Safe For Cats?

can cats have green beans

Green beans are not toxic to cats. Pet owners can give small amounts of cooked green beans without worrying about potential side effects. But just like any vegetable, you should only give it in minimal servings.

I can’t stress this enough, but cats are obligate carnivores. This means that their diet is mainly composed of meat. Only 10% of their overall diet should be allotted for vegetables and fruits.

If your cat has a history of stomach upset, it’s best to ask the vet for some advice first. While green beans are safe for cats, some can develop a sensitivity or allergy to them.

Nevertheless, this is a rare case.

Take note that you should always cook green beans before giving them to your cat. This way, the veggie is softer and easier to swallow. Besides, raw green beans don’t taste good.

If you don’t eat green beans raw, neither should your cat.


Potential Benefits Of Green Beans For Cats

are green beans good for cats
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Can cats eat green beans? YES, Green beans bring a lot of potential benefits to cats. If you’re wondering what your cat gets from eating green beans, the following are some of its benefits:

  • It improves your cat’s digestion

Green beans are a good source of fiber for your cat. A small serving will help a constipated kitten to pass stool easier.

It’s also an excellent option for cats that have suffered from diarrhea and are in need of fiber to restore their digestion.

  • It gives a nutrient boost

 Green beans are rich in vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, manganese, potassium, and more. All of these boost your cat’s health.

The good thing is that green beans only contain a small number of carbohydrates and calories.

  • It helps your kitty lose weight

 Vets swear by green beans in helping your chubby cat lose some weight. It’s rich in fiber and will help make your cat full easily. Even though you can trick your cat into eating less, it doesn’t compromise their health because green beans are very nutritious.

Still, proper vet consultation and diet planning are necessary for obese cats.

  • A great treat substitute

Lastly, cooked green beans are great alternatives to treats in case you run out of supply. Chop the green beans into small pieces and make sure that it’s well-cooked.

How To Serve Green Beans To Cats?

When serving green beans to cats, it’s important to cook them first. Boiled green beans are the best option since it’s softer and easier to chew.

Moreover, you must chop the green beans to prevent choking. For my kitten Watson, I slice the cooked green beans into small bits similar to the size of his kibble.

You can give the green beans as a treat or an add-on to your cat’s meal. Sometimes, I would sprinkle two pieces of chopped green beans into Watson’s wet food for added nourishment.

Never give raw green beans to your cat since it contains some toxins. While it’s not an issue for humans, it’s a different story for cats.

If your cat is obese, it’s important to speak with the vet first. This way, you can incorporate green beans without hurting their calorie intake.

No matter how you give green beans to your cat, you should never season them. Too much salt and some spices are not safe for felines. Stick to boiled or steamed green beans without the frills.

Most of all, you should always watch out for the portion. While green beans are safe and nutritious for felines, it’s easy for them to pack extra pounds when overindulged with any food.

Besides, your cat needs meat for protein instead of plant-based sources.

How Much Can Cats Eat Green Beans?

 Green beans contain fiber and excessive can cause digestibility issues when given in excess. Moreover, cats are carnivores and a major portion of their diet should consist of meat.

Give your cat only about four to five beans to avoid an excessive mineral deposition. As they contain minerals like potassium and sodium that can result in Hyperkalaemia and Hypernatremia, respectively.

Why Do Cats Like Green Beans?

Green beans don’t have a lot of flavors, so it’s quite surprising that many cats tend to gravitate toward them. If your cat doesn’t seem to like green beans, you should never force it on the kitty.

Some suggest that cats seek green beans because it has a similar smell and taste to grass. As you know, kitties ingest grass to appease their upset stomach or augment the nutritional deficiency they are experiencing.

For healthy cats, the texture and crunchiness might be contributing factors. As long as you control the amount, there’s nothing to worry about your cat’s love of green beans.

Are The Green Bean Leaves Toxic To Cats?

Green beans aren’t included in the toxic veggie list, but you should avoid giving the leaves to your cat.

You should also acknowledge that each cat is different and so are their reaction to green beans.

Some felines love and thrive on green beans, while others experience stomach upset. It’s a matter of knowing your cat’s diet restrictions with the help of a veterinarian.

Also, you should wash and prepare the green beans properly. Raw green beans might have pesticides and other chemicals used during growing and harvesting.

Can Cats Eat Lima Beans?

So you know the answer to can cats eat green beans? And, like green beans, lima beans are safe for cats as long as it’s cooked. It’s crucial to boil lima beans for at least 15 minutes before giving them to your cat.

This is due to the compounds in lima beans called ‘linamarin’. It’s a form of cyanide that gets released and destroyed through cooking.

You should also soak the lima bean in water for at least 24 hours after boiling it in clean water. Avoid steaming lima beans because it doesn’t destroy the cyanide as much as boiling does.

Anyway, if your cat has a sensitive stomach or has a lingering illness, I don’t suggest feeding it with lima beans. While you can always neutralize the toxin, it may not be worth the risk for your kitty.

Green beans should be enough. Besides, your cat isn’t supposed to consume too many vegetables.


Can cats eat green beans? Yes, green beans are safe and healthy for cats. It can help with their digestion and even promote weight loss. Still, you should remember that cats are carnivores. Their diet should be composed of 90% meat sources and only 10% for vegetables like green beans.

Is your cat obsessed with green beans? Share your story in the comment section!

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