Can Cats Have Bread? How Much is Safe for Cats?

Bread is a tasty and convenient snack. But can cats have bread, too? Well, a small amount of baked bread shouldn’t hurt your cat. However, you should not give it on a daily basis since most bread products are rich in calories that can contribute to obesity.

In this post, I dig deeper over the bread question, and if this food item is safe for cats. Take note that each kitty is unique, so you should always check with the vet if you suspect any sensitivity.

can cats have bread

Is it safe for cats to eat bread?

Is it safe for cats to eat bread

Bread is one of the human food items that you can share with your cat. It’s not toxic, and most cats can eat a few bits without experiencing any adverse symptoms.

However, there’s nothing in bread that is beneficial for cats. Even for humans, plain white bread is just a source of empty calories. And for cats, a single slice of white bread is equivalent to a fifth of their caloric needs per day. With this, letting your cat snack on a slice or two all the time will just hurt its diet.

In the long run, your cat will become overweight if you feed it with bread regularly. This extra source of calories doesn’t have many nutrients that will nourish your pet’s body. So even if you factor in the bread on their diet, your cat will just lose vitamins and minerals. Your cat should have gotten those nutrients from the cat food you just cut back.

Remember that bread is carb-rich and low-protein. It’s a no-brainer that this isn’t the diet that cats need.

Nevertheless, bread is handy on some occasions. Balled-up bread is an excellent way to hide medication. This works for some cats, but I’ve tried this on my kitten Watson, and he unraveled the pill easily.

If you want to give your cat some bread, keep it in small bits. In the end, your cat needs a meat-based meal to provide its needed nourishment.

The harm of uncooked bread dough

I also want to warn about uncooked bread dough. You should never give it to your cat intentionally. The bread dough will expand in your cat’s warm stomach and cause a blockage. It will also cause excessive distention that can be life-threatening if not addressed right away.

Aside from that, the dough will ferment in your cat’s stomach. In this process, the dough will release alcohol, which can lead to feline alcohol poisoning if your cat ingested a lot.

If you’re baking, it’s best to keep the cat out of the kitchen. While bread dough doesn’t appeal to some kitties, other cats are curious enough to take a few bites.

However, if your cat ingested bread dough by accident, you should call the vet immediately. You should never let the dough be in your cat’s stomach for hours without doing anything.

Can cats eat bread and butter?

Can cats eat bread and butter

Bread and butter are safe for cats only in small amounts. Peanut butter is actually an excellent treat for kitties since it’s rich in protein. However, it also contains too many fats that will speed up your cat’s path toward obesity. Aside from that, many peanut butter spreads in the market are packed with sugars that increase your cat’s risk of feline diabetes. Please read here can cat eat peanut butter

Nevertheless, you can add a small amount of peanut butter on a piece of bread if you want to hide medication. But just like any human food, you should only give such in very small amounts.


Can cats eat bread crust?

While many of us throw away bread crusts, I don’t recommend using your cat as a means of disposal. The bread crust is still bread, which is rich in carbs and sugars. Aside from that, bread crusts are stiff and can ball up. If your cat chews on a large chunk, the bread crust can become a choking hazard.

Anyway, you can tear the bread crust into small pieces if you want to give it to your cat. You can also add a small amount of peanut butter to make it more palatable.

Can kittens eat bread?

Young kittens that are less than three months old should never be given bread or any similar human food. Bread may upset the kitten’s stomach and even cause blockage on their small throats and intestines.

As much as possible, stick to kitten food until your cat reaches a year old. From there, you can introduce bread and other safe human food if you wish. Besides, bread doesn’t have any nutrients that your kitten needs to grow healthy.

Can cats eat biscuits?

Can cats eat biscuits

My kitten Watson is obsessed with biscuits that we have to hide the container on a locked cabinet. Dry biscuits are somewhat reminiscent of cat kibble, which may explain why cats like it. It’s crunchy and tasty.

Low-sodium biscuits are actually for cats. Since it’s crunchy, it helps clean their teeth without brushing.

Make sure that the biscuits you’re giving your cat aren’t salted or chocolate-flavored. Also, you should tear the biscuit into small pieces to prevent choking. And like bread, you should never overindulge your cat with too many biscuits.

Can cats eat pizza crust?

Cats love pizza crust since it still has a flavorful taste from the toppings. Like bread, you should not give your cat too much pizza crust. Also, tear the crust to pieces because it’s stiff and can choke your cat. Please read here can cat eat spicy food

Anyway, I don’t recommend getting your cat used to eating pizza crust. In the long run, the kitty may try to steal a whole slice when you’re not looking.

Why is my cat obsessed with eating bread?

Each cat has unique eating habits, so some may appear obsessed with bread. This is because of the taste of yeast.

Yeast is heavily used on many cat food products, especially on kibble. Some cat owners even have to lock their cabinets so their bread bandit cats won’t steal their bagels.

As much as this behavior is cute, you should always watch out over the amount of bread your cat eats. It should always be in small servings. You wouldn’t want your cat to become too full of bread even before its main meals of the day.

Also, if your cat is suffering from stomach upset each time it will eat bread, it’s best to consult the vet.


Can cats have bread? Yes, but only in moderate amounts. Bread doesn’t have a lot of nutrients, so it shouldn’t become a major part of your pet’s diet. If your kitty is obsessed with bread, you should keep it away, so the sneaky cat won’t get to steal it when you’re not looking.

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