Can CBD Help Dogs With Diarrhea? 4 Guaranteed Benefits!

Can CBD help dogs with diarrhea? As a nutraceutical, CBD can help alleviate your dog’s digestive problems. You should still remember that proper diagnosis and treatment for your dog’s condition should still be the number one priority.

Below, I discuss the common causes of diarrhea, how CBD helps, and other questions pet owners are asking.

Causes of dog diarrhea

Dogs explore the world by mouthing things, so it’s not surprising if the pooch will sustain diarrhea from time to time. Even if my dog Sherlock experiences bouts of diarrhea once in a while. However, diarrhea that’s not going away should be a cause of concern.

To help you take the proper course of action, it’s important to keep these common diarrhea causes in mind:

  • Eating garbage. Dogs have a strong sense of smell, and they tend to gravitate toward stinky garbage bins. Before you know it, your pet is already dumpster diving and eating trash. The spoiled food mixed with all the nasty things in the garbage can is a recipe for gastrointestinal upset.
  • Stress. Chronic stress will wreak havoc on your dog’s tummy. This is the same reason why dogs with anxiety are prone to diarrhea and accidents all over the house. It’s like your dog getting butterflies in its stomach and ruining its digestion.
  • Allergies. Dogs with food allergies will also suffer from an explosive diarrhea episode. The body perceives a certain food ingredient as a threat, which causes diarrhea, vomiting, and even skin rashes. Too much coconut oil or MCT oil can also trigger diarrhea.
  • Underlying health problem. If your dog’s diarrhea is recurring and not going away, it might be suffering from another health problem. It could be a systemic illness, intestinal disease, or organ problems. A vet visit will help diagnose the real condition of your pet.

Can CBD help dogs upset stomach?

Most of the time, dog diarrhea is very easy to treat. It usually goes away on its own once your dog has expelled the irritant through defecation and vomiting. However, if your dog tends to be prone to this problem, it will enjoy the following benefits of cannabis oil:

1. It reduces abdominal pain

The cannabinoid compound is known to deliver pain relief to those who use it. This is the same benefit that dogs with diarrhea will enjoy. A CBD product can help reduce tummy pain, so your dog will recover fast from its bout with diarrhea. Please also read my article why does my dog have diarrhea but is acting normal

2. It alleviates symptoms of IBD

Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD is the canine counterpart of IBS in humans. If your dog has diarrhea too often, it might be suffering from IBD. This condition will lead to poor appetite, weight loss, and frequent digestive tract issues, even if your dog acts fine.

CBD oil products and other treatments will help a lot in reducing the discomfort brought by IBD. Since dogs have an endocannabinoid system in their bodies, it makes perfect sense why they will benefit a lot from hemp seed oil. Please also read my article how to keep a dog inactive during heartworm treatment

3. It reduces nausea

Dog vomits are part of being a pet owner. However, if your dog is vomiting too often while having diarrhea, you should be alarmed. This speeds up dehydration, which can potentially kill even a healthy dog.

If your dog vomits once, it’s usually fine. However, if the vomiting isn’t ceasing, you should bring the dog to the vet. You can also try adding a few drops of CBD hemp oil to your dog’s water bowl in an effort to alleviate vomiting while you try to reach the vet’s clinic.

4. It reduces intestinal inflammation

Lastly, a CBD supplement helps reduce the inflammation in your dog’s body. It bonds with your dog’s endocannabinoid receptors and interacts with various neurotransmitters. In turn, CBD helps alleviate inflammation that your dog is suffering from.

Will CBD oil upset my dog’s stomach?

As long as you follow the right dosage for your dog, hemp oil won’t cause stomach upset. The product must be extracted from a quality cannabis plant or hemp seeds for the best effects. Try to avoid CBD products extracted from cannabis sativa as it contains higher THC levels.

You should also monitor your dog for any negative reactions like inappetence, lethargy, and further vomiting. If your dog exhibits such responses, you should call the vet right away.

Can I give my dog CBD oil on an empty stomach?

Overall, it’s safe to give CBD oil to your dog on an empty stomach. You can opt for a tincture, so it already comes with a dropper for easy dosing. CBD oil diarrhea is unlikely since this substance is mild and easy on the stomach, and your dog may even benefit from taking it on an empty tummy.

Nevertheless, you can always add the oil to your dog’s food if it doesn’t like getting oral drops.

Does honey help dogs with diarrhea?

Raw honey is widely used to alleviate the symptoms of allergy among canines. It also has antimicrobial properties that can help soothe your dog’s diarrhea. However, since it’s high in sugar, you should never let your dog overindulge.

Aside from that, raw honey helps control discomfort due to mild ulcers while giving your dog an energy boost. This will help the canine recover from diarrhea if paired with proper hydration. However, if your dog is diabetic, it’s best to ask the veterinarian if raw honey is safe.

Also, I just want to remind you that you should never give honey to puppies. Raw honey has small amounts of spores, which the developing stomach of puppies can’t tolerate.

Do probiotics help dog diarrhea?

Definitely! Probiotics don’t just help with dog diarrhea; it also prevents them from occurring. Also, probiotic strains like Lactobacillus acidophilus help improve a dog’s stool quality.

You can give your dog a probiotic dog treat or supplement for a dose of good gut bacteria. Make sure that you give this to your dog even if it’s not suffering from diarrhea. A small amount should be enough so you wouldn’t ruin your dog’s diet. Advanced probiotic chews from Innovetpet is one of the popular solution.

Does yogurt help diarrhea in dogs?

Yogurt is actually a good source of probiotics for dogs. You should stick to plain and unsweetened Greek yogurt to prevent irritating your pet’s tummy. A small amount should be enough to help clear up your dog’s diarrhea. The active cultures on this food item will help fight bad bacteria that are irritating your pet’s tummy. 

Can I give my dog Gatorade for diarrhea?

A small amount of Gatorade will not poison your dog. However, it’s packed with coloring and other ingredients that aren’t blended for canines. Instead of soothing its diarrhea, Gatorade might cause more trouble to your dog.

If you want to hydrate your dog, stick to sweet water. This should replenish your dog’s lost fluids and give it a quick dose of energy to recover.

What do you feed a dog with chronic diarrhea?

After experiencing diarrhea, you can give your dog a small portion of canned pumpkin. This will restore your dog’s digestion, thanks to the high fiber content. You can also serve cooked rice and steamed chicken to help your dog regain its strength.

Like what was mentioned earlier, you can add a small serving of yogurt for a dose of probiotics. If you suspect that your dog has food allergies, I suggest that you stop giving its old food. You should consult the vet to test your dog. This will let you know if your pet needs a new dog food product or not.


Can CBD help dogs with diarrhea? Yes, cannabis oil can help a lot in reducing the discomfort and pain from the condition. While it’s a natural remedy, you should seek the vet’s opinion to ensure that the CBD tincture and other products are safe to use. You should also bring your pet to the vet’s clinic if its diarrhea and vomiting isn’t abating.

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