Can Dogs Eat Raw Trout? Read This First!

Trout is an all-time angler favorite because of its versatile flavor. So, in that case, can dogs eat raw trout?

Maybe you’re taking your dog out in the lake while fishing or simply preparing store-bought trout. Whatever it is, you should never feed your dog any of the raw trout you have.

can dogs eat raw trout

Is raw trout safe for dogs?

Is raw trout safe for dogs
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According to the VCA Hospitals, raw fish of any kind is not recommended for dogs. This is because it can cause life-threatening consequences similar to canines eating liver sausage.

The parasite responsible for this condition is called Nanophyetus salmincola. In itself, the parasite is harmless, but it becomes toxic when infected by bacteria called Neorickettsia helminthoeca.

When your dog eats raw trout, the potential bacteria will spread throughout its digestive system and nearby organs.

Aside from trout, your dog can contract salmon poisoning when it eats raw Pacific Giant Salamanders. These are found on rivers, lakes, and streams where dogs are often allowed to play and bathe.

Aside from salmon poisoning, raw trout isn’t safe because it has fish bones that can damage a dog’s mouth. If the fish bones are ingested, it can cause perforations on the esophagus and intestinal tract.

Signs of salmon poisoning in dogs

If your dog ate raw trout, you should observe for the following symptoms of salmon poisoning:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Weakness
  • Fever
  • Poor appetite
  • Lethargy

Most of these symptoms will take place within 4 to 8 hours upon the ingestion of raw trout. Therefore, if your dog exhibits any of these, you should rush it to the vet.

This is because most dogs with salmon poisoning will die without treatment. The good news is that salmon poisoning is easy to cure if caught on early.

Remember that a dog suffering from salmon poisoning will die a slow death within two weeks if left untreated.

The vet will perform fecalysis and palpation to confirm salmon poisoning at the clinic. Upon diagnosis, your dog will receive antibiotics to combat the spread of the bacteria.

Overall, most canines will positively respond to medication within two days. Also, the prognosis is positive in cases of salmon poisoning that are diagnosed early.

What to do if your dog ate raw trout?

What to do if your dog ate raw trout

If your dog ate raw trout, you should observe it closely. If any of the mentioned symptoms above show, you should notify the vet immediately.

Never induce vomiting unless instructed by your dog’s vet. Take note that inducing vomiting can cause aspiration pneumonia, which is also life-threatening.

Also, never stick to home remedies alone, even if your dog seems to show progress. These remedies may only be tackling the symptoms and not the poisoning that’s still happening inside your dog’s body.

Most of all, you should never administer medication to your dog unless instructed by its veterinarian.

If the veterinarian can’t be reached immediately, you can call a local pet poison hotline. However, this service costs an added fee.

How to prevent your dog from eating raw trout

To prevent salmon poisoning, you should never feed your dog any raw fish. No matter how fresh raw trout looks, it could contain bacteria and flukes that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

If you’re taking your dog to a fishing reservoir, you must keep it leashed at all times. This way, your dog won’t go dumpster diving for raw fish cut-outs that other anglers threw.

Is cooked trout safe for dogs?

Is cooked trout safe for dogs

If fully cooked, trout is safe and healthy for dogs. However, make sure that it’s thoroughly cooked to kill any flukes or bacteria that could poison your pet.

Also, you should never add spices to the cooked trout if you’re feeding it to your dog. You should also be modest on the amount of oil you’re going to use.

Deboning and cleaning the trout is also essential to prevent injuries on the part of your dog. And if you discover any parasites on the fish, you should not feed it to your dog at all, even if cooked.

Lastly, never serve spoiled meat to your dog, whether it’s fish or not.

Can dogs eat trout skin?

Fish skin is safe for cats and dogs as long as thoroughly cooked. In addition, fish skin contains many Omega fatty acids that your dog needs for a healthy coat.

You can also make crispy trout skin treats for your dog by air-frying them. If you’re busy, you can purchase commercially prepared fish skin treats in the market.

When it comes to fish skin chews, always choose one that has low fat, minimal salts, and 100% digestible ingredients.

Can dogs eat cooked trout daily?

Whether trout or not, fish should be given to dogs in moderation. Once a week would be safe, but it shouldn’t be served daily.

You should also consult your dog’s vet first if you’re getting a fish-based food product for your dog. This is because the amount of fish should be suitable for your pet’s overall nutritional needs.

It’s wiser to add variety to your dog’s fish-based diet. This way, your pooch won’t get tired of trout easily.

Is trout easy for dogs to digest?

Like most freshwater fishes, trout have less muscle fiber and low-fat content. This makes the fish meat easy to digest for dogs as long as it’s cooked.

However, each dog is different. Some may have digestive problems eating trout, so observing your dog when feeding this fish is essential.

Overall, fish meat is a highly digestible source of protein. It’s also packed with your dog’s much-needed vitamins, minerals, and sugars.

Final words

Can dogs eat raw trout? Whatever happens, you should never feed your dog any type of raw fish.

Raw fish is a cesspool of contamination. Also, some of these fishes contain parasites that will wreak havoc on your pet’s body.

If you wish to share your fresh catch with your pet, make sure to cook it well. You should also be modest on the amount you’re serving your dog.

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