Can Guinea Pigs Drink Water Out Of A Bowl? Why Not?

Can guinea pigs drink water out of a bowl? The answer is a big yes; most guinea pigs can drink out of a bowl. This is true, especially to those that grew up drinking from a bowl. But then, there are pros and cons of doing so as guinea pigs are sensitive tiny animals.

Water is essential to life; therefore, it is the best drink for your little pocket of sunshine. Guinea pigs normally drink about 100mL of water/kg. But it depends on the temperature, humidity, activity level, and if they are sick.

Ensuring that your pet is hydrated is important. Aside from feeding them with clean and safe water, the method of how you are going to make your little pet drink water should also be considered.

These cavies are intelligent, but they are also delicate. Therefore, you must choose a water accessory that is suited and reliable. Making them drink from a bowl is one of the ways to introduce water to your furry pal.


Pros Of Making Your Guinea Pig Drink Water From A Bowl

As a result of our research, we gathered facts about using a bowl for your guinea pig. It includes whether or not guinea pigs can drink water from a bowl. So, can guinea pigs drink water out of a bowl?

This section will discuss the pros of using bowls for your guinea pig to drink water from. Here are the pros if you’ll let guinea pigs drink water out of a bowl:


  • Easier to drink from

When guinea pigs drink water from a water bottle, they need to raise their heads to drink. If your pet is old or sick, this may be a difficult task for them. Meanwhile, in a water bowl, since it is placed on the cage floor, it is easier for them to drink. Also, for baby cavies, using a bowl can encourage them to drink water.


  • Lower price

If you are on a tight budget for your pet accessories, then a water bowl is ideal for you. There a lot of excellent quality choices yet very affordable. Compared to the water bottle, which is generally more expensive.


Cons Of Using A Bowl For Your Guinea Pig To Drink From

 Here are the cons if you’ll let guinea pigs drink water out of a bowl:


  • Bacterial build-up

Water bowls are open, allowing easy entry of bacteria because it can be contaminated with anything in the cage. Guinea pigs usually lie inside the bowl in which their fur can stick inside. Also, hay, food, urine, and poop can easily go inside the bowl.

In this kind of scenario, expect a constant bacterial build up in your pets water bowl. Regular washing and replacement of water are necessary if you are using it for your cavies’ water.


  • Bow tipping

Cavies are energetic little creatures. One of the best places that they love to play with is their bowls. Not because it has food or water in it, but they find it a good place to sleep and relax. And their way of getting in is by tipping it over. If there is water inside the bowl, expect everything to be soaked.

Although guinea pigs are tough little rodent pets, it is always necessary to replace their wet beddings. This is to ensure that they will not get sick. Also, urine and wet bedding is a home for fungi that could put your pets’ health at risk.

There are various ways to prevent the bowl from tipping. You can use a bowl that can be mounted on the cage. Others use a heavier type of water bow, such as a ceramic bowl, since it is difficult to be tipped over. However, there is also a risk when using this type of bowl, especially if you have baby cavies.


  • Danger to baby guinea pigs

If your guinea pig just gave birth to cute babies or you decided to start off taking care of them very young, then a water bowl is a hazard. Older guinea pigs may tip over the bowl, which can cause a domino of issues.

First, the hard bowl may accidentally smash on the baby cavies or get stuck under it. Much more, tipping water over the beddings with youngsters can put their life at risk. In some cases, the baby cavies may drown.

However, a baby guinea pig can drink easier from a bowl than a bottle because it is lower. For this reason, babies that are exposed to water bowls drink earlier than those using water bottles.

You can minimize the baby cavies’ risk by securing the bowl on the side of the cage. There are lightweight and easy to remove bowls that you can use.


  • Difficult to be kept clean

Most guinea pig lovers prefer to use bottles because they are sanitary and easy to clean. They are easy to use and easy to clean, especially top-filling bottles. Although bowls can be cleaned without a fuss, it isn’t easy to be kept sanitized.

Your little pets love to hide hay, sneak food, and build fortresses in their nest. Although you have placed an accessory in the cage where they can hide, the bowl is still one of their favorite places to nest.


Guide In Keeping Water Bowls Clean For Guinea Pigs

We included a quick guide on how to keep your pet’s water bowl clean and safe. Read on before you decide to make your cavies drink water from a bowl.

Unwashed water bowls can breed bacteria, which can cause health issues to your pet. Guinea pigs need fresh and clean water regularly. Hence, keeping their water bowl clean and sanitized is a must. Here is a quick guide on how to keep your little pals’ water bowl sanitary and reliable.


#1 Regular washing

If you cannot wash your pet’s water bowl every time there is poop, hay, food, or other rubbish inside, at least wash it once a day. Use warm and soapy water to clean it. Ensure that it is rinsed thoroughly. Leftover soaps may be toxic, especially to baby cavies.


#2 Look for damages

Be on the lookout for wear and tear on your guinea pigs water bowl. Tiny bits of a broken bowl can be easily mistaken for food, which can harm them. Sometimes, a tiny crack on the bowl can cause water to leak, causing the beddings to be wet. Wet bedding is a health issue for cavies, particularly the young ones.


Final Words

Guinea pigs are messy when it comes to their food and water. And feces, hay, and urine mixing up with water is one drawback of using a bowl for them to drink from. Yet, it is also the easiest way for them to learn how to drink water.

Can guinea pigs drink water out of a bowl? Well, we’re positive, you know!

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