Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bean Sprouts? 5 Amazing Benefits

Can guinea pigs eat bean sprouts? Without a doubt, they can eat one. Since sprouts are an excellent add-on to your pets’ diet as it’s rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, although some of them find its smell unpleasant.

Anyway, bean sprouts come with numerous health benefits that you’ll find out later in this article.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bean Sprouts

One of the main reasons I decided to get guinea pigs is that these cute, fluffy creatures are friendly, and their food is cheap and very accessible! 

You won’t have to spend too much because they are vegetarian. However, do not let this fact fool you because a veggie meal can be challenging too.

When planning for the food, consider the nutrition to give your cavy if it’s enough. You have to plan and organize the menu for beneficial food, which contains the essential nutrients your cavies need, such as Vitamin C– which is found in bean sprouts.

Not just toss anything that you consider is vegetable and expect your guinea pig to eat and benefit from it.

What Are Bean Sprouts?

Bean sprouts are a type of vegetable that is grown from the sprouting of mug beans. They are easy to grow; all you have to do is place the seeds on a towel and water the beans until they germinate.

can guinea pigs eat bean sprouts

But again, can guinea pigs eat bean sprouts? The answer is yes! Though this veggie has a specific taste and aroma, some of the cavies dislike the taste.

Regardless, here is why bean sprouts are healthy.

For a serving of 3 oz (100 g) of bean sprouts, there is:

  • 31 calories in total
  • 2 g carbs 
  • 2 g protein 
  • 2 g fat
  • 5% vitamin B6 (for good mood hormone)
  • 5% iron 
  • 5% magnesium (for healthy bones, muscles, heart, for preventing diabetes)
  • 4% potassium 
  • 9 g fiber (for good digestion)
  • 23% vitamin C 
  • 43% vitamin K 
  • 16% folate (promotes healthy division of cells)
  • 10% manganese (reduces the risk of diseases)
  • 6% phosphorus (for healthy and strong bones, strength, and healthy muscles. But not suitable in large amounts)

At first, the sprout may look like a vegetable noodle, appealing to the cavies. However, bean sprouts have a specific smell that can be unpleasant for them. Even though guinea pigs can eat it, some may be too picky and avoid this healthy snack.

So, Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bean Sprouts?

Can guinea pigs eat bean sprouts? The answer is yes as revealed earlier.

Although these beans may not be the leading food for guinea pigs, they come with many benefits that will improve your pets’ health. Since bean sprouts are not their staple food, you can at least give them to your bunnies in small amounts only once or twice a week.

I will never stop reminding you to feed your pets in moderation since you must control the quantity of what they are eating to avoid overfeeding and ruining their healthy weight. becoming overweight.

Benefits Of Bean Sprouts To Guinea Pigs

benefits of bean sprouts to guinea pigs

Indeed, bean sprouts can be fed to guinea pigs. Here is a list of some of its benefits:

  • Provides carbs and protein

Top on the list of the benefits that these veggies offer is carbs and protein. Due to these nutrients, your pet can have a lot of energy for a whole day’s playtime.

Fats are not present in bean sprouts, and because of that, it keeps the blood vessels and the cardiovascular system very healthy.

  • Rich in fiber, thus improves digestion.

Giving your pets a moderate amount of sprouts will work up their digestion well. Since bean-like foods have lots of fibers that help improve digestion in an instant.

  • Loaded with vitamins

For this food’s essential benefit, cavies will surely acquire Vitamin C as these veggies have it, and it is the most important vitamin for the guinea pigs. That is because these cute and furry rodents cannot produce Vitamin C in their bodies naturally.

Furthermore, they also cannot store them, so they need to have an adequate intake of foods rich in Vitamin C. If your pet lack this particular vitamin, it will surely develop Scurvy.

I knew someone who had a pet guinea pig that developed Scurvy. His pet showed symptoms such as a rough coat, fatigue, stiff joints, eyes or nose discharge, and no appetite, which eventually led to the death of the guinea pig.

So please, if you care for your pet, make sure that they get the sufficient amount of elements needed by its body.

  • Good for the eyesight and heart problems

Bean sprouts are perfect for eyesight, and it helps prevent the occurrence of heart problems.

More so, your pet can have a healthier set of bones, and by that, you are assured of good health while it is growing bigger. 

  • Prevents kidney and bladder stones

There are a lot of useful minerals that are present in these bean sprouts. Their leaf also contains Vitamin C and Vitamin K.

Some of these minerals have the capability to stop the calcium build-up because too much of it can cause kidney and bladder stones.

With all of these fantastic benefits, there are still some downsides you need to be aware of regarding these sprouts.

Risks In Giving Too Much Bean Sprouts

As talked about earlier, bean sprouts are great for the digestive system of your guinea pigs. If and only if, you give this food to them in moderation.

Since we are finished talking about these veggies’ health benefits, we will now discuss the risks of overfeeding your pet with bean sprouts. 

  • Causes indigestion

causes indigestion

The first thing you need to know is that too many sprouts may cause your pet to have indigestion or an imbalanced digestive system. Your beloved cavies may be bloated or will have gas build-up, which will surely make them sick and uncomfortable.

  • Urinary infections

Phosphorous (together with calcium) are linked closely and can cause urinary infections and problems for your beloved pet. You have to keep in mind that healthy kidneys need to have a healthy and balanced amount of phosphorus and calcium.

  • May lead to bladder and kidney stones.

Too much of these minerals will probably cause guinea pigs to develop stones in the bladder and the kidney.

Indeed, that is something that you have to avoid because it would be very disappointing and sad to see that your pet isn’t getting the best that they deserve.

Are Frozen Bean Sprout Good For Guinea Pig?

Frozen food should be avoided as guinea pigs have sensitive digestive systems and cold food can lead to bloating and stomach pain.

are frozen bean sprout good for guinea pig

Moreover, frozen food contains very little nutritional value and is not healthy. There are also chances for bacterial contamination while defrosting.

So, It is recommended to feed your pet only fresh food as it is healthy and nutritious.

Also, fresh bean sprouts taste so much better as compared to frozen ones.


Finally, we can conclude that bean sprouts are okay for the cavies to eat, so the question “can guinea pigs eat bean sprouts” has been answered.

The taste of the sprouts is unique. That is why some of the cavies dislike it. In their meal plan, a standard serving of the veggies should be less than a handful.

Moderation is the only key so that your pet will grow healthy and away from illnesses.

Anything too much has danger as a companion. That is why you have to make sure that you only give bean sprouts to them once or twice a week.

My ginger loves bean sprouts; hoping your guinea pig will love them too! Good luck!

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