Can Guinea Pigs Eat Beet Greens? 3 Surprising Benefits

Wondering can guinea pigs eat beet greens? The answer is yes; they can. Both the beetroot and its leafy greens are edible. They are a great source of nutrients.

Plus, it is effortless to feed these to your cavies; you can hand-feed or place them in a bowl. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Beet Greens

Beets, a root vegetable, grow in the ground and have purple skin. Its edible roots are called beetroot and you can give them to your guinea pig safely.

But remember to serve these vegetables in moderation. That is because, along with their nutritional elements that include folate, vitamins, potassium, and fiber, beet greens contain phosphorus and calcium that are both bad if consumed excessively. 

If you ensure to feed beet greens only occasionally, such foods will bring more good than harm to your guinea pigs as it is considered one of the healthiest kinds of vegetables to feed your cavies with. 

But to be sure, you must know the hazards to be considered and the specific parts of this vegetable that are safe for your little piggy to eat.

Much more, you should know how beneficial these greens are to their diet – when served in moderation.

Benefits Of Feeding Beet Greens To Your Guinea Pigs

Can guinea pigs eat beet greens? As mentioned earlier, beet greens for Guinea pigs are among the healthiest vegetables you can feed your pet. We will briefly discuss some of the benefits that will surely help your pet to be healthy.

can guinea pigs eat beet greens

  • Help in preventing diseases

Since beets contain vitamins and antioxidants, it is a guarantee that your guinea pigs will be protected against different diseases.

This vegetable can help in preventing cancer, urinary infection, and other conditions common in guinea pigs.

  • Source of vitamins

Beet greens are a great source of different minerals and vitamins that include B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, and vitamin C. These vitamins are an essential part of your guinea pig’s diet.

  • Possess anti-cancer properties

Betalains are a group of antioxidants that are proven to help in preventing cancer. And even if cancer is not typical to guinea pigs, they might still suffer from tumors that eventually turn into cancer if not checked.

As such, serving your pet with foods that possess anti-cancer properties like beet greens will be a good idea.

Additionally, this group of antioxidants helps in suppressing inflammation of the body. 

Hazards Of Serving Your Guinea Pigs With Beet Greens

Although beet greens are said to be safe for guinea pigs to eat, there are some risks that you need to be aware of before you feed them with this vegetable.

These risks usually occur if you fail to serve them in moderation. Remember, anything that is too much is not good.

hazards of serving your guinea pigs with beet greens

The high phosphorus and calcium that are both acidic in nature can negate this vegetable’s health benefits. In other words, your guinea pig will more likely experience its negative impacts instead of its healthy benefits.

As a pet owner, I would make sure that my pet eats the right kind of food.

So, I would consult my veterinarian if a certain snack is okay for Ginger, my guinea pig. I hope you do too.

Now, here are the most common issues that your guinea pig might encounter if you overfeed them with beet greens:

  • Diarrhea

As we all know, guinea pigs are sensitive animals when it comes to their diet. Excessive feeding, especially of food that is new to them, can harm their digestive system.

In most cases, it can lead to diarrhea which can be fatal among guinea pigs.

Therefore, you have to feed your pets with the right quantity to avoid such an issue. 

  • Bladder stone

If you look up beet greens’ nutritional data, you will see that this vegetable has decent calcium content.

Excessive or regular feeding of beet green can lead to several health problems for your guinea pigs. For example, they will develop bladder stones or sludge in the long run.

Is it okay for guinea pigs to eat cooked beet greens?

No, it would be best if you did not give your pet some cooked beets. Anything that is cooked is not advisable for guinea pigs.

Fruits or vegetables are best served raw. That is because cooked foods can lead to nausea or diarrhea.

Much more, cooked foods are less nutritious because cooking tends to lose some of their vitamins and minerals content. 

How often and how many beet greens to feed guinea pigs?

The safest serving would be once a week only. More than that, it would not be good for them.

Because even if it contains many healthy minerals and vitamins, they are not good if overeaten.

how often and how many beet greens to feed guinea pigs

It should not be part of their regular diet because it can cause health issues such as bladder stones and diarrhea. Just give it to them as a treat every once and a while.

A small slice per week would be ideal. Beyond one small slice would be considered too much for them. 

Furthermore, it is recommended that you mix it with other healthy vegetables. At least five different vegetables can help in maintaining a balanced diet.

Before Ginger, I had my first guinea pig when I was still little, and I left it with my younger brother inside my room. I came back to see pet feeds scattered on the floor, and I saw my pet laying there, looking exhausted due to eating.

It was horrifying, and after some time, my guinea pig died

So, make sure that you monitor your pets, especially with the amount of food they are eating.

How to prepare beet greens for your guinea pigs?

It’s simple! Just make sure to pick organic and fresh beets. Also, ensure that the beets have no decaying parts.

Before serving it to them, wash them properly and then peel off the skin.

Then, use grate the beet green using a grater mix it with other vegetables and serve it to them. After they have finished munching them, remove the fruits and vegetables they did not eat.

This is to avoid rats and flies from infesting the cage. 

Can I give canned beet greens to my guinea pigs?

No, canned beets are prepared using chemicals and preservatives that increase their shelf life. These chemicals can be dangerous for guinea pigs and should be avoided.

Can guinea pigs eat the stem of beets?

Absolutely. But just like its tops, it should only be served occasionally. It is ideal for them when given once a month only.

Throw it along with some beet greens for your guinea pig. Take note; this contains high oxalate and calcium, so do not feed it to them regularly.

Is pickled beetroot healthy for guinea pigs?

is pickled beetroot healthy for guinea pigs

Pickled beetroot should never be given to guinea pigs at all. It contains certain ingredients that have been proven to be harmful to them.

Thus, giving pickled beetroot to your guinea pig is a bad idea and you should avoid it.


Can guinea pigs eat beet greens? Yes, they can. The antioxidant and anticancer properties along with the presence of certain vitamins in the beet greens can be beneficial for guinea pigs.

However, due to its phosphorus and calcium content, you should avoid overfeeding beet greens to your guinea pig.

You can serve them the leaves once a week and the stem once a month. One stalk or two of beetroot is also an occasional good treat.

Please do not give them cooked or canned beets because it loses some of their nutritional value and contains harmful chemicals.

Instead, serve them raw along with other kinds of vegetables to ensure that your guinea pigs have a well-balanced diet. 

Thank you for reading this article! I hope that your guinea pig will live well!

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