Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kale Stems And How Many

Can guinea pigs eat kale stems? The answer is, without a doubt, in the alternative. In fact, it comes with various health benefits that you will surely love.

As a guinea pig owner, you have to know that these animals need the right amount of fresh vegetables daily. Their staple food or hay and pellets won’t sustain the essential vitamins and minerals that their body needs. Due to that, veggies should genuinely be a part of their meal and daily diet.

Can guinea pigs eat kale stems

Just a cup of fresh vegetables that contains 5-6 types of veggies would be an excellent meal organization for your pet. Make sure that you include and mix types of veggies that can complete its balanced diet.

You have to make sure to give them only the best that is why you have to focus and be keen on giving them the most nutritious foods – for example, Kale. If you want to know more about its health benefits and aright amount of serving, continue reading until the article’s end.


What Is A Kale?

This vegetable is a green leafy vegetable similar to spinach, but the texture on the outer part has wrinkled leaves. These veggies are used for salads, smoothies, and a side ingredient for many recipes.

can guinea pigs eat kale stems

Kale is a superfood for human beings because it is packed with beneficial compounds and minerals. This veggie’s medicinal properties are also an advantage in which you tons of health benefits can be acquired.

If you want to give kale to your pet, start by giving them only a small amount or quantity and seeing how they respond to the taste. If there aren’t any adverse effects on their digestive system, you can add a little more to their meal for more nutrients.


Kale Stems

Kale stems are chewy and stern but also very fibrous. They are not as tasty when eaten, but with a few tricks, we can transform these so-called “scraps” into something that we can enjoy eating our hearts into.

Can guinea pigs eat kale stems? Of course! They can eat kale stem, or even kale stalks without any problem. These veggie parts contain a lot of fiber that is good for your pet’s digestive system.

Since the surface of the kale stem is hard and rough, it will help wear down the guinea pig’s teeth; and it’s undeniably a crucial matter. Some guinea pigs are owners who debate that kale stem can cause digestive issues to the cavies.

However, up to this moment, there isn’t any concrete proof for that issue. With these facts, it is still up to you whether you want to add it to the cavies’ diet or not. If you see signs of diarrhea, then stop giving them the kale stems and try again after a few days. To avoid this matter, maintain the right serving size.


Health Benefits Of Kale Stems For Guinea Pigs

Like we discussed earlier, kale is a superfood for humans, yet they are also considered a superfood for guinea pigs. Just be sure to serve it in moderation so that you can avoid any further problems in the future.

In this part of the article, we will discuss the health benefits your cute and furry rodents can get if they eat Kale, including the kale stems.

health benefits of kale stems for guinea pigs

  • Prevention of scurvy

This incredible vegetable contains an extreme amount of Vitamin C in it. Since we all know that this kind of mineral is essential for the guinea pig’s health, it is genuinely our advantage. Your cavies cannot produce Vitamin C on their bodies and can’t even store them.

That is why adding Kale to your pet’s daily diet can help prevent scurvy because this illness is caused by the lack of Vitamin C in the body.

  • Strong immune system

Kale is also rich in minerals and antioxidants like flavonoids, beta-carotene, and polyphenols. These incredible minerals, it helps in the development of the immune system if your guinea pigs.

With the robust immune system, illnesses and diseases won’t have any place in the body of your pet. By that, your cavy can play and be energetic all day long because it has a robust system. (please read here what Guinea pig likes to play with)


  • Helps in the recovery of the wounds

Another great benefit if this vegetable is that it has a fair amount of Vitamin K. This mineral helps in controlling the excessive bleeding and will make the recovery of the wound faster.

So, adding this fantastic veggie to your pet’s diet is truly important for the adequate amount of vitamin K.


  • Improves digestion

This vegetable is also rich in dietary fibers that are of great help to guinea pigs’ digestion. Also, the thread is one of the great contributors to the proper bowel movement of your pet. By that, it will make its digestive system healthy and strong for your pet’s daily activity.


How Much Kale Stems Should I Feed My Guinea Pig?

If you feed your pet with kale leaves, give them about one to two stems only. Just mix in the Kale stems so that there is a good texture for your cavy’s munching. Furthermore, always make sure that you combine it with other veggies that are low in calcium to have a properly balanced diet.

how much kale stems should i feed my guinea pig

As the guinea pig owner, you have to be aware that the serving size differs upon your pet’s age. The diet and other essential factors have to be put in mind not to overfeed your pet with this veggie like pes shoots (can Guinea pig eat pea shoots)


Risks in Feeding Too Much Kale to Guinea Pigs

As we all know, anything that is excessive will surely give us problems soon. Some of the common risks for overfeeding of kale are:


  • Bone pain and rough skin

Although the guinea pig’s body needs vitamin A, an excessive amount of this mineral can lead to bone pain and rough skin. Too much Vitamin a can be toxic for them, and there would be possible dangers to it.


  • Abnormal muscle contraction

Kale is also rich in potassium, so your pet may have abnormal muscle contractions when served with high amounts. It may lead to other health issues in the future, especially if you are overfeeding them for an extended period already.


  • Stone formation

stone formation

Calcium is a beneficial mineral unless it is excessive. Serving guinea pigs regularly or in large quantities can cause in the formation of unwanted stones in the body of your guinea pig. You have to keep in mind that high calcium food can only be served not often enough not to be any future issues.



We surely do hope that this article has been a great help to you. Can guinea pigs eat kale stems? Yes, they indeed can! The chewy and roughness of the Kale stem can be the cause of a good munching for your pet.

Also, with many benefits, you are assured of the advantages that it can offer you and your pet only to give it in moderation so that there won’t be any future dangers to occur in your fury’s health pet.


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