Can Guinea Pigs Eat Lavender? What You Have To Know!

Can guinea pigs eat lavender? Well, the most definite answer is yes. Your small fuzzy pets can most definitely safely eat and enjoy the lavender plant while being out of harm’s way just like some flowers that are safe for guinea pigs.

Lavender plants are highly edible, safe, and are very good meals for your little furry pet guinea pigs.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Lavender

However, you must take note to give only moderately small serving sizes or amounts because your guinea pig’s digestive system is highly sensitive and may get easily overwhelmed by the new meal or food type.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Lavender?

As a guinea pig owner or caretaker, you may be wondering if your little furry pets can eat or have lavender. The concise answer is yes.

Let’s understand further and take a look at the benefits associated with feeding lavender to your guinea pigs.

can guinea pigs eat lavender

Health Benefits Of Feeding Guinea Pigs Lavender

Can guinea pigs eat lavender? Why not? It is sure to provide you with numerous health benefits. Specifically, the health benefits of lavender include:

  • Serve as a treat

You have to give guinea pigs something to eat or chew as their teeth are continually growing.

Moderation is important to lessen the possibility of experiencing health problems. Thus, lavender is a treat.

  • Lessens stress

Lavender is another highly edible flower for guinea pigs. It has that unique flavor and calming effect that is good to make as a treat for your pet to relieve stress and change.

Although safe to give to your pet, serve the food in moderation.

First, you must give your guinea pigs a very small amount to not upset their digestive system.

Owners must slowly introduce this flower, then gradually increase the amount as time goes by, and as they get too used to eating it. 

Guinea pigs can be stressed or anxious so lavender would be a good treatment for them too. However, this flower must be fresh before picking to prevent sickness.

Lavender can last for a few days without getting rotten inside your pigs’ cage, but you must monitor your pet on what is happening.

  • Cleanses the body

Lavender contains the compounds’ antioxidants and phytochemicals that stimulate the enzymes in the stomach and the liver. It detoxifies the body of the guinea pig.

  • Prevents scurvy

Lavender contains an adequate amount of vitamin C which is essential for maintaining overall health and fitness.

Guinea pigs are incapable of producing Vitamin C in their bodies nor do they can store it. So, they depend on an external source for a constant supply of vitamin C.

In case of deficiency of calcium, guinea pigs can suffer from Scurvy.

Scurvy can lead to diarrhea, internal bleeding, fatigue, and other health problems.

  • Helps the heart function well

Lavender has zero cholesterol. Cholesterol damages the blood vessels because that increases the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Thus, consuming this flower won’t damage the blood vessels of the guinea pig.

  • Provides healthy weight

This flower contains low fat and calories. It means that if guinea pigs consume lavender, it will not create fat tissue all over the body.

Thus, it helps to maintain a healthy weight in guinea pigs.

  • Fights a lot of health problems

There is also iron in lavender, which fights anemia and keeps your pet’s blood healthy.

Monitor your pet as you introduce a new food. When in doubt, visit a licensed veterinarian and ask for help.

What Are The Risks To Consider When Feeding Lavender To Guinea Pigs?

Feeding your guinea pigs with lavenders may be associated with major health risks. The main risk is problems in the urinary tract.

We all know that our pets need calcium to be healthy, but too much calcium intake can also lead to serious health problems.

what are the risks to consider when feeding lavender to guinea pigs

Lavender contains calcium of 1% per 1 tsp. calcium is needed for strong bones, but as the guinea pigs grow, they don’t need that much calcium.

If there is excess calcium in your pet’s urinary tract, it will pile up as deposits that can cause painful urination and kidney stones.

Thus, it is important to feed lavender to your guinea pig a small amount or as a treat only. When you serve in moderation, there will be no risks at all.

Are Lavenders Good For Your Guinea Pigs?

After giving and feeding your pet guinea pigs with small amounts of these lavender plants, you can then slowly but surely feed them more and more lavender and increase their intake little by little each day.

There is a distinct and unique flavor to lavender plants.

People often say that its scent and aromatic flavor have a significant and remarkably calming effect, so it inevitably and surely makes amazing snacks or treats for your guinea pigs whenever they’re stressed or uncomfortable.

Lavender as a treat

Your little furry and fuzzy pet guinea pigs will often enjoy lavender or lavender plants as treats when you provide various other options of fresh or raw foods in their diet or meal plan.

However, be cautious not to feed them a lot or frequently. You can provide them lavender around once a week and once a month for those stronger or bolder tasting foods such as miner’s lettuce, butter lettuce, leeks, or lemongrass.

Giving your guinea pigs fresh food is highly advisable; however, you have to avoid feeding them fresh or raw foods every day and giving them a lot of the same food or the same plant as their meal.


New foods, including fruits, lavender, or lettuce, can spoil very quickly or easily.

This is why before feeding these fresh foods to your guinea pig pets, take note and remember to remove whatever your pets often do not eat or dislike so they won’t go to waste and spoil.


These fresh foods only have a short shelf life. Lavender can probably last for a few days, but sliced fruits and lettuce can spoil within a day, so you should remove them immediately.

When your guinea pig pets leave a lot of food untouched and waste a lot of serving meals, always remember to feed them fewer amounts of food next time to minimize spoiling and wasting food or meals.

Take note to only offer your pet guinea pigs clean water in a drinking bottle or a plate or dish that your pets cannot easily spill.

How Much Lavender Can My Guinea Pig Eat?

You’d always encounter the word “overfeeding” when it comes to our pets, as it is crucial to control the amount of food you are giving your guinea pigs.

Your little ones have a fragile digestive system, so you must take good care of them to keep them in good shape. Therefore, we suggest you serve it as a snack and not regularly.

How Many Times Can I Feed My Guinea Pig Lavenders?

Since lavender is not a day-to-day food, you can only feed them to your guinea pig every once in a while. Twice a week is quite adequate, and you must keep in mind to keep giving it to your pet in tiny portions.

Overfeeding is not infrequent to guinea pigs, and there is a likelihood that your pig can’t take too much of what you’re feeding them due to their partial digestive system.

These can result in digestive issues like indigestion, diarrhea, and loose bowel movement.

Giving lavenders two times a week can give you an allowance for the addition of other foods that you want to incorporate into your guinea pig’s regular diet.

Mixing food can provide a wider variety of nutrients and nutritional benefits that will benefit your guinea pig.

How Do Lavenders Affect Guinea Pigs When Consumed?

how do lavenders affect guinea pigs when consumed

Lavenders have a specific scent and taste. These components can help guinea pigs calm down.

So whenever your beloved pet is feeling anxious or stressed, you can always feed them lavender for them to quiet down.


Lavenders are plants packed with a healthy punch. Offering guinea pigs lavender is a good choice to feed.  It provides your guinea pig with fresh and clean food with numerous health benefits.

Thank you for reading our article, “Can guinea pigs eat lavender?” Have a nice day!

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