Can Guinea Pigs Eat Radishes? 5 Great Benefits

Can guinea pigs eat radish? You may ask, and maybe that’s the reason why you stumbled on this article. Don’t you doubt because they can. And what’s more exciting is that radishes are loaded with health benefits that could be helpful to guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs have radishes? A root vegetable, loved by most humans, especially if you’re into a healthy diet. Because of its low carb, many of us add this crunchy and full in nutrients veggie to their diet and maybe, your little one can try some too.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Radishes

Nevertheless, we are here to answer your questions regarding your little ones’ diet. Continue reading to learn if radishes are suitable for your guinea pig.


Are Radishes For Guinea Pigs?

So, can guinea pigs eat radish? The answer is yes! Your Cavey will enjoy a bite of this yummy snack. But here’s the catch, not all guinea pigs love radishes! Even if it’s healthy for them, they might still ignore it.

can guinea pigs eat radish

“Can guinea pigs eat radish leaves?” Yes, in fact, they will most likely nibble on its green leaves instead. They have their type as well, huh? Your cavies will love you if you feed them with that. This particular part of radish is rich in vitamin C. You want your cavies to have plenty as they can’t produce vitamin C on their own.

Oh! Don’t forget about the radish tops too. They like it if you’d serve them these snacks. Also, make sure that their yum yum are clean before you feed them. (please read here how to clean Guinea pig water bottle)

However, radishes come in high amounts of oxalates, together with its leaves rich in calcium. Sounds healthy? We know as calcium is ideal for healthy bones but keep in mind that much of something can be wrong sometimes.

Too much calcium can form bladder stones that will cause your pet to get sick; instead of being healthy, you’d make your guinea pig weaker. You don’t want that to happen, do you? So we suggest you serve radish and radish leaves as a snack.


Health Benefits Of Radish

Here are just some of a few reasons why you should feed guinea pigs with radishes:


  • Good digestion

The vegetable root contains an adequate amount of dietary fiber that promotes good digestion. Therefore, radishes will help your Cavey’s bowel movements to improve and regularly emptied bowel.

good digestion

Feeding your guinea pig radishes will give them a healthy stomach by having good digestion while preventing possible diseases such as constipation.


  • Antioxidants

This benefit helps in preventing the rapid growth of free radicals inside your guinea pig’s body. It contains B2 vitamin (Riboflavin) that converts food into energy, serves as an antioxidant, and promotes a good flow of oxygen to all the cells in your pet’s body. (please read here how big do Guinea pig grow)

And another antioxidant it contains is Vitamin C. It controls the danger of free radicals, keeps the body from call damage, and aids your guinea pig with inflammation.


  • Weight control

It will help with weight control since radishes have fewer calories in it. So, eating it will not give your pet any risk of obesity.

Radishes are low in carbs and proteins, providing less energy, making it a diet-friendly veggie. It is the perfect vegetable for weight loss as it is less in calories, fat, and sugar. (please read here how much do Guinea pig weight)


  • Helps prevent cancer

Radishes contain glucosinolates, a substance that scientists believe in preventing cancer. Along with other cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower.

These vegetables, filled with the right nutrients, are ideal for your pigs to eat, such as vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, minerals, folate, and some carotenoids.


  • Good for blood

The vegetable is low in fat, which is ideal for your guinea pigs healthy cardiovascular system. The vitamin K found in radishes promotes faster blood clotting, allowing your pet to recover from specific injuries.

Potassium will also be helpful for your pig’s health as it normalizes its blood pressure levels. Radishes also contain an adequate amount of copper that keeps your guinea pigs’ blood vessels healthy, boosts their immunity, and promotes better iron absorption, which is ideal for fighting off anemia.


The right amount of radishes guinea pigs can eat

Knowing that radishes are rich in nutrients, you’d want to feed it often to your cavies believing that it’s best for them. But remember to regulate their feeding to avoid overfeeding or any complications.

the right amount of radishes guinea pigs can eat

Here’s is a list recommended serving according to their age:

Age Amount
Guinea Pig (baby) None
Guinea Pig (adult) 2 radishes or 3 radish tops

You’d want to know first if your guinea pigs actually like radishes, or maybe its leaves by leaving a whole radish, including the top and bulb, for your pet to eat. The results will show the next day whether your Cavey likes the snack or not.


Risks To Consider When Feeding Radish

Just like any other foods, feeding guinea pigs with radish may also be detrimental to their health. Here are just some of the risks to consider before feeding them one:


  • Unhealthy digestion

As we mentioned before, radishes have low sugar levels; you’d want to feed them to your pets moderately. As too much sugar can cause painful digestion to your guinea pig.

Therefore, please don’t feed your pigs regularly with radishes since it can also upset your pet’s stomach because of its spicy and bitter aroma.


  • Urinary problems

Since a radish is rich in calcium, you’d to lessen your guinea pig’s intake on it.  Not unless your pig is growing, feed them with radish moderately as too much calcium for adult guinea pigs is useless since their bones are fully grown.

Too much calcium for your guinea pigs can frequently cause stones in the urinary system’s kidney and infections.

Calcium may be suitable for growing and developing pigs as it promotes healthy bone tissue, but for adults, we believe otherwise.


Why you don’t want to feed radishes regularly

Knowing the risks will help you be aware of what you’d be feeding your pets, which is crucial for a pet owner like you. It’s not that you can’t feed your pigs any radishes, do it moderately as too much of it can harm your little one.

why you don’t want to feed radishes regularly

Radishes are high in oxalic acid, which cannot be digested or absorbed by your pig’s body. Due to this, it can cause kidney failure, blood in urine, and possibly death. (please read here how did my Guinea pig Die)

Oxalic acid can also create kidney stones as having a high calcium level. If you’ll notice your pet having a hard time peeing, help it by pushing their butt against a wall since an oxalate stone may have formed inside its bladder. It can be dangerous, so please visit a local veterinarian immediately.



As a pet owner, you’d want to make sure that your pal receives proper nutrition to be healthy, which comes from food.

It would be best if you chose the right kinds, you’ll feed your guinea pigs. Therefore, make sure to do your research or give questions to anyone who’s an expert, as to how you ask, “Can guinea pigs eat radishes?” or “Can guinea pigs eat radish greens?

Nevertheless, this root vegetable is packed with vitamins and minerals in various colors, sizes, and strengths in flavor. However, some pigs wouldn’t eat radish, and that’s okay. You can turn to other alternatives to provide them a proper diet.

Thank you for your time!

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