Can Guinea Pigs Eat Sweet Potatoes? Dangers Of Consumption

Can guinea pigs eat sweet potatoes? Yes, but not every day!

Sweet potatoes are undeniably tasty. One bite is all that it takes, and you’ll find yourself immersed in its flavor to try. Given that it is one of the best vegetables to eat for good digestion, sweet potatoes can satisfy your cravings.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Sweet Potatoes

Are sweet potatoes good for your guinea pig’s health? Can it lead to health issues if fed too much? Are these questions popping into your mind? Then look no further as this article will help you answer that.

For humans, sweet potatoes are great for starting the day as it is rich in carbs, but what about guinea pigs? 

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Too Much Intake Of Sweet Potatoes

Let’s tackle the ill effects of overeating sweet potatoes, whether it may affect humans or our pets, especially guinea pigs. We all know that carbohydrates are a source of energy.

can guinea pigs eat sweet potatoes

Eating foods full of carbohydrates can give humans the energy they need for the day and our pet animals.

However, if the number of carbohydrates taken is higher than what they need, it can cause many health problems. For humans, it can lead to high blood pressure.

While for your pet guinea pig, it can result in difficulty in breathing. And basically, sweet potatoes don’t have a benefit to your guinea pig’s health.

Although a guinea pig’s digestive system is quite strong, their stomachs cannot intake too many sweet potatoes. It can even cause digestive distress.

Put in mind that guinea pigs are very vulnerable, especially when it comes to their health. Sweet potatoes are also hard to chew for your pet, guinea pig.

They have 20 teeth in total, and chewing helps keep guinea pig’s teeth in good shape. But sweet potatoes are not recommended since it takes a few minutes before a guinea pig can finish chewing a piece of sweet potato.

If you feed them with sweet potatoes very often, it will damage your guinea pig’s teeth. Overfeeding sweet potatoes is not suitable for your pet guinea pig.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Sweet Potatoes?

Though eating sweet potatoes can be dangerous to guinea pigs, they still can eat some. Of course, remember to feed them in small amounts, and moderation is a must.

can guinea pigs eat sweet potatoes

And as they say, sweet potatoes can give your pet guinea pig some issues regarding its digestive system if you let them eat too many sweet potatoes. What about potato peels? Is it edible for guinea pigs?

Potato peels

Potato peels contain possible harmful compounds such as starch, non-starch polysaccharide, acid-soluble, and acid-insoluble lignin, lipids, and ash on a dry basis.

The lipid fraction may contain an abundant amount of fatty acids, some alcohols, triglycerides, and sterol esters.

Therefore, eating potato peels can also be bad for your guinea pig. To make it simple, anything related to potato plants can be dangerous to a guinea pig’s health. These include potato peels, and potato sprouts too.

Consequences of feeding sweet potatoes

Deadly. It sounds a little bit exaggerated, but yes, it can be the cause of your Guinea pig’s death if you feed them with so many sweet potatoes.

Cliché, as it seems, too much of anything can kill you, and too little of anything can kill you as well. That’s why we’ll be stating some of the possible risks of eating sweet potatoes to be considered before feeding them to your pet guinea pig.

Sweet potatoes contain too much starch and oxalates

A big NO for guinea pigs, high amounts of it can shorten your pet guinea pig’s life expectancy since it is not as good as you think for its health. We suggest that you feed them in tiny portions.

Beware of allergic reactions


Your guinea pig can cause possible allergic reactions due to its consumption of sweet potatoes. If you notice something unusual about your guinea pig, do not hesitate and take action by merely visiting a veterinarian.

It can lead to worse scenarios if taken for granted. You don’t want that to happen. Rather than sweet potatoes, you’d want to find healthy options for your Cavey to chomp.

Are Sweet Potatoes Safe To Eat For Guinea Pigs?

Sure! They can enjoy a small portion of sweet potato as a snack. Again, in small portions only, and don’t feed it to them every day.

Will Guinea Pigs Get Sick After Eating Sweet Potatoes?

Yes! This is why you have to be careful about what you are feeding your pet. If you’d feed your guinea pigs lots of sweet potatoes in one mealtime, it will cause them digestive distress.

If your pig appears to be bloated, or maybe they no longer drink water eat or poop, then you might need to rush them to your local veterinarian immediately. Moreover, call your vet if your guinea pig has diarrhea.

Keep this advice with you all the time, especially if you want to introduce new food to your guinea pigs.

Are Potato Peels Edible For Guinea Pigs?

Yes, they are!  But make sure to give it a good scrub before you serve it as a yummy snack for your Cavey. Keep in mind to give it in a small portion- an inch would be enough for your pigs to nibble and enjoy.

Moreover, potato peels contain a small amount of starch, which guinea pigs find difficult to digest. Therefore you’d want to offer them peels occasionally.

Can My Guinea Pig Eat Sweet Potato Leaves Or Vines?

Yes, unlike an ordinary potato, the leaves and vines of sweet potato are not toxic for your pets at all. They are safe for your Cavey to nibble, not like Russet, Yukon Gold, or red potato vines, and leaves.

can my guinea pig eat sweet potato leaves or vines

You’re in luck if you grow some sweet potatoes as you can offer a handful of greens for your guinea pigs, and if they like it, you can mix it with a salad.

But only do once or twice a week. Again, remember to feed in moderation.


Can guinea pigs eat sweet potatoes? Guinea pigs can eat sweet potatoes but always remember that it can be dangerous if you feed them very often.

It would be much better to feed them with healthier foods such as vegetables and fruits.

Knowing that it may cause your pet to gain health issues such as high blood pressure, diarrhea, or shortened life expectancy, you might as well keep your sweet potatoes to yourself.

Nevertheless, only serve sweet potatoes as a snack but not always. Moderation is a must, especially if you’re introducing new kinds of food to your pet. Your guinea pig’s health is always more important than anything.

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