Can Horses Eat Carrot Tops? Awesome Facts To Know!

You might have a pet horse at home and wonder, “Can horses eat carrot tops ?” And that might be the reason why you are reading this article. The answer is that they can. Why not?Probably, the first thing that popped up on what you’ve searched is carrots, well these are an everyday treat for horses, and they usually get excited from it.It is not new to them; they are familiar with it and will do everything to eat a carrot.

Can horses eat carrot tops

Can horses eat carrot tops

Carrots have their benefits that give horses the energy that they need to sustain. These vegetables are easy to cut and be fed afterward to your pet horse, but you know, not everyone does like to throw away things that can still be used, right?So in this topic that we are about to tackle, we will explain to you furthermore and find the answers that can be the right one for your question.Would you please continue reading this article’s conclusion to learn more about what we will be discussing?

Are Carrot Tops Edible For Horses?

Can horses eat carrot tops? That is a question that we will be answering today so that you won’t have a hard time dealing with it anymore.

So now that you have an idea, carrots are a horses’ favorite in terms of food, they also eat other fresh vegetables, but once they see a carrot, they’ll pick it over others.

You may be weirded out why horses love them a lot, and it is because, just like us humans, we have a sweet tooth comparable to that of a horse. That is because they will always pick a carrot over something relatively sweet like donuts, etc.

Are Carrot Tops Edible For Horses

The nutritional benefits of carrots are amazing as they are quite full of vitamins especially vitamin A and C. These vitamins help your horse to develop healthier teeth and contribute to overall health.

Horses are active animals when it comes to doing anything. There is almost nothing that a horse can’t accomplish; they are used for several ways too.

And that includes transportation, racing, polo, and many other sports and other events that need the help of the horse to complete it.

Horses: A Long Time Ago

Before moving further, let us give you in-depth trivia about where and how horses started during their reigning days. According to or research, horses’ history dates back to precisely 55 million years ago. As far as we are concerned, these horses evolved from those that are the wild ones. They were first found roaming around North America by the very first people that year.

From their 10,000 years after, they have been extinct from the said area (i.e., in Central Asia), where most modern horses were domesticated between the years 4000 and 3000 B.C. 

In that year, feeds or pellets were not available at the time being because there weren’t many manufacturers out there during that period. So though horses feed on fresh vegetables, they eat daily to get the vitamins they need.

Back then, it wasn’t that costly to buy them food because they were cheaper during that year. As for today’s pricing, it’ll require you to spend some cash. Though that is not the issue here, the real problem is if horses can eat carrot tops?

Horses: A Long Time Ago

Most likely, the answer to this question is a yes; carrot tops aren’t toxic or poisonous and don’t have any toxins that can harm the health of your horses. In fact, carrot tops are to horses what apples are to humans.

They very much taste like sugar cubes to horses.

Therefore, it is safe to feed a whole stripped carrot to your pet horse as long as it is thoroughly cleaned before cutting.

Always keep this in mind, especially if you are a horse owner; limit the food that you give to your pets to avoid overfeeding as it may get lodged.

And overfeeding your horses can cause them to suffer suffocation because their valves were blocked by that food you gave. As much as possible, you will want to purchase fresh vegetables at a local farm if you are opting to ensure good quality food that has no toxic chemicals sprayed.

Once you get home, ready the food by cutting them into appropriate pieces that will be easy for the horses to swallow. There are several ways to feed carrots to your horse; you can check them out yourself so that your horses stay safe and are away from any harm that is around their sight.

Aside from carrots, what other vegetables or fruits are suitable for horses?

Aside from carrots, yes, horses eat other sweet treats like apples which is another traditional treatment.

There are other fruit and vegetables including grapes, strawberries, bananas, and swede for horses, and can be offered to them according to their taste buds.

Before feeding them to the horse, you’ll want to make sure that they should be cleaned thoroughly, peeled, and sliced into edible pieces to avoid the risk of choking.

Why is it a requirement to cut their food before feeding them to the horses?

To answer your question, most modern horses tend to chew on their food before swallowing it; and that should be the correct way of them eating their treats.But there are times when horses come to the verge of being hungry to gulp large amounts of fruits, vegetables, or even pellets. Causing their valves to get blocked and lead to suffocation as time slowly passes by.

Why is it a requirement to cut their food before feeding them to the horses

Of course, we don’t want that to happen. There are many methods for cutting fruits; they have their ways because each fruit differs from one another.But as for the carrot, which is a typical treat for horses and they crave them a lot, you should always start by cleaning to make sure it is away from dirt particles.Then you’ll want to cut it in a lengthwise manner using a sharp knife to get through it; it should appear like fingers that are manageable to eat for horses.


Can horses eat carrot tops? With your question being answered, by now, you should already have known some vital info about or topic.

And just a quick recap before we end this, carrot tops aren’t toxic even if it isn’t the standard color of carrot you see.

They are entirely safe and expected to be fed, so you don’t have to worry about feeding your horses with it; make sure to cut it properly.

And that ends our topic for today; we hope you’ve learned and will use this guide for future situations.

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