Can Horses Eat Eggs? 3 Easy Steps To Feed Them!

Can horses eat eggs? Some would say yes, but some would disagree. But still, more and more horse owners have an interest in feeding their horses with eggs. It is claimed that feeding horses with a few eggs will not hurt. But remember that giving them too much must be avoided.

At first, this only serves as a food for horses used to race; it is said to shine their hair. Now, this food has become one of the occasional treats given to ordinary horses too.

Can horses eat eggs


Steps On How To Feed Horses

When it comes to feeding horses, there is no definite rule to follow. It is easier to feed some horses as they need lesser nutrients only. But some are quite hard to feed. Therefore, these horses need special attention.I am trying to say here that you need to know how you are going to feed your horses. At the same time, it includes ensuring that they will get the nutrients they need.

Steps On How To Feed Horses

One of the most important nutrients needed by horses is protein; it is an excellent nutrient for their bodies’ tissues. During the digestion process, proteins will break down and turn into amino acids that build the body.

First, these amino acids will enter the bloodstream through the intestine. Then, these amino acids are carried out to all parts of the body through blood circulation. This will then form into tissues.So eventually, proteins become blood, bone, internal organs, and muscle. Some other parts of the horse, including hooves, hair, and skin, are also made up of protein.With that being said, protein in a horse diet is as important as energy nutrients they get from grass. Egg yolk is a good source of protein. It is also abundant in amino acids.You can easily mix the eggs with other foods. This can make a very palatable diet for horses. When it comes to feeding eggs to your horse, ensure to remember the following tips:


#1. Clean the bin regularly

If you intend to feed eggs in a bin, you have to clean them regularly to avoid salmonella or rotting.


#2. Feed immediately

The eggs must be fed to the horses right after you crack them open.


#3. Hard boil the eggs

If your horse is sickly or underweight, you can include hard-boiled eggs on their diet. Avoid giving them raw eggs.


Benefits Of Eggs To Horses

A horse needs five types of nutrients. Each of which plays a crucial role in keeping your horse healthy. These nutrients include energy, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water. Among those nutrients, carbohydrates tend to take up the largest portion in a horse diet.But the other nutrients are essential as the same. Protein, for example, is needed for the growth of horses, and one excellent source of this nutrient is eggs. So, can horses eat eggs?It is not an ordinary protein but an exceptional one since the ideal balance of amino acids is found in the egg. As we all know, the yolk alone is the only food source in developing a chick.

Benefits Of Eggs To Horses

When it comes to horses, eggs are among the most common addition to the diet of English and Irish racehorses. Most owners fed raw eggs to their horses regularly. But other owners would also serve hard-boiled eggs to avoid salmonella.

According to some sources, even the shells can be a good supplement of solid calcium. That is why some owners prefer giving the raw eggs immediately with their shells on.Other than that, there are a lot more benefits that your horses will reap from eating eggs. This includes the following:


#1. Soft and shiny hair 

According to some owners, mixing eggs with alfalfa pellets and feeds can result in the softest and shiniest hair. That is why it is commonly fed to racehorses.


#2. Healthy hooves

Eggs can also help in producing incredibly healthy hooves that tend to grow faster and stronger.


#3. High-quality protein content

As we all know, protein is the building block of the body, and eggs contain high quality. Its main function is building, strengthening, and repairing the body.There are about 6.3 grams of protein present in one egg. It is considered high quality because it contains all the right amounts of all amino acids. 

Benefits Of Eggs To Horses

The amount is what a horse’s body needs for optimum growth.Although other foods contain a higher proportion of protein than eggs yet, its quality protein makes it stand out.


Health Risks Of Eggs To Your Horses

As mentioned earlier in this post, some do not agree that eggs can be a part of a horse diet. They said that you must not give eggs to horses since they are herbivores. Meaning to say, they belong to animals that eat plants and grasses only.

So there is a tendency that eggs will make the horse sick. But horses in the wild raid bird’s nest. Other domestic horses would also do the same if they found a bird’s nest.

Furthermore, horses with limited food access tend to turn into omnivores. Some of the things they usually eat include small chicks and eggs. However, this can be risky due to particular reasons. Below are some of the health risks that come along with feeding eggs to horses:


#1. Septicemia and laminitis

Eggs have salmonella content that can lead to septicemia and laminitis. This is especially true with raw eggs. As such, it is never a good idea to feed your horses with raw eggs.

Health Risks Of Eggs To Your Horses

Just like humans, horses can easily contract too. But according to some sources, eggs alone do not cause laminitis.


#2. It can cause fever and diarrhea

As mentioned earlier, eating raw eggs can potentially harm horses if they contain salmonella. For every 20,000 eggs, one contains these bacteria. Such bacteria are associated with foods that cause vomiting, cramps, fever, and diarrhea.


It’s A Wrap!

So for question: can horses eat eggs? The answer is yes, for as long as it does not cause harm to your horse.

If you are living on a farm, and there are plenty of eggs around, then why not give it a try. A lot of people overseas do the same. But of course, it is a good idea to consult your vet first.

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