Can Horses Eat Swede? Awesome Facts To Know!

It is common for owners to give a taste of their food to their animals. If you own a horse, you may think “Can horses eat swede?” We all know that horses are fond of eating sweet treats such as carrots, apples, horse grapes, etc. Similarly, horses can eat swede. 

Horses aren’t picky when eating fresh foods like vegetables, though it depends on the breed; some are picky eaters, some are not.

Can horses eat swede

Even though they are considered one of the most joyful and active animals, many people usually own them.

And use them for a variety of purposes, most commonly being as a pet, for sports, transportation for traveling, carrier, and many more. They are also one of the friendliest animals to be considered; unless harmed or felt threatened, they will fight back to help themselves.

Other than that, there is nothing to worry about horses; they are safe and recommended to have if you’re an animal enthusiast.

They also have unique skills of their own, which differs from other animals; they are brilliant too, though you should still guide them to learn.

Now let us move on furthermore.

Swede as a Horse Snack

Horses can eat swede. Let’s explain some relevant things to widen your understanding before anything else.

To explain it furthermore, we’ll have to discuss some things that might be relevant to the topic and will make you understand it with ease.

Are you familiar with what horses are eating other than food pellets commonly given nowadays by horse owners? If you do, then great; if not, that’s fine.

Here we will give you a little bit of trivia and some learnings about horses. In this way, we can help you take all of the information you need to learn about them.

Horses are one of the animals that aren’t picky eaters at all, it all depends on the breed of horses, but commonly, they aren’t choosy when it comes to foods.

Other vegetables to feed your horse

Just like humans, horses have a sweet tooth when it comes to food. Some of the foods they prefer to eat are rooted vegetables, lovely ones like sweet potatoes, turnips, lettuce, corn.

And that is why if you give them carrots, it will excite them up, and they can eat a lot until they stuff themselves. Make sure to limit it, though, to avoid problems.

Overstuffing is something that you should avoid to do to horses as they eat a lot depending on their appetite for that day.

As much as possible, you’ll want to limit their foods to around one to two pieces each so that they don’t get overstuffed. It is also necessary that you should assist them when eating as they can inhale their food quickly, and there will be a chance where the food will lodge.

Horses can follow orders according to the ones who train them. That is enough trivia for now; let us further move on to the topic so that we can answer your question already.

Can horses eat swede?

Yes, Swedes are one of the foods that horses consider a treat; they can be fed to laminitis horses, but only under certain circumstances. It would sometimes depend on what you feed your horses, as they usually eat rooted vegetables like swedes as a part of their diet.

Parsnips are another example of this. Just as we said earlier, they aren’t picky when it comes to food at all. You give them vegetables; they finish it in no time.

Swedish turnips, or swedes for short, are a cousin of the turnip, which is a root vegetable that originated from the fusion of a cabbage and a turnip. They are used for different kinds of dishes and are non-toxic, which means they are safe enough to be consumed by humans or by your pets.

Horses are known to be aggressive when it comes to eating, so when you feed them swedes, look up ways to cut it properly. In that way, you can avoid your horses from getting harmed because this can be one reason your horse gets choked and may even lead to suffocation. Horses have a strong body structure, yet you cannot force them to go if they don’t have enough energy to keep on moving.

In a day, feed your pets for at least two to three meals so that they’ll get all of the nutrition that they need for the next errand that you’ll do.

How Often Should A Horse Eat Swedes?

Too much feeding of swedes to horses may lead to an insulin spike as these vegetables still contain sugars that attract the horses’ attention.

Thus you should not feed swedes constantly, especially if the horse has laminitis on its own; it can be excruciating already, but if you let them consume sugar still.

It may result in its bone sinking and let your horse be unable to move for months. They may even need proper medication so that they can recover immediately.

Vegetables not to feed to your horse 

Most of the time you can give human food to the horses but not all foods. Even though horses are vegetarian, still not all vegetables are safe for them. Here are some vegetables and fruits you should not feed to your horse:

  • Chocolate
  • Pimiento
  • Potato peels
  • Avacado
  • Persimmon
  • Pitted fruits

Some other foods like uncooked potatoes, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and jalapenos are also not healthy options for horses.


Just a little recap, keep in mind that you should not overfeed your horse with vegetables, especially the ones that are sweet, as this may develop colic in horses. You may feed them at least once or twice a day depending on their condition but always remember that they shouldn’t eat a lot to avoid illnesses. If your pet starts to show symptoms, call a vet right away so that he can check up on your horse and find a cure right away.

We hope you have gained useful information from the article “can horses eat swede?” and it will help you maintain the excellent health of your horse. 

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