Can Horses Eat Turnips? Surprising Fact You Should Know!

Can horses eat turnips? The answer to that question is yes; they can be used as an alternative for food if you do not have any other items available at the moment other than fresh turnips.

Are you running out of food for your pet horses, and there is nothing available to purchase at your local shops because they are out of stock, then you saw a turnip? It makes you think if other than carrots, my pet horses will eat these turnips that are the only thing available as of now in your backyard because you have a ton of it?

Horses aren’t new to eating turnips; in fact, it is just one of the healthiest root veggies that you can add even to your meals to maintain your diet.

It can also be used for many meals and not just for feeding horses; it has lots of benefits too, so that is why people use it a lot as the main ingredient in dishes.

Horses are used in various ways by many people. Thus they are considered as an essential and helpful animal that exists in our world today. Of course, after a long day of dealing with things, they will eventually get tired, and all of their energy will be depleted.

So to ready them for the next task that you’re going to do, you shall give them enough rest and food so that they can replenish their energy. Now, what are turnips? To explain it, they are a root vegetable that can be commonly seen during temperate climates worldwide.

Turnips are loaded with fibers and vitamins essential for one’s body to have, they are usually a must-eat food in diets, and they can sustain your hunger. But the problem is, can horses be able to digest turnips? Well, we could answer that question of yours as we explore throughout the article.

So stay with us until the conclusion of this so you can learn more as we further explain it to you.


Turnips; Can You Feed Them To Your Horse?

Can horses eat turnips? That is a question that we will be answering today to avoid your confusion anymore. Turnips are root vegetables which mean they have roots that stick into the ground to gain their nutrients and grow bigger.

Usually, people mistake that they can be toxic because of some farms that spray pesticide or other chemicals on their vegetables to avoid it from getting rot.

They indeed do those, but we can assure you that before they manufacture it in various stores, they undergo a cleaning process to ensure that the vegetables and fruits that you purchase are safe enough to be consumed by the human body.

People need them as well as animals too, sometimes overfeeding them with pellets could lead to developing illnesses which we don’t want to happen. Instead, sometimes feed them with freshly bought vegetables that can be a great source of vitamins for longer-lasting energy when doing things.

One example of an animal that needs these is horses; they are very active animals that have lived for a long time and are used in many ways. To give you a little information that you may not have known, horses have evolved over the past 45 to 55 years, to be exact to what they are right now.

In their time, you can see them everywhere, roaming around the areas discovering things independently, but there came a time where they were extinct. Thanks to breeding, you saved their race, and now they continue to regain numbers worldwide.

So, can horses be able to eat turnips?

Well, the answer to your question is a yes; horses can eat turnips without any problem. They aren’t toxic at all; in fact, they can give lots of nutrients to your pet. People tend to misunderstand that turnips aren’t poisonous to eat; they are even used in many restaurant dishes.

Horses can eat any vegetable as long as it is fresh and cleaned first before letting them digest it, keep in mind that before feeding them cut it properly to avoid your horses from getting choked.

Turnips can be seen a lot in middle and eastern Asia countries and are usually grown during the temperate zone. Whether young turnips or fully grown old ones, you can eat them and your pets in a way that you like it served.

As for your horses, clean them, chop them up into thin slices for easier digesting so that they won’t get lodged and cause suffocation in their valves. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of money to no longer happen to them. It would help if you also were wary when feeding them, as much as possible avoid overfeeding your horses.

Overall, turnips are good and are safe to eat. The articles that you find on the internet about it being toxic are all hoaxes.


Other than turnips, what vegetables/fruits are suitable for horses?

As we all know, carrots and apples are a good alternative if there aren’t many turnips available in your area. Just like humans, horses have a sweet tooth too, when it comes to eating their food. They find carrots as their favorite because it is sweet and nutritious.

As for apples, you can eat not every variety of them. So make sure that when you are purchasing an apple, ask and research the suitable ones for feeding. Remember not to feed them too much because if your horse has a belly filled with apples, it’ll likely cause colic and may lead to illnesses.

Would you please give them a limit of around one or two of each food? With that, they can be able to replenish their energy in no time and stay kicking.

Of course, if you don’t know how to cut apples and carrots, you can base them here to avoid them from getting suffocated due to wrongly cut sizes.



Now that we’ve answered the question, “Can horses eat turnips?” We hope you have learned a lot about turnips and how they can be helpful to your pet horses.

Again, they aren’t toxic and can be fed any time of the day; just put a limit to it so that they don’t get excited and get overfed.

And that is where our article ends today; I hope you have gathered all the info you need for future usage. Otherwise, you will have a hard time figuring it out.

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