Can Rabbits Climb? 7 Exciting Facts You Should Know!

Can rabbits climb? Yes, rabbits can climb, and they enjoy doing this since they got to view the world in an elevated position. However, this can be dangerous for them.
In the wild, rabbits can climb wire fences naturally; that is because it is easy for rabbits to get a foothold.

Can rabbits climb

Can rabbits climb

Domestic rabbits can climb too; they usually run up and down the stairs. They’re too cute to look at. Well, my pet rabbit, Thumper, does.

Other pet owners even train their pets to do this because climbing is an acceptable form of workout.
But if you wonder whether it can climb trees and walls, no, they cannot because their feet have limited grip only.

You should also take note of this:

Rabbits’ bones are delicate.

Meaning to say, falling is a great hazard when rabbits climb. It might damage their joints too.
Nevertheless, some rabbits are born climbers.

If you noticed that your rabbit could easily and naturally climb, let them be.

Here are the 7 facts you need to know!

#1. Do Rabbits Like To Climb?

Can rabbits climb? Yes, definitely. They even like to climb.

I guess you can relate how active your pet becomes whenever it sees stairs. Thumper climbs up every time I let him wander around the house.

Do Rabbits Like To Climb

I’s not something you should worry, though!

It is natural for rabbits to explore, and climbing in a higher location is a part of this.

Even though they live under the soils, they still enjoy climbing, especially for domesticated rabbits that are curious in nature.
Try looking up the world from the perspective of a rabbit.

Since they are tiny, they literally can’t see anything beyond our ankles.

By climbing, they would be able to see things that humans can see.
If they scramble on the tables, they would be able to find food.

And if they hop upstairs, they can discover new rooms and the things in it.

They also love to climb onto their pet owner’s lap. Right?

#2. Is Allowing Your Rabbits To Climb A Good Idea?

Allowing you rabbits to climb has some risks. There’s this danger of them falling and eventually breaking their bones.

But even though there are a lot of risks, still, the benefits of climbing to rabbits outweigh such dangers.
For one thing, rabbits climb to survive.

Is Allowing Your Rabbits To Climb A Good Idea

They know very well that they can be an easy target for other animals; this is especially true in the wild.

Climbing at a higher point will allow them to look out for possible attacks.
Aside from that, climbing is a good form of exercise for rabbits.

All the muscles in a rabbit’s body will benefit from this workout.

With that being said, climbing will help in maintaining a healthy weight.

After climbing, they will be exhausted; that is why they would be able to sleep soundly. Please read here when do rabbit sleep
But it is recommended that you introduce heights to your pet gradually.
Start at low platforms or shelves, and add more as they go on.

#3. How Do Rabbits Climb?

Rabbits cannot climb on vertical surfaces because they literally jump and hop up when they climb.

But they can climb very well as long as there will be somewhere their feet can hold onto.
This is how they climb; they find somewhere they can hold and jump there just like cats.

Then find again another spot to land before jumping.

In other words, climbing is not a simple thing to do for rabbits. It will only be easy for them to climb on a slope or a slanting surface.

#4. Can Rabbits Climb Trees?

Yes, rabbits can climb trees, especially the wild rabbits.

Most of the time, they do this to search for food. But sometimes, they would also climb a tree just for fun.
And when rabbits have to climb on trees to look for food, that means that they are desperate or the food on the ground is scarce.

Can Rabbits Climb Trees

If they cannot find anything to eat, they tend to chew twigs and sometimes wild fruits.

However, it would take some time before rabbits can climb a tree.

Although they have claws, it is not as sharp as other animals that can climb faster.

With that being said, rabbits should be patient enough for them to climb a tree.

They need so much effort when climbing – running, hopping, and scrambling over the bank.
There is also a high chance that they will tumble, and this is the risk that we want to avoid for our pets since it might damage their fragile skeletons.

So for your pet rabbits, I think there is a minimal chance that they would be climbing a tree in your yard, given the fact that they are given enough food.
Plus, they know the danger that they are about to face if they do.

#5. Can Bunnies Climb Wire Fences?

Rabbits love to explore. At some point, they will get into your fences. If they want to go out, they can just dig under the fence. Or if the fence is low, they can quickly jump over.

But what if it’s taller? Would they climb it?
Yes, a determined rabbit will clamber over. It is similar to how rabbits climb trees.

They run fast and jump halfway. Then, they will find somewhere to hold before leaping again.
The only difference is that it is easier for them to grip onto wire fences.

Since there are gaps in wire fences, they will use such gaps as a stepladder. As such, climbing wire fences would be easier for rabbits than climbing trees.
The risk here is that rabbits might not be able to climb down.
The moment they reach the top, there is a high chance that they will be afraid of going down.

Considering the height, they cannot just jump. So what they would typically do is to wait until rescue comes.

#6. Can Rabbits Climb Stairs?

Pet rabbits often climb the staircase at home.

Doing this is a lot of fun for them as they treat this as an obstacle course.

However, some safety procedures will have to be implemented.

Make sure that the stairs are not slippery because they might end up tumbling down.

It would be great if you put a carpet on your staircase too.
If your staircase is very steep, it would be best to discourage your pet from playing there.

#7. Can Rabbits Go Up Ramps?

Rabbits can ascend on-ramps too. Some groups like the Indiana House Rabbit Association recommends ramps for rabbits.

That is because ramps are found in double-decker hutches, making it a safer way for a rabbit to move around at deferent levels of their home.
However, it is not guaranteed that rabbits will go up on a rump.

Some rabbits are reluctant to climb up a ramp. That may be the case because the ramp is hurting the rabbit’s feet or the ramp is too smooth. Learn here how to clean rabbit feet
In some cases, it might be since rabbits do not trust the ramp, or it is too steep.

Or simply because they do not have an interest in climbing ramps.

In such cases, do not force your pet to use the device.


Can rabbits climb? Yes, rabbits can climb.

Although this might be dangerous for them, it has a lot of benefits for rabbits.

So if your pet likes to climb, let them be.

Just be aware of the safety procedures that you have to take to keep your little friend safe.

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