Can Rabbits Eat Cantaloupe? 7 Amazing Answers To Know!

Can rabbits eat cantaloupe? Yes, of course. Rabbits can eat cantaloupe. This juicy fruit is delicious to eat.

Here’s more excitingly:

Can Rabbits Eat Cantaloupe? 7 Common Questions Answered

It offers various health benefits, making it useful to your pets.

Cantaloupe is one of the most refreshing fruits that you can eat at any time of the day, wherever you are.

Aside from its irresistible taste, it can also be fed to animals like rabbits.

So, if you are raising a rabbit at home, give it a try and let it eat just a bit of cantaloupe.

It’s safe and can provide a lot of benefits to your pet rabbit, for sure.

Well, in my case, I give my pet, Thumper, this fruit; and he loves it (a lot!).

Just read on and answer, do rabbits eat cantaloupe?

Benefits Of Cantaloupe

You’ve already asked this question:

Can rabbits eat cantaloupe? And you already know that they can.

Here are just some of the health benefits of cantaloupes for your pet:

  • Beta-carotene

Just like any other fruit, you can gain so many nutrients from cantaloupes.

These fruits contain a more considerable amount of beta-carotene than orange, mango, peach, and apricot; and beta-carotene contributes a lot to humans, even to rabbits.

What’s more:

This fruit is a vitamin A source that is good for the eyes and can also act as an antioxidant.

It merely means that the body is protected from any free radicals, thereby preventing it from any cell or tissue damage.

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals

It doesn’t end there, my friend!

Cantaloupe is also a source of vitamin C, including fibers that the body needs and potassium too.

If you feed your rabbit with two cups of this fruit, it would approximately get a portion of folate with a total of 74 micrograms.

For my Thumper, I see to it that I measure the food he eats; this is to make sure that he gets the right nutrients.

I guess you do the same thing too!

  • Hydration

When it comes to heat, cantaloupe can also save your rabbit from thirst.

Let’s say that today is scorching weather plus the fact that it hasn’t taken a lot of water; you can give him some cantaloupes.

I tried and it’s really effective.

When I give this fruit to Thumper, it made him feel hydrated.

I’m amazed by this fact:

The water content of this fruit is about 90%.

But to remind you, do check if the fruits you give to your rabbit are still fresh.

A cantaloupe that isn’t yet that ripe contains a lot of fiber.

Thus, it would be better to provide them with cantaloupes that aren’t wilted.

Health Concerns When Feeding Rabbits With Cantaloupe

Too much sugar content in cantaloupes might result in several health issues.

If rabbits eat more than the adequate amount of this fruit, your pet can suffer from gastrointestinal problems.

Health Concerns When Feeding Rabbits With Cantaloupe

Although some may not be severe, overeating cantaloupes or any other kind of melon or fruit can be a severe threat to your pet’s health. 

Furthermore, if your rabbit suffers from overweight or obesity, it would be best to stop feeding rabbits with cantaloupe.

Can Rabbits Have Cantaloupe?

Well, rabbits do eat cantaloupe. However, they only eat small portions of it, and as always, they eat it in moderation.

As their beloved owner, you can treat them with cantaloupe sometimes.

The recommended amount when it comes to serving would eventually be twice a week.

Can Rabbits Have Cantaloupe

For only 2 pounds and one tablespoon, you can feed them with no worries.

However, what can rabbits get from cantaloupes? You’ve already known the health benefits of cantaloupes as discussed above.


Let’s clear all the questions in your mind.

#1. Can rabbits eat cantaloupe seeds?

Though rabbits can eat cantaloupe, it is better not to feed them with any type of seeds.

These seeds can choke your pet. They do not vomit, and if you allow that to happen, it will be a big problem.

Therefore, make sure to remove every seed and cut the fruit into tiny pieces, and feed them using a bowl.

#2. Do rabbits eat cantaloupe rinds?

Can rabbits eat cantaloupe rind? Well, rabbits can eat cantaloupe rinds as long as they don’t overeat those.

Although not all rabbits like to eat the rind, some of those who nibble on it can be good for them.

As you know, cantaloupe rinds are safe for rabbits to eat mostly with their flesh.

Can Rabbits Have Cantaloupe

Like a cantaloupe on the inside, rinds have fibers with benefits.

And take note:

Rinds also have a lot of sugar, so it would be better to feed your rabbit in moderation.

#3. Can rabbits eat cantaloupe leaves?

Rabbits can eat plants. Even wild rabbits love to chew on cantaloupe plants all the time.

However, always feed them with the correct amount of leaves.

If you provide them with cantaloupe leaves, do not give them more than one cup, 2 lbs every cup.

#4. Do baby rabbits eat cantaloupe?

Do not even think of feeding cantaloupes to baby rabbits. They are not allowed to eat any fresh food before they reach 12 weeks old.

That said:

It is best to only feed them with leafy greens in small portions.

Then, you can provide them with fruits after several months.

#5. Can wild rabbits eat cantaloupe? What about cantaloupe rinds?

As I stated earlier, wild rabbits love to gnaw on fruits, even flowers, and cantaloupe leaves.

Rabbits like vegetables and plants, especially if these are placed in a garden.

#6. How much and how frequently should I give cantaloupe to my rabbit?

Cantaloupes are high in sugar content and rabbits find them scrumptious but we know rabbits are herbivores and too much sugar can upset their digestive system.

So, it is recommended to give cantaloupe to your bunny in small portions as treat and only few times a week.

#6. What do rabbits usually eat?

Rabbits tend to eat a bunch of hays and a few vegetables. Sometimes, they like to gnaw on chew toys.

Also, they need to have clean fresh water by their side always. If you provide them with water, rabbits won’t ever have problems with their stomachs.

Can Rabbits Have Cantaloupe

If you still don’t know, rabbits are herbivorous animals. They don’t eat a lot of sugar, unlike humans.

Aside from that, when you give them some treats, they always believe that their body is weaker than the human body.

The balance in their body might be damaged by a lot of starch.

They might suffer so much from giving them food that isn’t for them. If so, some cannot be cured.

#7. What’s the ideal diet for your rabbit?

Try having a variety of food when feeding your rabbit. You know, rabbits are easily bored. They love eating different kinds of food.

Providing other types of suggested treats or vegetables can be a better way of feeding your rabbit.

Also, note that you should not feed your rabbit with juices from cantaloupe or any fluid.

It’s not good for them to eat foods with a lot of sugar, especially if they don’t have the right amount of fibers that can benefit their bodies.

It would help if you always feed them with hay. Make sure that you give them the appropriate amount.

Also, you should know that rabbits need some kind of treats. But, a lot of sugar might easily damage a rabbit’s digestive system.

As you know, their digestive tract is quite sensitive, which is why you want to feed rabbits with the right food.

Never try to add kinds of stuff just because you would like to provide them with various food.


Can rabbits eat cantaloupe? Cantaloupe is the kind of fruit you can easily feed to rabbits. It has a lot of benefits that their body needs.

Rabbits can also eat cantaloupe rinds but never provide them with cantaloupe seeds because they can choke them to death.

As a pet owner, you are responsible for your rabbit’s health. Therefore make sure that you are providing them with their needs.

Lastly, always remember to feed them in moderation because too much cantaloupe can also be dangerous.

Thank you for reading our article!

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