Can Rabbits Eat Cardboard? Surprising Facts To Know!

Can rabbits eat cardboard for their meal? This question may sound strange, but you read it right. Cardboard, although unconventional and not a typical snack for most pets, is not toxic to your pet rabbits.

You can serve cardboard to your pet rabbits moderately, and they will be out of harm’s way. Well, it may be hard to believe, if it’s your first time to know that they really can eat one. Just read on and know more.

Can Rabbits Eat Cardboard

Let’s understand deeper whether or not rabbits can have cardboard as food.


Health Benefits Of Cardboard In Rabbits

Can rabbits eat cardboard? Cardboard is one of the things that you can give to your rabbits when they’re growing. It is to chew and consumed by your pets. It doesn’t have poisonous content either a lot of nutrients in it.

Health Benefits Of Cardboard In Rabbits

Just like guinea pigs, rabbits love to chew and eat whatever they can see around them(Learn here Can rabbit see in the Dark). Most of the owners provide things such as cardboards with their pets. Thus, here are some health benefits of feeding cardboard to little rabbits:


  • Growth of a rabbit’s teeth

Cardboard is a common and cheap way to maintain your rabbit’s healthy teeth. We all know that rabbit’s teeth are growing as fast as our fingernails. Thus, they must always eat and chew to prevent its size from growing too long. Learn here when are rabbit fully Grown


  • Good for rabbit’s mental health

As owners introduce cardboard to rabbits, their pet’s minds then become curious and active at the same time. This cardboards makes a rabbit happy and energetic as they are chewing and eating this kind of thing.


  • Contains cellulose

One of the benefits of cardboard to rabbits is that it contains cellulose, found in some green leafy vegetables such as lettuce. These provide nutrients for your rabbit when given in a small amount or only as a treat. To ensure the rabbit’s health, visit a licensed veterinarian to help you.


Risks To Consider When Feeding Cardboards To Rabbits

Though cardboard is safe to eat, we can’t avoid that they can also harm your rabbit’s health.

Here are some risks to consider:

Risks To Consider When Feeding Cardboards To Rabbits

  • Overfeeding

Too much feeding cardboards to rabbits is not recommended. These cardboards don’t contain must nutrients that the body of your pet would need. You’re just like feeding nothing to your pet. It may ruin their diet plan as well.


  • Toxic inks

Cardboards have a lot of types, and they are manufactured differently. Some of the cardboards contain toxic inks that may poison your rabbits. One example of cardboards that must be avoided is glossy cardboard.

As stated above, cardboards contain cellulose. Rabbits cannot digest cellulose when overeating it. Thus, it may upset your pet’s tummy by consuming cardboards and may lead to digestive problems.


Cardboard Precautions When Feeding Your Pet Rabbits

Cardboards are very accessible because they commonly are used around the house or stored in our garage. These cardboards are very common, cheap, and safe for your pet rabbits to nibble on, so you don’t have to spend and waste your money on more expensive items that your pets want to chew.

Cardboard Precautions When Feeding Your Pet Rabbits

However, be sure to limit their consumption to approximately one toilet paper roll cardboard each day. When giving your pets cardboard as their snack, it is vital to note a few precautionary measures.

Industrial strength cardboard is not something you would want to offer your rabbit because their teeth cannot handle those tougher and harder boards. Also, the boxes often have sharp and dangerous staples or other materials that may harm your pet rabbits while they eat.

Therefore, the best option would be to choose a standard and regular cardboard box and give the thinner side to your pets so they can chew on it freely.

However, before giving any cardboard boxes as treats or snacks to your pet rabbits, always check it for inks, staples, tapes, or any other sharp and harmful materials that your rabbits might eat.

These random objects may be small, but once ingested by your little pet rabbits, these materials can cause choking and poisoning hazards that may pose safety, health, and well-being risks to your rabbits.


Cardboard As A Rabbit’s Food

Cardboard should not be their main meal. There are no nutrients, minerals, or vitamins found within cardboards. However, cardboards can still benefit your pet rabbits by helping them wear down their teeth when they chew on it. Please read here What can rabbit chew on.

Cardboard As A Rabbit’s Food

Cardboard is an efficient, accessible, and affordable way to help improve your pet rabbit’s teeth. Your pet rabbit’s teeth can grow extremely fast. Their teeth always need something to chew, so their teeth won’t grow too big.

The best choice of a healthy meal plan for your pet rabbits is most definitely hay, but offering a few amounts of cardboard to your pets can help their teeth as well.

Since you are now aware of the necessary information about cardboards and whether they are okay with guinea pigs, let us venture to questions that can give you additional information.

Who knows? You might need them someday.


Can my rabbit eat toilet paper?

Rabbits like chewing on this stuff, and aside from being bunny food, you can also use it to play around with your pet.

You may form random things utilizing the paper towels, and the cardboard rolls can be created like stands for your rabbit to demolish. Learn here why do Rabbit eat paper

Using toilet paper depends on your creativity and the types of activities your rabbit enjoys.


Is it okay for them to eat cardboard boxes?

Yep! Aside from eating, they will also enjoy frolicking around with cardboard made playthings. You can form DIY houses for your rabbits. You can use these for their homes, but you probably have to replace them when they get chewed on.

It would help if you’d take precautionary measures to remove any staple wires or pins that could have been attached to the box before. When they are accidentally chewed on, the effect could be fatal. The sharp edge could har your little friend’s throat.

Even if the choking hazard can move past their esophagus, their stomach could still be harmed, thus, causing issues in their digestive system.


Can my rabbit eat paper?

Blank paper is safe and allowed for your tiny pet, but inked paper can have its setbacks. Inks can have toxic chemicals as one of its components, which can have harmful effects on your pet. Indigestions and loose bowels can occur.

However, there are types of ink that are safe for your beloved friend, the soy-based ink. Soy-based has no harmful effects making it available for consumption. When consuming inked paper, there might be possibilities of your bunny’s paws turning a little dark.

Don’t fret. It is just some of the ink residue rubbing off on them. The ink will wear off after a few days.



Can rabbits eat cardboard? Although cardboards may not be the best type of food for your little friend, consuming it isn’t harmful as long as it is taken in small amounts.

Cardboards provide a training and practice area for your rabbits to practice their chewing and improve it. As long as you keep all our tips and reminders in mind, you got this!

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