Can Rabbits Eat Catnip? Know The Risks And Benefits!

Can rabbits eat catnip? The answer is affirmative. Rabbits are cute and furry animals that will surely bring joy to you. Since they are playful, you will be entertained just by observing them while doing their thing. They love to munch on leafy veggies, and you’ll be happy to see them twitch their noses.

Can rabbits eat catnip

Can rabbits eat catnip

However, aromatic herbs like this one are something that rabbits do not want. Thumper, for instance, is quite sensitive when it comes to strong odors. Without a doubt, catnips have a mild scent that bunnies tend to avoid.

However, catmints are safe for them to consume, considering that you serve them only small amounts like other kinds of herbs. Well, Thumper still eats some even if he doesn’t like the smell. Try feeding your pet too- you’ll see!

This article will discuss more about the effects of catnip on rabbits. We will look at the benefits and risks of this food to your pet. Are you ready? Keep scrolling, and let us begin!


What Is Catnip?

Catnip or catmint is a kind of perennial herb belonging to the mint family. There is a specific content in this plant that makes domestic cats respond in many ways. This active substance is known as nepetalactone, and it affects tigers and lions as well.

Catnips are producing this chemical that coats their leaves, seedpods, and stems. They are originally from native Europe and Asia, which now grow widely across the country, even in highways and roads.


How To Identify Catnips?

Do you know what a catnip looks like? Well, this plant can be identified through its grayish-green color that comes with jagged heart-shaped leaves. It has thick stems that are covered with a little fuzzy hair.

The leaves grow opposite on the stalk with toothed edges. It is one to three inches long, and when you crush them, you can have a strong and minty smell out of it. Catnips are plants that can grow for about one to three feet tall, as well as, have square stems.

If you see its flowers, they are white; it comes with a slight purplish mixture that is tubular. These flowers grow on top of the plant, and they come in clusters. However, if you do not desire it to spread quickly, make sure to deadhead it before the flowers begin to set seed. Please read here Do rabbit eat carnations


What Part Of The Catnips Are Safe To Rabbits?

These herbs are linked to cats because it is a common perception for all. However, these plants can also be fed to rabbits, and you need to have proper knowledge about the parts that are safe for rabbits to eat.

What Part Of The Catnips Are Safe To Rabbits

Can rabbits eat catnip leaves? Of course. It is okay that you feed the leaves of catnips to rabbits and also to other animals. But, you have to make sure that you do not include the seeds.

We are aware that there aren’t any seeds in the catnip that we buy in the supermarket, but there are some when it is still growing. That is why you need to take away the seed heads and do not ever let your rabbit consume it. Do thorough research every time to avoid possible dangers in the future. please read here can rabbit eat cilantro


Health Benefit Of Catnips To Rabbits

Can rabbits eat catnip? Sure. Anything leafy and green is okay for rabbits to consume, but you have to be sure that it does not have toxic parts.

Health Benefit Of Catnips To Rabbits

For us humans, catnips provide tons of benefits that can enhance our health. It is because of the medicinal purposes that this herb possesses. For rabbits, these are the positive effects for them:


  • Catnips can make rabbits relaxed

Catnips have a particular effect on cats that makes them respond in many ways. These herbs are safe for rabbits to eat, but it does not make the same impression as catnips do to cats. So, if there are any benefits, it should be that this kind of plant relaxes them.

Believe me, it’s true. I tried giving Thumper catnips. At first, I’m curious why he looks stress-free. I did a thorough research and found out that it really makes them feel relaxed. The same is true with my friend’s pet. Try it for yourself to see. It will make you happy.


  • It would make a good mint food

Catnips are also called catmints, which have a distinct taste for rabbits. If your pet loves to chew on mints, then catnips can be one of your choices as part of the diet meal. Furthermore, you can notice the aroma of this mint when chewed by your furry friend.

The smell might not be good for your pets, but when they try one, you’ll see how they will love catmints. As I mentioned earlier, Thumper has a very sensitive sense of smell. But when it comes to mints, he loves it. Well, he used to mints because I, myself, love it too.


Risk Of Feeding Catnip To Rabbits

Even though a particular food is okay for your rabbit to consume, there will always be something that you need to be aware of. Though catnips are associated strongly with cats, there is also an effect on rabbits. That’s why I also limit give Thumper herbs like this.

Risk Of Feeding Catnip To Rabbits


  • Do not give dried catnips to rabbits

You have to be aware that this herb may have terrible effects on your pet, especially if dried. It can cause your bunny stomach issues like diarrhea and stomach pain. If you are eager to give catnips to rabbits, the very first thing that you have to do is introduce it in small amounts.

Furthermore, dried herbs are concentrated and come with intense flavors that may be very overwhelming for bunnies. Your pet will become stressed and may react badly, which can affect their body system. For example, they might get sick because they experience excessive stress and nervousness.


How Much Catnip Ideal For Rabbits To Consume?

Fresh catnips are safe for rabbits to have because they not poisonous for them. Some bunnies love this herb, while others don’t. Anyway, all foods you introduce to your pet for the first time need to be given in small amounts.

All you have to do is offer them only a bite or two and then observe. If you notice some harmful effects on their health, stop the feeding process immediately, and seek a vet’s advice.

Whenever you’re confident that such food doesn’t negatively affect your pet, you can gradually add a little more. Keep an eye on your bunnies so that you can ensure their robust and healthy well-being.



Can rabbits eat catnip? In conclusion, you can give catnips to rabbits, but it does not react like what cats have when fed with this plant. Green leaves are okay for your pet to consume, providing that you research if it is toxic for them or not.

As per recommendation, moderation in serving many kinds of fruits and vegetables is the key to a healthy bunny. With this, you can be ensured that the variety of fresh and healthy foods can make up for the lack of nutrients in their bodies.

We hope that this article has made a clearer view of your question. Thanks for reading!

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