Can Rabbits Eat Chicken? Why Not? 3 Major Risks!

Have you ever wondered: can rabbits eat chicken? The answer is no because a bunny cannot process meat in its stomach.

The main reason is that rabbits are naturally born herbivores, which only means that they would only ingest foods that are parts of a plant.

The rabbit’s tummy can only process hay, grass, vegetables, and plant materials. Though rabbits can have a lot of access to meat in the wild, it is not very much suitable for their digestive system.

As a rabbit owner, I won’t dare to offer Thumper, my bunny, to have any kind of meat, for it will only make him sick.

This article will further discuss why rabbits cannot eat chicken and the risks that may endanger their lives. If you are ready, we start right this instant!


Risks Of Raising Chickens And Rabbit At The Same Time

Having chickens and rabbits to raise is perfect for a small place. If you are a small farm owner, you can have the slightest idea to mix rabbits and chickens in one location.

But think of this:

You need to understand that rabbits and chicken are not meant to be in the same place.

Like our family, we have a little farm that my parents love to raise rabbits and chickens.

In my case, Thumper is my house pet, so he is far from the risks of diseases that rabbits may acquire from chickens.

Infections are the main reason why these two animals need to be apart from each other.

Here’s the list of infections your pet might get from chicken:


#1. Coccidia

Chickens and rabbits can both infect each other with such parasites as coccidia.

Baby bunnies and chicks are susceptible to these infections because their immune system is not as robust as the adult ones.

Furthermore, these organisms tend to live in rabbits’ intestines that can cause severe liver issues.


#2. Salmonella

Another risk that can harm your pet is called salmonella in which you need to watch out for.

This type of disease that is endemic to chickens can make rabbits sick when exposed to it.


#3. Pasteurellosis

This disease is the one that causes cholera if it is transferred from bunnies to chickens.

And because chickens have the behavior to eat rabbits’ feces, both species can share the diseases that can be extremely dangerous and fatal.


Here’s what you can do:

You can always give enough room for rabbits to hop around all day in an enclosed area. learn more here why do rabbits hop

In that way, your bunnies and chickens won’t have the chance to contaminate each other with such diseases that can be fatal to them.

Also, keeping both species apart is an effective way to ensure that they stay healthy.

As for chickens, a coop is one way that you can opt for.

By the time you made all of these adjustments, you can indeed ensure that parasites and other harmful organisms cannot harm your beloved pets.

Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing your chickens and rabbits in excellent condition.


Why Can’t You Feed Rabbits With Meat?

Can rabbits eat chicken?

Always take note of this:

You cannot feed your bunny with meat because it is high in fat and protein.

Rabbits need to have a significant amount of fiber in their system to attain the best health. These animals are herbivores, which only means that they cannot digest meat.

You must also take the right notes that bunnies’ digestive system is sensitive; therefore, they can get sick quickly.

That is why I do not dare to serve Thumper even a bit of meat, leading to some severe problems in the future.

In cases, death can also be an output of irresponsible planning of the bunny’s diet meal.

You must know that rabbits cannot vomit, so if you feed them with foods that aren’t good for their system, they cannot let it out.

Due to that, they can suffer from illnesses like bloating and diarrhea. That is the reason why you have to be meticulous in anything that your pet ingests. please read here how to treats bloats in rabbits


What Are Foods Suitable For Rabbits To Eat?

If you are new as a rabbit owner, you must be educated about your pet’s food.

Do not be impulsive in giving it anything that you can think of without checking the internet for the risks these foods can provide to your furry companion.

Here is the food that your bunnies can safely eat, but you also need to give some of these in moderation to avoid problems.

Anything that is too much won’t be right, so do not overdo the feeding process.


#1. Take note of the staple food for rabbits- grass

The very first thing that you need to know is that hay is the staple food for rabbits. Fresh grass can cover almost a bun’s diet, and this food should be ready at all times.


#2. Feed them veggies

Vegetables are also one of the foods that most rabbits love to munch. Through the various assortment of veggies, your pet can have many choices regarding fresh food, and it will surely provide a good crisp and texture to their diet. please read here can rabbits eat cerely


#3. Don’t forget to give them water

Water is also essential that you must consider. Dehydration in bunnies is not a good thing to happen because it can significantly decrease their energy.

Freshwater should always be accessible by your pet.


#4. Rabbit pellets can be served as an alternative

Another food that you give your rabbit is pellets.

Since hay is the leading food, pellets can also sustain the lacking nutrients that rabbits may need as they grow up.


#5. Give them treats from time to time

As a reward, treats are also readily available in which you can buy in nearby pet stores. These foods can suffice your furry friend’s hunger and make them happy by munching it.

Like Thumper, I regularly buy him treats, and every time he sees his food, I can genuinely sense that he is happily hopping towards the food. It seems like he tells me that he is thankful for the treatment and that he loves it so much.



Can rabbits eat chicken?

As a closing reminder, you need to note that meat is never an option you can offer to rabbits.

Rabbits only love to eat plants; therefore, the meat cannot be digested into their system.

If you are hesitant about the food you are going to serve, please research the internet to acquire enough knowledge about it.

For example, this blog post informs you that chickens cannot be fed to rabbits.

It is advantageous to your part as a pet owner because you did not risk your bun’s life due to a lack of knowledge.

On our part, we are very much happy that we offered useful information to you through this blog.

Thank you so much for reading, and good luck!