Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro? 4 Great Foods You Can Add

Can rabbits eat cilantro? Yes, without a doubt, rabbits can eat cilantro. This herb comes with numerous health benefits that you and your pet will love, for sure.

In fact, humans and animals alike can have the whole part of this plant, it is beneficial for both. 

Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro

Can rabbits eat cilantro

Cilantro, also known as Chinese parsley, is a well-known herb belonging to the Apiaceae family. People usually extract the fresh leaves and dry leaves of cilantro for salad, sauces, and dressing.

With all that mentioned, cilantro is a big YES for rabbits.

Bunnies have a plant-based diet, which means they bank on fruits and vegetables to balance their diet. They also love snacking on leaves and sipping a significant volume of water.

Indeed, they have a wide range of choices; however, feeding them should still be taken seriously to ensure their health and safety.

Read more about how to introduce cilantro to your pets to avoid serious complications.

Can Cilantro Harm Your Rabbit?

The question is:

Is there a chance that cilantro will harm the bunnies? Naturally, cilantro doesn’t carry any chemical or element which can cause harm to your pets.

Can Cilantro Harm Your Rabbit

The wellness of your pets depends on how you, as an owner, take care of them. Perhaps, it’s also one of the best reasons why Thumper, my beloved pet, is growing healthy

Here’s what you should take note though:

An above-average serving of cilantro can cause digestive complications to your bunnies. It is a common effect of overfeeding of vegetables.

To avoid the occurrence of diseases, give them only the amount that they need. If cilantro is appropriately served, you will achieve the best results, such as removing excess gas in your pets’ stomachs.

Rabbits are just like humans; they also have different tastes and reactions to food.

If you try giving cilantro to your rabbits and notice that they don’t like it, it doesn’t mean that they sense danger or harm; your rabbit might want something different.

The bad quality of some cilantro can make your rabbits sick. Their condition is something that you need to consider to avoid adverse effects.

You’d want to consider the freshness of the vegetable. Usually, wilted cilantro cause stomach problems, while spoilt ones may carry dangerous organisms that can infect your pets’ digestive system.

Food inspection is not a hard job, and it doesn’t take up too much of your time, so you better practice it if you want to protect your beloved pets.

Health Benefits Of Cilantros

Can rabbits eat cilantro? Yes, a cup of cilantro consists of many nutrients like vitamins, potassium, and iron.

It may not contain too many calories, but it provides sufficient fiber to detoxify your pet’s stomach and get away from toxins and harmful chemicals.

Health Benefits Of Cilantros

Cilantro is the top choice if you are looking for herbs to make your rabbits happy and healthy.

Yes, you can give it to your pets every day, but it is not highly suggested because this can make your pet deficient in other nutrients not found in cilantro.

You must also know that cabbage, broccoli, and other leafy vegetables can accumulate excess gas inside your rabbit’s stomach and cause indigestion that is a significant risk for your pets’ health.

Luckily, cilantro guarantees defense from these complications. Above everything else, cilantro is equipped with a high level of nutrients.

How To Introduce Cilantro To Your Rabbit’s Diet?

Surely, your rabbits will love cilantro; they will enjoy relishing the taste of this vegetable.

Here is the ideal amount of cilantro that should be given to rabbits according to their age and size.

How To Introduce Cilantro To Your Rabbit's Diet

For baby rabbits

Feeding cilantro is not a smart choice; try banking on high-quality commercial rabbit food or rely on soft fruits and vegetables that they are capable of chewing.

For adult rabbits

Give a small quantity of cilantro per serving, for they will surely enjoy snacking on it. Gradually introduce the vegetable to your pets.

Giving it all at once can lead to unwanted digestive problems. Start with giving out half of the prescribed serving at most.

Observe the reaction of your bunnies and check if there is an occurrence of diarrhea.

If the rabbits are perfectly well the day after you feed them the cilantro, it’s safe, and they’ll love it if you serve it again on the following days.

You can also source a lot more nutrients and health benefits if you mix your cilantro with other green vegetables.

How frequently you can serve your pet cilantro?

You can give them cilantro every day. But as mentioned above, it is not suggested because it might bring complications.

Even though it is acceptable daily, it is far better if you can help your rabbits obtain a wide range of nutrients by trying other crops, fruits, and vegetables.

You can also choose to supply them with other treats like dehydrated food or commercial rabbit food; considering their safety as your top priority.

Foods That Should Be Added To Or Served With Cilantros

Your pet cannot obtain the utmost health benefits if you serve it cilantro alone.

That is why cilantro should be mixed with other foods such as the following:

#1. Commercial Rabbit Food

Yes, it’s commercial; therefore, you should expect a difference in the number of nutrients that it can add compared to natural fruits and vegetables that are mixed with cilantro.

Before purchasing this type of product, inspect the package and study the nutrition facts.

Always choose the product which goes well with the taste of cilantro and offers the best and high quantity of nutrients.

#2. Water

Rabbits consume a high volume of water in a day, so they need a constant source of it.

We don’t say that you should mix cilantro with water; even though there is no problem with it, it’s more appropriate to serve water in a different container.

But most of the owners set a stable water container inside the cage, check it from time to time, and refill if the consumption is rapid.

Make sure to clean and sterilize the bottle to avoid health complications.

#3. Hay

Hay is a natural product that is a proven great partner of cilantro. It guarantees various health benefits to your pets.

Your bunnies can accept and eat just hay every day because it’s naturally part of their diet, but it’s better if you combine it with cilantro or other herbs.

Additionally, feeding rabbits with a combination of hay and cilantro is a great way to improve their oral health because they’ll indeed nibble it all day.

#4. Green vegetables and seeds

Your pets will surely love cilantro combined with green vegetables because it suits their taste.

Blend pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds to cilantro, so they won’t have to won’t experience the same taste every day.

#5. Chewable treats

Your bunnies get bored if they are left inside the cage for a long time.

Adding something to chew with cilantro is a great way to get away from boredom.

Also, it maintains their dental health and helps them achieve the proper length of their teeth, so it must be included in their diet all the time.


Can rabbits eat cilantro? Yes, rabbits can eat cilantro. It’s a kind of herb that they’ll surely love since they are not picky eaters.

This herb offers excellent nutrients that can significantly improve the growth and development of your pets. It can be given in combination with other foods. This will add a new taste to your bunny’s diet and it’ll enjoy its meals. 

Give cilantro a try and let the bunnies experience its remarkable benefits. 

I hope this article will help you improve the diet of your pet bunny and fulfill its nutritional requirements efficiently. 

Thank you for reading!

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