Can Rabbits Eat Corn Husks? 8 Exciting Things To Know

You may be wondering, can rabbits eat corn husks? Well, good news, because the answer is yes.

Your pet rabbits can have corn husks. In fact, they can provide various benefits to your them; and that you will learn later on.

However, be cautious and monitor your pet rabbits as they eat the corn husks; their strings can be hard to chew and may get stuck in your rabbit’s trachea. can rabbits eat corn husks

Can Rabbits Eat Corn Husks

Remember this:

Wash the husks beforehand and watch out for remaining pesticides and chemicals: these are dangerous for your pet’s health.

To know more about rabbits and corn husks, just read further!

Benefit Of Corn Husks To Rabbits

Corn husks are the outer covering of corn that you can serve to your little rabbits.

My friend used to give his pet one. At first, I didn’t believe it thinking that it’s not edible. But, I was amazed when I tried to give Thumper the husk.

Benefit Of Corn Husks To Rabbits

Oftentimes, it is called a “hull” and it can provide your pet nutrients.

But wait, you should take note of this:

The hulls and stalks are the only safe parts of the corn that can be eaten by rabbits.

The main benefit your rabbits will get from corn husks would be fiber.

Corn husks are rich in fiber that your rabbits need.

These husks must be served moderately because too much fiber is indigestible. This fiber also helps the body of a rabbit to become healthy and robust.

Risks Of Corn Husks To Rabbits

Well, Thumper loves corn husks. There is no doubt about that. But as a very concerned owner, I further researched corn husks for rabbits.

And here’s what I found:

Risks Of Corn Husks To Rabbits

Although corn husks are edible, they are not recommended to be served to your rabbits.

From that time on, I didn’t give my beloved pet any corn husks. And I give a warning to my friend.

Here are some risks to consider:

  • Full of pesticides

It is not new in agricultural land to be filled with pesticides or other pests control products.

Since farmers often use these, there is a significant tendency that corn husks absorbed these dangerous chemicals.

We all know that pesticides, even to humans, are harmful and could cause specific health problems.

The rabbit’s body is unique and sensitive. Some chemicals like pesticides could harm them.

Thus, when they consume particular food like corn husks, it is not suitable for their health and diet.

  • Indigestible

Corn husks have a type of complex polysaccharide in which your bunny couldn’t digest.

A rabbit’s stomach is susceptible and picky to the food that it is consuming.

Risks Of Corn Husks To Rabbits

These corn husks are hard to chew and could lead to intestinal problems in rabbits.

If you still want to feed them with corn husks, you must serve these as a treat.

  • Low amount of vitamins

Corn husks don’t contain many vitamins and minerals that a rabbit needs.

When eating one, you’re just like giving nothing to your pet.

Thus, it is not a good supplement for their diet.

  • Blockages

These corn husks could cause blockages and choke.

These husks couldn’t pass through the trachea; thus, it may clog block your bunny’s airway, leading to death.

  • High in sugar and carbohydrates

Too much sugar and carbohydrate are not suitable for a rabbit’s health.

It may cause weight gain that could lead to obesity.

  • Contain mycotoxins

Corn husks have a possibility of containing mycotoxins like Aflatoxin and Fumonisin.

These can be harmful to our pets. Aside from that, it may lead to some illnesses.

Rabbits Can Eat Corn Husks

Can rabbits eat corn husks? Corn husks should be an occasional snack and not a regular or daily meal for your fuzzy pet rabbits.

You don’t want to feed your rabbits frequently because these corn husks will only bring more risk in their health than good benefits.

There are much healthier and less dangerous meals and snacks to feed your pet rabbits.

Although you plan to feed your pets with corn husks, always give them moderately small servings sizes compared to large amounts.

Rabbits And Corn Husks: What Rabbits Can Eat?

Now that you have skimmed over the main topic, it is time for you to address some frequently asked questions and their answers. These may come in handy when encountering uncommon situations.

Rabbits And Corn Husks: What Rabbits Can Eat

#1. Can rabbits eat corn husks on the cob?

Can your pet rabbits eat corn on the cob? Can rabbits have corn on the cob? Sadly, the answer is no.

Unlike guinea pigs, rabbits are not allowed to eat corn on the cob, whether cooked or raw.

Corn on the cob has hulls that do not break down. When your pet consumed this, it may result in serious problems- GI tract as well as blockage. Always avoid feeding your pets corn on the cob and find a healthier vegetable or snack.

Despite rabbits’ love for chewing, corn cobs may not be the perfect type of diet for them. Corn cobs are hard, and these can produce immediate, powerful effects on your little friend even just after they eat these.

The cob is a challenging part of the corn and can cause problems in chewing. Although these are not as harmful as the kernels, we strongly advise against giving your rabbit corn cobs.

#2. Can rabbits eat cooked corn on the cob?

Corn, cooked or fresh, is not an ideal snack or treat for your pet rabbits because this can have horrible effects on your bunny’s digestion due to the high amounts of starch, sugar, and carbohydrates.

Overall, corn on the cob is just too grassy, sugary, sweet, and acidic for your pet rabbits to handle.

#3. Can rabbits eat cracked corn?

Sadly, no. Your pets are not able to digest the cracked thick layer of the outer corn shell.

If they do try to eat this, severe blockages and other digestive distress may occur. Cracked corn is just too hard and sweet for rabbits, and most professionals would not advise feeding them any corn.

#4. Can rabbits eat sweetcorn?

Although rabbits love to eat sweet treats, sweetcorn is not allowed on their menu of sweet snacks.

Sweetcorn can cause numerous health issues for your rabbits and benefit nearly nothing of their nutrition or overall state. Please read here can rabbit eat sweet potatoes

Rabbits are never allowed to eat sweetcorn.

#5. Can rabbits eat corn plants?

Besides having high sugar and starch levels, which rabbits are highly sensitive to, your pets cannot digest sweet pop. Intake of this food can cause painful indigestion, weight gain, cecal dysbiosis, and even gastrointestinal stasis.

These complications do not only bring discomfort but can also lead to fatal results.

Sweetcorn is too dangerous and has too many risks that it is not even allowed to be an occasional snack for your pets.

Prevent your bunnies and rabbits from eating this at all costs.

#6. Are rabbits allowed to eat corn kernels?

The answer is no. Rabbits are not allowed to take in any seed, whether it’s cooked or not.

Therefore, corn kernels should not be given to them.

Why so?

Since these contain complex compounds that are too difficult and complex for the rabbit’s digestive system to comprehend.

The difficulty in absorbing the complete information within these compounds can lead to serious health issues like stomach problems and Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs).

#7. Can my bunny eat popcorn?

Don’t you love popcorn?

Unfortunately, this snack may prove to be tasty for us and is the perfect accompaniment during a late-night movie marathon; it may not be the same for your beloved pet.

Popcorns are cooked corn kernels, and when cooking is involved, there are always other ingredients involved; ingredients like salt, butter, etc. are significantly no-nos for your tiny friend. learn here can rabbit eat butter nut

Food elements like salt can make food taste great, but they are too complicated for the rabbit’s digestive system to take in. Your pet’s system is quite limited, making the foods on its diet limited as well.

Consumption of stuff that it cannot fully understand can cause health problems. Some of these are indigestion and loose bowel movement. Not to mention, they may suffer bloating and digestive issues too.

Can rabbits eat popcorn? Although popcorn is not poisonous to your pet rabbits, be cautious, or avoid the chance of feeding these snacks to them.

#8. Can rabbits eat corn stalk?

Yep! Corn stalks are okay and good for your pet. Just make sure to wash it thoroughly if you’re worried about chemicals left behind the surface. Otherwise, corn stalks are allowed for your pet.

Any advice? Choose fresh ones.


Going back to our main topic, can rabbits eat corn husks? Yes, they can! The husks are safe for them to eat, and it also contains fiber that improves your bunny’s body systems.

As longs as you make a mental check of the dos and don’ts, then you are ready to serve corn husks to your beloved pet!

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