Can Rabbits Eat Eggplant? Crazy Facts You Should Know!

Can rabbits eat eggplant? Yes, they can, but not all of its parts.

Let’s find out as you read further.

Can Rabbits Eat Eggplant

You already know it- giving green leafy vegetables to your rabbits is a great choice.

Can rabbits eat eggplant

Not only they have an addicting taste, but they can also boost the immune system.

Although vegetables are healthy, there are also some which can be toxic.

Eggplants belong to the nightshade family. All that belongs here contain harmful compounds.

The leaves and the top of the eggplant are poisonous so, you should not give it to rabbits.

With this article, you may understand the proper way of feeding, health benefits they can gain, and factors that need to be considered.

Just keep on reading!


Quick Facts

  • Botanically, eggplant is a berry, but most people consider it a vegetable
  • Raw eggplants may taste bitter but is soft when cooked
  • In vegetarian cuisines, eggplants are the ones to replace meats due to its texture
  • Eggplant’s close relatives are tomato and potato(can rabbit eat potatos)
  • The first to grow eggplants are the Chinese
  • Eating eggplant’s flower and leaves are harmful to health
  • The first to produce eggplants were Chinese
  • In other parts of Asia, eggplant is called Aubergin


Health Benefits Of Eggplants To Rabbits

Can rabbits eat eggplant?

Consider giving only raw eggplants to your rabbits because this is the only way that they cannot acquire toxic compounds.

Health Benefits Of Eggplants To Rabbits

Here are some excellent benefits that your rabbits can get when eating eggplants:


  • Cardiovascular health

Anthocyanin is present in eggplants.

Its primary role is to support the proper functioning of the heart and ensures better performance.

It also regulates blood cholesterol levels so that there will be no complications.

A reduction in inflammations during injuries will occur.

Thus, the risk of heart diseases will decrease.


  • Antioxidants

Eggplants have polyphenols that shield the body from cancer.

Along with this are anthocyanin and chlorogenic acid that act as antioxidants that prevent further damage caused by free radicals.

If the damage cannot be controlled, it will lead to tumor growth and cancer in the long run.


  • Maintained weight

Due to the presence of dietary fibers, rabbits may be able to maintain their weight.

Not only this but eggplants offer low calories, thus reduces the risk of obesity.

By eating eggplants, your rabbits will be able to prevent upset stomach, diarrhea, and constipation.


  • Iron

Iron prevents anemia from occurring because it promotes the production of red blood cells.

It is also rich in copper, which plays an essential role in producing red blood cells.


Risks To Consider When Feeding Eggplant To Rabbits

Rabbits are crazy over eggplants because it is tasty.

However, there is a list of risks that you should consider when feeding eggplants to your rabbits:

Risks To Consider When Feeding Eggplant To Rabbits


  • Poisonous

The flowers and leaves of the eggplant contain an alkaloid called solanine that is poisonous to your rabbits.

Thus, be specific in eliminating the stems and green leaves.

Avoid giving the flowers and leaves in large amounts too. There are several symptoms of solanine poisoning.

These include fever, hypothermia, headache, slow pulse, heavy breathing, stomachache, abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.


  • Lack of vitamin C

Eggplant only has a few amounts of Vitamin C.

Rabbits are unable to produce their vitamins. Thus, consider giving eggplants as a treat only.


  • Allergy

It is the first time you will be feeding eggplants to your rabbits; it is essential to provide a gradual introduction.

Provide eggplants to your rabbits in small portions.

For the next 24 hours, monitor your rabbits.

If there are signs of allergy, rashes, stomach pain, and soft stool, avoid feeding your rabbits’ eggplants.


How To Prepare Eggplants

Aubergine, or commonly known as eggplants, is a well-known ingredient in several cuisines worldwide.

Humans enjoy eating this berry. You heard it right; although eggplants are known as vegetables, it is a berry (fruit) botanically.

Interesting, right?

How To Prepare Eggplants

Eggplants are not limited to the consumption of humans. Your furry pets can eat these too.

Can rabbits eat eggplants? Of course! Rabbits truly love eggplants because it is tasty.

Now, here are the methods of preparing this treat for your furry pets:


Step #1. Choose the ripe ones

It is essential to give only the best to your rabbits.

How to identify which ones are the best?


You have to pick the ripe ones. Always remember, the ripe ones are the right ones.

Gently squeeze the eggplant. If the skin of the eggplant bounces back, you are holding a ripe eggplant.

However, if indentations remain, the fruit is not fully-grown.


Step #2. Wash the eggplant

Second, thoroughly wash the eggplants to remove dirt, pesticides, and other chemicals present in the eggplant.

These chemicals can harm your rabbits.

Thus, it is essential to eliminate them by washing them. After doing this, cut the raw eggplants into smaller portions.


Step #3. Remove the parts harmful to your pet

Make sure to remove the leaves, stems, and flowers of the eggplants as these parts are harmful to your rabbits.

In addition to this, upon serving this tasty treat to your rabbits, remove any left-over fruits from the cage.


Step #4. Introduce the food

Consider the gradual introduction of eggplants to your rabbits.

Start by giving only a tiny portion of the treat, and monitor your rabbits for 24 hours.

Watch their reactions closely. Although they might no show any signs of disgust, there are still a lot of things you should consider.

If there are signs of allergy, rashes, stomachaches, and soft stool present, keep this treat out of the menu.

Observe if soft feces are lying around. These might be a sign that the digestive system of your rabbits does not properly digest the eggplants. please read here can rabbit eat radishes


Are cooked eggplants safe for rabbits?

Yes, they can, but giving cooked eggplant may reduce the benefits that your rabbits can acquire.

Boiling and steaming also do the same. The rabbit should eat raw eggplants in small amounts.


Can rabbits eat the leaves of the eggplant?

Even though the eggplants’ leaves are green and leafy vegetables, never give it or the top of the eggplant to your rabbit. These parts contain the highest toxicity level.


Can baby rabbits eat eggplants?

Giving eggplants to your baby rabbits can help supply enough nutrients for their growth. please read here can rabbit eat eggs

Feeding them tiny portions of eggplants will not harm them.

However, the baby rabbit’s digestive systems are far more delicate than that of a full-grown one.

Thus, make sure that you are providing only small portions of eggplants to them.


Final Words

Some might wonder if rabbits can eat eggplants.

In doubt, can rabbits eat eggplant? The answer is a big YES.

There are numerous varieties in our kitchen that we can incorporate in our furry pets’ diet and that includes eggplants.

Through this guide, you will know the benefits and risks of providing eggplants to your rabbits.

With the right amount of serving and frequency, you will be able to make the life of your rabbits fantastic. Learn more here how many eggs do rabbit lay

We hope this guide shared another quality time with your hopping pet.

Enjoy your day!

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