Can Rabbits Eat Garlic? Basic Facts You Should Know!

Garlic is famous due to its medicinal benefits for us but one may ask “can rabbits eat garlic?” The answer is a big no! We do not recommend that you mix in even a tiny bit of garlic to their meal. Garlic can seriously damage their health, and only a veterinarian can tell you if you can give them even a clove.

There are studies that inform us that garlic possesses an adequate amount of antioxidants that can kill bacteria. Furthermore, garlic contains free radicals that can protect your pet’s immune system. Although these health benefits are good news, it’s unfortunate that rabbits can’t eat garlic.

Can Rabbits Eat Garlic

This article will have important information about garlic and how it affects the body of rabbits. As a pet owner, you have to read well to be aware of the possible dangers of garlic to bunnies. Let us get right into the discussion!

can rabbits eat garlic

What Is Garlic?

Garlic is a kind of vegetable that belongs to the family of leeks, chives, onions, and scallions. This vegetable offers a good number of benefits to human beings. But as for rabbits, these vegetables are incredibly harmful to their body and health.

Furthermore, garlic is a lily family member, together with shallots, leeks, and onions. It has an intense aroma and flavor, which makes it a favorite ingredient for many cuisines worldwide.

This vegetable grows from under the ground that forms a bulb made of individual sections, which are called cloves. The sections are covered with a papery kind of skin that needs to be removed before cooking. 

If you are a rabbit owner, you have to be aware that you cannot feed rabbits with garlic in large amounts. Though for medicinal purposes, a veterinarian may suggest that you let your pet consume a small clove to ease up and treat some mild illnesses.

Besides, garlic has a very strong odor. Some people can’t even bear its scent. Every time we use garlic when cooking at home, I observed how Thumper dislikes it. I know, I tried giving different foods to him and he manifests a unique look every time he doesn’t like it.


Two Varieties Of Garlic

There are two kinds of garlic that you should know. Following are the two kinds:

two varieties of garlic

  • Softneck garlic

This variety is the one that you usually see in supermarkets. It is a type of garlic that provides many cloves compared to the other variety of this vegetable. Softneck garlic has a subtle flavor, and its name came from its soft and delicate paper skin.

They usually grow in a milder climate and do form scrapes. This kind of garlic contains small cloves and matures faster than hardneck garlic. Additionally, they do not develop a flowering stalk, so their stems are flexible and soft. Because of that fact, it makes them great for creating braids of garlic.

You can store this garlic variety very well and is genuinely ideal for mass production. They can last for nine to twelve months after harvesting making them a perfect kind of vegetable, for they do not deteriorate fast.


  • Hardneck garlic

If you want a variety of garlic that is bolder and spicier, then hardneck garlic is the one that you need. This veggie’s central part has a woody stalk and is usually found in a farmer’s market.

Hardnecks are a variety that develops from a long flowering stem that is called a scape. This variety is best in colder climates because that is when they are most productive. There are a lot of people who say that this variety is more flavorful than its counterpart.

Although they contain fewer cloves than the softneck garlic, their cloves in hardnecks are much larger. Also, this kind of garlic is easy to peel. However, compared to softnecks, you cannot store them well because they deteriorate for four to six months after harvest.


Risks Of Feeding Garlic To Rabbits

Can rabbits eat garlic? When we talk about the rabbit’s diet, garlic, onions, and tubers are not recommended for them to consume.

Experts say that you should not feed your pet with these vegetables because they can harm them. They are toxic for them, and garlic contains a high level of starch.

risks of feeding garlic to rabbits

This is true; my officemate told me that her pet rabbit get sick after it consumed an undefined amount of garlic. It even got worst. The good thing is that her pet is now okay.

Anyway, here are some of the health risks if you feed your pet garlic:


  • Immunosuppressive effect

Like onions, garlic also has an immunosuppressive effect on bunnies. It only means that this veggie can cause them to have a weakened immune system, affecting your pet’s daily activities. You have to be aware that your pet’s weak body can cause them to acquire diseases that can lead to severe problems quickly.

Although garlic is not okay for rabbits to consume, a vet can do a prescription if it is needed for medical purposes. You have to research a particular vegetable or fruit before letting your furry friend eat it because some are toxic to their health.


  • Anaphylactic reaction

Garlic also causes the risk for your rabbit to acquire an anaphylactic reaction that can be life-threatening due to the allergic response. The first time that you feed your pet with garlic, the risk won’t eventually happen. But for the second time that rabbits are exposed to it, then that is when the illness triggers.

If you do not want unwanted things to happen to your pet, you must do thorough research about a fruit or vegetable before letting them consume it. Be sure to only provide them with food that can be most beneficial.


Medicinal Properties Of Garlic To Rabbits

Garlic is extremely beneficial for us humans because it is both internally and externally antibacterial. As per the recommendation of the vet, rabbits can also benefit from this vegetable.

medicinal properties of garlic to rabbits

The following are the medicinal advantages of garlic for rabbits:

  • Garlic can lower the serum cholesterol level that can build up in rabbits due to high-fat diet meals.
  • This vegetable helps the skin eliminate certain toxins.
  • It relaxes the stomach of your bunny and reduces the gas within the digestive tract.
  • Cloves of garlic are also beneficial because of their anti-fungal features that can combat the free radicals in the rabbit’s body.
  • It helps the rabbit’s respiratory system function well by removing the excess mucus, causing breathing discomfort.

According to some experts, the juice of garlic can lower the serum cholesterol levels in rabbits. They also suggested that it strengthens and heals the clogged up respiratory system. Garlic also helps the bunny’s body destroy the pathogenic micro-organisms that can lead to a healthy body system.



Going back to the question “can rabbits eat garlic?” just like onions, the answer is no, they can’t. You have to be aware of it to avoid the possible risks that can take away your furry friend’s life.

Even though your pet’s medicinal properties can be beneficial, do not try to do self-medication without the vet’s advice. Because if you do so, there’s a high chance of putting the life of your pet in grave danger.

Thank you for reading and take good care of your pet rabbit! 

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