Can Rabbits Eat Kohlrabi? 4 Best Reasons Why They Must!

Do you wonder: can rabbits eat Kohlrabi? Well, the answer is in the affirmative!

Kohlrabi is fine with bunnies, given that they only have the greens and its bulb. The round part of it has an apple-like texture but not entirely the same.

Your pet can only eat a small amount of this veggie because it is high in phosphorus.

Can Rabbits Eat Kohlrabi

If your furry friend eats a lot of this veggie, it will become sick, so it is better that you give him other greens rather than too much Kohlrabi.

This article will discuss Kohlrabi and how it affects bunnies’ health.

We will elaborate on specific facts further so that you can absorb more information through this blog.

Without any more delays, let us start!

can rabbits eat kohlrabi

What Is Kohlrabi?

If you do have any idea of a Kohlrabi, we will discuss it right now.

A Kohlrabi, also known as a cabbage turnip, shares the same species with collard greens, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and savory cabbage. learn more here can rabbits eat brussels sprouts

You can identify this veggie with a round bulb of either white, purple, or pale green with long stems and leaves. You can eat this vegetable raw, or you can cook it.

My rabbit, Thumper, loves the bulbous stems as he happily munches them every time I serve him a piece.

If you think that Kohlrabi is a root vegetable like parsnips or turnips, you are incorrect.

However, you can also offer your bunny with its greens like kale stems or collard greens. Please read can rabbits eat kale.


Proper Serving Of Kohlrabi To Rabbits

You’ve already known the answer: Can rabbits eat kohlrabi?

Since you know that rabbits can eat Kohlrabi, you must also know the right amount to be served.

And because it is a nutritious veggie, you can indeed have a lot of benefits from Kohlrabi.

proper serving of kohlrabi to rabbits

  • Greens

The greens, which are the stems and leaves, are safe for bunnies to consume.

You can make it part of five to six leafy mixes only once or twice a week.

Remember that moderation is always the key to a healthy pet, so you must abide by the right amount of servings each time.

A packed cup is indeed enough for a rabbit that weighs two pounds to ingest. Do not overdo the feeding process if you want to avoid issues in the future regarding your bunny’s health.


  • The bulbous part of the vegetable

This part is the one that Thumper loves the most. I give him two small slices or a teaspoon for every two pounds of his body weight. I also make this part of the veggie his treat every time we do training or have readily available Kohlrabi at home.

There was a time when I saw him nibbling around, so stuffs in the kitchen, and he saw the Kohlrabi lying on the table.

He immediately went to have a sniff, and I could see that he wanted to have some of it in his actions. So when I got him a small piece of the bulbous part, it made him hop happily.

The proper way of feeding is similar to when you feed carrots, bell pepper, pumpkins, okra, and other non-leafy vegetables to bunnies. please read here can rabbits have a bell peppers


Health Benefits Of Kohlrabi To Rabbits

Kohlrabi is a vegetable that is closely related to the cabbage family. learn more here can rabbits eat red cabbage

Because of its health benefits and culinary uses, this veggie is widely consumed in Europe and Asia.

You have to take note of the following information to be aware of the advantages that your bun can get from Kohlrabi.

These are the benefits that rabbits can have when eating Kohlrabi:

health benefits of kohlrabi to rabbits

#1. Tastes sweet

If you compare the taste and the texture of Kohlrabi to broccoli stems and cabbage, this veggie is slightly sweeter. Maybe this benefit is why Thumper loves to nibble on this vegetable.


#2. Vitamin C

If you always read blog posts like this one, you can notice that vitamin c is genuinely essential for rabbits’ growth. Luckily, Kohlrabi is a very excellent source of this vitamin.

A cup of Kohlrabi is equivalent to 93% of the vitamin that rabbits need in their daily endeavors.


#3. It is a potent antioxidant

Free radicals are naturally present in rabbits and even us humans.

The potent antioxidant present on this veggie helps for the more excellent protection against harmful particles like free radicals and plays a useful role in healing wounds.

Furthermore, Kohlrabi contributes to collagen synthesis, good iron absorption, and a more improved immune system. Because of this, you can be ensured that your pet can grow healthy and energetic.


#4. Dietary fiber and potassium

As a pet owner, you are undoubtedly aware that rabbits need a sufficient amount of fiber in its body so that their digestive system can function well.

Thankfully, it contains the right amount of dietary fiber to aid rabbits’ gut health and blood sugar control.

More so, Kohlrabi is a good potassium source since this mineral and electrolyte is essential for maintaining the healthy heart of bunnies.

Potassium also helps in excellent fluid balancing so that your pet can decrease its chances of dehydration.


Risk In Giving Too Much Kohlrabi To Rabbits

This veggie is genuinely amazing in giving many benefits to your furry friend’s health. However, you must also know that this veggie is high in phosphorus content.

You indeed wonder why is that it is dangerous for rabbits, right?

risk in giving too much kohlrabi to rabbits

This mineral is okay to consume in small amounts, but it can cause kidney calcification in a significant aspect. If this illness becomes severe, there is a high chance that it can be fatal for your bunny.

Overeating of this vegetable can also lead to discomfort and sickness to rabbits.

If you think of giving your bun with too much Kohlrabi, you might want to tweak that thought and resort to more variety of leafy greens.

Though the stems are delicate for rabbits to ingest, the leaves are probably the best for them.



In conclusion, you surely know the answer, “can rabbits eat kohlrabi?”

And that is a yes, given that your furry friend will only consume a moderate serving once or twice a week.

Since there are many health benefits from this veggie, you can have a more peaceful mind because you are sure that your pet gains the right amount of nutrients.

The only thing that you have to watch out for is the phosphorus content of Kohlrabi. That is the main reason why the suggested serving should be obeyed.

We hope you gained a fair amount of knowledge through this blog post.

Thanks for reading!

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