Can Rabbits Eat Leeks? Why You Should Avoid These?

Can rabbits eat leeks? It’s not that they can’t, but you shouldn’t just feed them some. Avoid giving these foods to your pet rabbits. This kind of food is considered toxic for your rabbit when taken frequently.

You may be wondering why this food should be avoided. It is highly nutritional; it’s a vegetable that can fit your bunny’s diet, so why not?

Can Rabbits Eat Leeks

The first time I got Thumper, my pet rabbit, I always thought that rabbits could live off with just carrots. But that didn’t last long; I started researching some foods that they could chew upon.

Surprisingly, I found out that besides carrots, hays and other vegetables are what rabbits usually eat. Thanks to some online sources I found out and the advice of our veterinarian friends, I now know what Thumper needs.

can rabbits eat leeks

Some vegetables are useful to rabbits, while others are not. And leeks are one of the foods that they should avoid. Before we go through all of these debates or arguing, let’s find out first what the benefits of leeks are (if there are any) for your bunnies, their downfalls, and things to be cautious about.

So let’s get into it.

What Are Leeks?

Some of you may not be familiar with this kind of food. But leeks are like onions and garlic. They belong to the allium family. They may look like scallions, but they’re a lot larger. 

Also, they look like a white bulb with green leafy tops. This type of vegetable is one of the most expensive onion types in the market, but that depends on your location. 

This type of food is mostly used for the preparations of soups, white meat eateries, and casseroles. Leeks are nutritious, a good source of fiber, and have a low sodium content. This type of vegetable is an excellent source to add more vitamins and minerals to improve and boost the immune system.

what are leeks

They have a unique combination of flavonoids and nutrients that contain sulfur. Many people are unfamiliar with how to cook them but cutting them thinly is the most preferred way to serve them.

Leeks have a healthy impact on the cardiovascular function of one’s body. Despite having a lot of benefits, leeks are most likely one of the factors that could endanger a rabbit’s body.

That is because leeks, like onions and garlic, when taken in too much serving, could cause various diseases. These health problems include obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, and allergic airway inflammation. 

Can Rabbits Eat Leeks?

Well, I wouldn’t recommend feeding these to your bunny. Based on my experience with my bunny Thumper, he doesn’t like eating leeks, and I’m glad he didn’t.

Since leeks are a part of the onion family, they produce intense aromas that bunnies hate. I had given Thumper once, but he never touched it. Well, Thumper is a picky eater, so it’s not that unusual that he won’t feel the food.

We may find leeks as a healthy vegetable rich in vitamins K, A, and C. Minerals like manganese, iron, and essential antioxidants it contains, still this food is not suitable for your bunnies.

Risks To Consider

In everything you do, risks are always present. Knowing these risks may help you decide whether to accept your decision and

risks to consider

  • Overfeeding

When feeding your rabbit, always keep in mind their food intake. Too much food could cause them to overeat and be obese. They may be cute to watch to munch their food with those chubby cheeks, but obesity offers many problems your bunny might suffer from.

  • Presence of fiber

As well as eating in large amounts, the presence of fiber keeps the food going through the digestive system. These fibers are what push the food in their stomach and send the signals to their brain to drive waste out of the body.

Although leeks are not the right one for the job. They contain too much sugar and lack the necessary fibers the rabbit’s body needs.

  • Diseases and aching

Rabbits don’t eat leeks. They have the same effects as onions and garlic that are harmful to rabbits. Here are some of the disorders they might get:

Blood abnormalities

Leeks, like any other member of the ‘Allium Family,’ have this kind of compound called organosulfur, which is converted into disulfides. This compound is an oxidizing agent that damages red blood cells that results in hemolytic anemia.

This loss of red blood cells can make your rabbits weak and dizzy.


Digestion is difficult for rabbits with this kind of food. So if your bunny ate leeks, expect that it will suffer from indigestion and gas accumulation which they will not be able to expel.

  • Low nutritional value (For Rabbits)

Leeks are high in sugar, calcium, and phosphorus. But this does not satisfy the nutritional values your rabbits would likely need.

Whether they’re fresh or have been mixed with some other foods, please don’t feed them to your rabbit. In either case, leeks are still leeks; they are bad for your rabbit, so it is best to avoid feeding some to them.

Nutritional benefits of Leeks 

Do leeks offer something useful for bunnies? Leeks are not that useless for rabbits, at the least. They can provide some benefits too.

Leeks are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidant-rich foods are excellent for processing dietary supplements for rabbits. They could help reduce the chances of developing arthritis, heart diseases, and other types of cancers on your rabbit.

nutritional benefits of leeks

Antioxidants are great for our bodies, but it’s not fair to include them in your bunny’s diet.

In case of accidental leek intake, or if you may have given them leeks and developed stomach problems, try feeding them hay and water.

If they are not eating well, their digestive system may shut down. When this does happen, and they didn’t poop for the last 12 hours, see the veterinarian immediately. This means that there is something wrong with your bunny.

Feeding a small amount of leek won’t harm your bunny, but continuous consumption of it for a long duration can be poisonous. So do get help and advice from your veterinarian.

Final Thoughts

Can rabbits eat leeks? In general, the answer is No. Due to the high risk and low benefit return, leeks are best avoided for the rabbit’s diet.

Like any other foods that are members of the allium family, rabbits don’t eat them. These foods might be healthy for our body but not for your bunny.

But don’t panic if you have fed leeks to your bunny; just make sure this doesn’t make a habit.

We all want what’s best for our pets; well, what kind of pet lover doesn’t?

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