Can Rabbits Eat Lemons? 4 Scary Health Risks To Know

Can rabbits eat lemons? Yes. But, take note, there’s a “but”. You should not give this citrus food to them.

As a rabbit owner, you are indeed curious about the types of food that can be eaten by your pet.

Can rabbits eat lemons

Although lemons are not poisonous, you should not provide these fruits to your rabbits; there are contents in lemons that are dangerous for their health.

Perhaps, these contents are the main reason why these animals cannot handle citrus foods very well.

And another thing:

They might not like the taste of the lemon because of its sour taste.

Come to imagine an awful face after tasting one. How much more your cute little pet?

Why do you think lemons are not recommended?

It’s due to the high citric acid content that may be harmful when taken in large amounts.

There are more things you have to consider:

Since you own a rabbit, you need to secure that it has a clean cage, and ensure that it has enough exercise.

Not to mention, you need to serve your pet a healthy diet meal plan for robust growth.

I love my pet, Thumper; so if you do too (I mean if you love your rabbits), you should read this.

In this article, we will discuss everything that you need to know about rabbits and lemons.

Let us now start!


What Are Lemons?

Lemons are one of the famous fruits you can find in the market, being a good source of vitamin C.

Obviously, they grow on lemon trees and taste very sour. Lemons are zesty and have a bitter peel.

This yellow fruit is so juicy and has a citric center. It’s also great in salads and if made into lemonade.

What’s more amazing about this fruit?

The juice, peel, and the fruit can be used as a medicine. Lemon is the type of citrus fruit that can treat scurvy because of its high vitamin C content.

Furthermore, it contains a considerable amount of antioxidants that make this fruit a beneficial one.

Lemons can support good heart health, control weight, and excellent digestion process.

The unwanted kidney stones can be avoided because the citric acid present on this fruit helps increase the urine volume. However, this fruit is only evident to be beneficial in humans.

Rabbits cannot eat lemons; all their parts might be toxic for them.

Even though a small amount of lemon juice cannot hurt them, you still have to be sure that you are not risking your pet’s health.


Are Lemons Toxic To Rabbits?

You’ve already known the answer to this question: can rabbits eat lemons? Well, lemons are not entirely toxic to rabbits, but these can cause them to be weak. Much more, lemons can cause upset stomach, and much worse, they may have diarrhea.

Are Lemons Toxic To Rabbits

I just remember the time when Thumper experienced this; I’m so worried so I brought him to his vet.

And here are more things I learned:

Just a small amount of the zest or the juice is not poisonous. But if consumed in large and excessive amounts, your pet will most likely suffer from health issues.

As a rabbit owner, you must be aware of the food your pet takes. Your pet’s health should be your number one priority to ensure that it will grow into a robust and energetic one.

You need to research the fruit or the vegetable that you are going to serve them.


Are Other Citrus Fruits Dangerous To Rabbits?

You may be wondering about this question the entire time.

If we talk about fruits like oranges, for instance, you really don’t have to worry; it is definitely okay for them to eat it.

In short, there are types of citrus fruits that are okay for your pets to consume. However, most of these varieties taste sour that rabbits do want to eat.

Are Other Citrus Fruits Dangerous To Rabbits

Lemons, which are very high in citric acid, are not advisable for rabbits.

Not only that, this fruit tastes terrible for your pet; it has a lot of health risks that can cause significant discomfort. Thus, rabbits can’t enjoy eating lemons.

What other fruit can you think of aside from lemon?

Another fruit that you have to take note of is the grapefruit. It is also not advisable to serve rabbits because it is high in citric acid just like lemons. learn more here can rabbit eat grapefruit

You should remember this:

The key to a healthy requires much research; you should not risk your pet bu not giving it the right food.


Risks Of Giving Lemons To Rabbits

Yes, lemons have various health benefits to us, human beings. It’s not the case for rabbits though. Here are just a few risks when you feed lemons to rabbits:

Risks Of Giving Lemons To Rabbits


  • Citric acid

Your rabbit can consume a small amount of citric acid, but it may result in health issues when taken in large amounts.

Too much of it can be harmful to your pet’s digestive system and may cause them to have stomach pains.

Lemons are high in citric acid, something that you should always be aware of citrus fruits.

Some of these kinds of fruits are okay for them to eat, but there are also varieties that you cannot just feed directly without thorough research.


  • Upset stomach

Though it is a fact that rabbits do not seek for lemons, it is a good idea not to offer them one.

It is because eating in excessive amounts can lead them to have an upset stomach. That happening will surely make your rabbit uncomfortable and will make them less energetic.

Risks Of Giving Lemons To Rabbits

This fruit is tart and sour, so your pets do not find it delicious. An upset stomach may cause them to be weak, which will significantly affect your bunny’s overall health.


  • Choking hazard

The peel and the seeds of the lemon may be a choking hazard for your rabbit.

If they swallow a considerable size of the peel, it may block their internals and make their digestive system faulty.

And since we all know that lemons are not to be fed in your rabbit, how much more are the peels and seeds, right?

If you are an owner, keep in mind that you need to be careful.

Even on other fruits that have fruit seeds, you still have to take them away to decrease choking chances.


  • Vomiting and nausea

Anything excessive is not right, especially with lemons to rabbits. If they consumed many juice and zest, it would make them vomit and cause nausea.

So, if you notice that they have strange behavior, be sure to go to the vet immediately.

If you do not know first aid for your pets, do not try experimenting because who knows? What if you make the situation worse?

That is why take them to the veterinarian immediately to avoid further issues and so that they can be treated well.



Can rabbits eat lemons? Remember never to feed your rabbit with lemon. As a whole, it is toxic to your pet and may cause significant harm.

If you accidentally provided your pets with lemon and noticed side effects, do not waste time and contact the vet immediately.

It is best that you do research on their every meal to avoid danger in the future.

A small amount of lemon juice won’t surely harm your rabbit, but you need to be aware that lemons are not for your pet.

It is not well-recommended so you need to be mindful of the meal that you are serving them.

Good luck, and may your pet grow as healthy as they can be!

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