Can Rabbits Eat Paper? 3 Simple Ways To Stop Them

Can rabbits eat paper? Oh no! Rabbits can’t eat paper, but they will need it.

Just come to think of this:

Can Rabbits Eat Paper

Keeping your rabbit’s life interesting is a hard thing to do. You need to provide toys and items for chewing, digging, rolling, and throwing.

Can rabbits eat paper

Giving papers might be a good idea for them to play.Please read here can rabbit play dead

A boring life for a rabbit means a destructive life. I can say that this is true especially when Thumper was alone in his cage.

So, keeping your pets busy is a must. Actually, I’m quite saddened looking at Thumper that’s why i made a thorough search.

Here’s what I found out:

One of the ways to break their boredom is to provide toys for chewing. One example is paper.

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Quick Facts About Rabbits

  • Sometimes bunnies and rabbits are confusing, but they are the same animal
  • When rabbits are happy, they do a binky where they jump, twist, and spin around
  • The classification of rabbits are herbivores, and they only eat grasses as well as hay
  • They can turn their head within 180 degrees
  • Rabbits are social animals and should not get lonely as they can get depressed
  • You don’t want to let rabbits and guinea pigs together because they are not good pals
  • The baby of rabbits is called a kitten, and some may grow as big as a toddler


Is It Okay To Provide Papers To Rabbits?

The question is:

Can rabbits eat paper? Well, a tiny amount of paper will not harm your rabbits as they will shred it into smaller portions and digest it easily.

However, an excessive amount of papers can provide serious harm to your rabbits.

Is It Okay To Provide Papers To Rabbits

Below are some of the risks of eating papers:


  • Intestinal blockage

The digestive tract of rabbits is unable to break down the paper.

Yes, I’ve mentioned earlier that paper can be digested easily. The bad news is that it can’t be broken down into pieces.

Thus, this can only serve for entertaining your rabbits and not for food.

There is no point in providing paper as food to your rabbits. Eating paper will not provide nutrients for your rabbits.


  • Constipation

Consuming larger portions and amounts of paper can lead to constipation.

How would you know if your rabbits are suffering from constipation?

There are a lot of symptoms you should consider watching out for.

These include refusal to eat, swelling of the stomach, and abdominal pain. If these signs are present, consult a veterinarian immediately.


How To Stop Rabbits From Eating Papers

The easiest way to avoid your rabbit from consuming paper is to keep it away.

Below are the tips you can use to prevent your rabbits from eating this:


How To Stop Rabbits From Eating Papers

#1. Alternative materials for hutches

Although papers are a common material used in hutches, you can still choose many alternative materials.

The alternatives include straw, hay, wood pellets, and sawdust.

When using these alternatives, you should provide plenty of ventilation to avoid difficulties in breathing.


#2. Provide enough foods

Rabbits tend to eat papers when they are hungry.

In fact, they tend to chew things they see. That’s what Thumper does.

Thus, you must make sure that you provide them enough food such as hay.

Your rabbits will not receive nutrients from eating papers, give them foods that are rich in fiber.


#3. Introduce another rabbit

Bored rabbits are most likely to play with papers and eat them afterward.

Thus, providing your rabbit with entertainment and social life will more likely prevent them from being bored.

Introduce another rabbit to spend time with them. Well, I’m planning to surprise Thumper his new friend, very soon.

Anyway, you can also give them several toys for them to chew and nibble.


Why Do Rabbits Eat Paper?

One of the rabbit’s natural behavior is to chew anything; they’re just like guinea pigs.

The truth is, your pet is just playing with the paper by shredding it rather than eating.

Your rabbits can eat the paper if they want, and it’s also okay if not.

Why Do Rabbits Eat Paper

Bear in mind:

If your bunny continuously chews paper, it may be a sign that they are hungry, giving them regularly enough foods to eat.

It can also determine that their bodies lack fiber; thus, supplying them with hay is a great choice.

If you fail to do so, that’s the time they will look for alternatives such as paper and cardboards.

Since papers will not fulfill the nutrients their body needs, it is essential to provide them with a good diet plan.  Learn more here on Why do rabbit eat paper


Can rabbits eat papers with ink?

Although rabbits eat papers, you should be careful with ink because some are harmful to their health.

In modern-day, inks now are a lot safer than the old ones, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Look out for inks in pamphlets and leaflets because these are the most dangerous and avoid giving it as much as possible.

The inks used are most likely to be cheap and is potentially toxic.

Also, inks can stain the fur of your pets so they will not stay as white forever.


Can rabbits eat paper bags?

Rabbits enjoy playing with paper bags. These can be placed inside their cage or utilized as toys to entertain them.

Your rabbits can do almost anything within the paper bag.

They can chew, shred, and hide all they want.

However, paper bags are difficult to digest, and eating this in excessive amounts can lead to stomach problems.

Consider putting hay or straw inside the paper bag.

Doing this will allow your rabbits to indulge themselves in everything the bag has to offer.

Keep the paper bags away from them once everything goes out of hand.


Can rabbits eat toilet paper?

Among the different varieties of papers, toilet papers are least to put harm.

If they eat toilet paper, it is not the end of the world for them!

The tube of toilet paper can serve as a toy too.

Your rabbits will surely enjoy chewing and pushing it everywhere.

You can also put hay, straw, and other treats inside the toilet roll.


Can bunnies eat paper towels?

An absorbent kitchen towel is hard to digest for rabbits.

Thus, it is not advisable to provide this to your rabbits.

However, the cardboard may serve as a toy for your rabbits.

Ensure no paper towels are left when you are offering the cardboard to your little furry friend.


Which is safer? Cardboards or papers?

It is much safer to provide paper than cardboards to your rabbits.

Cardboards are thick and sturdy. Thus, it is difficult for them to eat this.

They will spend their time and energy on just eating and destroying it. That alone is tiring for the rabbits.

Thus, they will not eat the cardboard. Although this may be a good thing to consider, it is still not advisable to provide cardboards to your rabbits.

Furthermore, although the paper is much safer than cardboard, it should only serve as entertainment and not food.


Final Words

Once in your student life, you have used the excuse: My pet ate my homework, a couple of times when you tend to forget about actually doing your homework the night before.

But did you ever ask yourself:

Can rabbits eat paper? Is eating this safe? In moderation, the answer is yes.

Hopefully, this guide added to your knowledge that paper should only be provided for your pets to chew or as a snack.

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