Can Rabbits Eat Prunes? 4 Ways On How To Serve Prunes!

Can rabbits eat prunes? They can, but some would not recommend serving prunes to bunnies.

As we all know, rabbits are herbivores, so they should be fed with foods that are high in fiber and, at the same time, low in sugar.

Can Rabbits Eat Prunes

You should be feeding your bunny with hay, rabbits pellets, and treats such as fruits and vegetables.

But a treat should only be served in small amounts. And more importantly, you should make water available to them at all times. As in my case, I make sure that Thumper has a stock of water, so he won’t get thirsty, ever!

Many people would serve these dried fruits to rabbits but only in moderation.

Plums, the fresh prunes are safe for rabbits, that’s without a doubt!

They assume prunes can also be safe for rabbits. It is said that prunes have many health benefits. But wait, there’s a condition to that.

As long as you will not serve too much of these, your pet will surely get the utmost result. Otherwise, it can negate those benefits. Besides, prunes are nothing but dried plums. They are not considered poisonous or toxic.

But since dried fruits contain a higher amount of sugar (maybe about three times as compared to the fresh ones), you have to give them only in small amounts.

And of course, you must give these to them just rarely. Apart from that, you have to ensure that the prunes have no pits.

To get to know more about prunes, keep on reading the rest of this post.

can rabbits eat prunes

What Are Prunes?

Before anything else, let us first get to know what prunes are. I know most of you are not aware that prunes are dried plums.

They come from various European plum trees that are intended to be dried instead of consuming it as fresh fruit.

In Europe, people once call plums fresh prunes. But in the United States, people use the term “prune” to refer to the dried version of plums.

Today, it is popular as the Improved French plum. In making one pound of prunes, it would take at least three pounds of fresh plums.

Anyhow, this is a very healthy dried fruit that is usually eaten as a whole snack. But it can also be mixed with nuts. This is incorporated into savory and sweet foods.


Where To Buy Prunes?

Almost all supermarkets and grocery stores have prunes available. You can find it in the section of dried fruits along with dates and figs. plesea read here can rabbits eat grapefruits

Commonly, this is situated in the snack on the baking aisle, depending on the particular store.

where to buy prunes

Prunes are usually sold in canisters or plastic packaging, typically ranging between 9 and 18 ounces. Plus, these dried fruit treats are not expensive.

They are even made available in bulk; you can get by the pound if you want. Although bulk offers are usually available online or in bulk food stores only.

Before buying, check whether the prunes are shiny and plump. Also, make sure that they are soft, and of course, there shouldn’t be any signs of mold.


How To Store Prunes?

Whenever you store prunes, you should be using airtight containers. You might as well put it in a plastic bag that can be resealed to keep the dried fruit moist and plump.

Then, store this in a cool, dry place. It can reach for up to two months this way.  And if you keep it in the refrigerator, it can last for up to four months.

Some people even keep it frozen; however, this can compromise its texture.


Nutrition And Benefits Of Prunes

Prunes are known to be good for treating constipation.

Other than that, prunes also have other benefits. For instance, they are also high in potassium, responsible for breaking down carbs, regulating fluids, and building muscle in the body.

Prunes are also high in vitamin K that is supporting the bones. They are also an excellent source of protein and fiber. Much more, they contain a minimal amount of sodium and fact as well as zero cholesterol.

So, can rabbits eat prunes?


Are Plums Safe For Rabbits?

Yes, plums are safe for rabbits.

But then, you should remember this:

Give them plums in small portions; this fruit contains a massive amount of sugar.

If you look up at the list of safe fruits for rabbits, plums are always included.

Also, take note that all fruits should be given to rabbits in moderate amounts only.

Keep in mind that rabbits’ digestive system is different from humans; they can have gastrointestinal issues if they will intake too much amount of sugar.

Aside from that, plums also contain a great amount of water, so excessive serving can lead to bloating. This has the same effect when you overfeed tomatoes.


Are Plum Twigs, Leaves, And Skin Safe For Rabbits?

Rabbits can eat plums along with their skin. But you should not give the wood, twigs, or leaves of plum to your bunnies as these can be poisonous to them.

Much more, the leaves and wood of plum trees have pits, so you should avoid giving these to them. Other than plum, cherry and apricot are also to be avoided. plesae read here can rabbits eat apricots

Instead, you may offer them wood, leaves, and twigs from fruits with multiple seeds like apples, grapes, pears, and so on. learn more here can rabbits eat grapes leave


How To Serve Plums Or Prunes To Bunnies?

how to serve plums or prunes to bunnies

So, serving plums or prunes only involves some basic steps.

Here are the following:


Step #1. Introduce the food slowly

Like how you should start giving rabbits a small number of fresh foods and treats, prunes should also be introduced slowly.

You should also monitor how their digestive system reacts to the said food.


Step #2. Wash the plums

If you are giving them plums, make sure to wash them under running water to ensure that you will get rid of all the insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides applied therein,


Step #3. Make sure of your rabbit’s age

You also have to avoid giving fruits and vegetables to bunnies that are not beyond three months old. And more importantly, you should not replace this treat with their regular diet.


Step #4. Make plums as a treat

Furthermore, you can also use plum treats when you are training your rabbits.

Just for example:

Whenever you are training your pet to use littering boxes, you can give it a nice treat. You might as well give this treat while playing with your pet.

Perhaps, this is a great factor for your bunnies to grow a bond with you.

In my case, I do not give Thumper prunes. I prefer giving him plums as a treat when I am training him.

make plums as a treat


Can rabbits eat prunes? As you have read, rabbits can eat prunes. But just like plums, you should only serve this moderately.

Although your pet rabbit will enjoy this kind of treat, you should not spoil it with large amounts of dried fruit. That is because it contains a high amount of sugar.

If the fresh fruit is to be given occasionally given its sugar content, what more to treats like this that contains about three times more sugar.

As such, you just have to give very little amounts of prunes to rabbits every once in a while to avoid any possible side effects.

Yes, prunes or the fresh plums itself can be the most delicious treat that your rabbit can have. But take note, moderation is always the key for healthy rabbits.

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