Can Rabbits Have Tangerines? 4 Reasons Why They Should!

I know you want to understand the answer to the question: can rabbits have tangerines? The simple answer is yes; they can. 

Wait, you may be thinking that tangerines are just like typical oranges or clementines.

Can Rabbits Have Tangerines

But they’re not; each of these fruits has its own features that your pet will surely love. 

Well, my pet rabbit, Thumper, does. I used to give him these fruits. He enjoys a lot every time he sees the color orange. And that’s because he loves oranges, clementines, and tangerines.  please read here can rabbits eat clementines

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the health benefits of tangerines for your furry friend. 

Before that, you should know the difference between tangerines vs. oranges and clementines. 


Difference Between Tangerines, Oranges, And Clementines

All of these fruits look orange, of course. 

Let’s start with orange!

It comes with a thick skin and a round shape; it tastes like a tart. 

Clementines, on the other hand, is small yet so sweet. It comes with red-orange skin (so shiny and smooth). It’s very sweet, and it’s straightforward to peel. 

can rabbits have tangerines

Tangerines come with tighter skin; thus, it’s more complicated to peel. Its skin looks like bright orange, and it’s not that sweet, compared to clementines. 

Now that you know that tangerines are different from oranges and clementines, let’s now tackle this fruit’s health benefits to your furry pet. please read here can guinea pig eat manderine orange.


Why Feed Rabbits Tangerines?

Just like oranges and clementines, tangerines are also an excellent treat for your pet. Well, they nearly have identical nutrition. Let’s find out what these are:


#1. Loaded with vitamin C

Yes, tangerines are just small. But, they are loaded with vitamin C; it’s crucial to support your pet’s immune system. 

Not just that, but this vitamin comes with various uses- strengthening bones, joints, and skin, producing collagen and metabolism.  


#2. Packed with vitamin A

Tangerines are made with carotenoid compounds, the yellow and orange pigments found in plants. These compounds serve as vitamin A precursors. 

Not familiar?

It means that these compounds are converted into vitamin A. 

Why Feed Rabbits Tangerines

Much more, they act as antioxidants, protecting cells against damage. 

Take note that rabbits are prone to cell damage, so you should make sure that your pet is fed with food rich in antioxidants. 


#3. Reduces inflammation

So, this fruit also contains flavonoids. Since it’s a citrus fruit, you’re sure that your pet is away from illnesses.  please read here can rabbits eat grapefruits

Flavonoids can minimize inflammation, maximize bone density, promote blood flow, and minimize asthma risk. 


#4. Aids digestion

Just like other fruits, tangerines have around 65 to 70 percent fiber. 

It only indicates that this fruit is ideal for your pet’s digestive tract. 

Not only that, but it’s also helpful in reducing cholesterol levels. 


Can Rabbits Eat Tangerines?

Can rabbits have tangerines? Given the many nutritional benefits of tangerines, you would think that rabbits can have tangerines. 

You’re right, though!

Rabbits will surely love this fruit. 

Tangerines are undoubtedly safe for your pet as they’re packed with vital minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. 

Can Rabbits Eat Tangerines

But wait, again. 

You should understand that even if this fruit is good for your pet, it doesn’t mean that it can’t give your pet harm. 

Remember not to overdo things; too much is not good, especially for your rabbit’s health. 


How Many Tangerines Can I Feed My Rabbit?

Let me tell you a story:

Every time I give Thumper food, he would ask for more (like non-stop!). 

Again, too much should be avoided. This citrus fruit contains a lot of sugar, which can be detrimental to your pet. 

So, I’ll teach you how and remember the following points:

Tangerines are NOT ALLOWED to be fed to baby rabbits. On the other hand, a piece or two of tangerines may already be enough. 

Don’t let your pet eat a lot of sugar. Otherwise, it will be prone to upset tummy and diarrhea.  

Anyway, if you’re planning to feed your pet tangerines, you can give around half a serve of the meal (provided that it’s already used to eating fruits).

Remember that even if your pet seemed too cute, begging for more, don’t be lured. 

Instead, observe your pet’s reaction for 24 hours. If it’s normal, then you can give the complete serving of tangerines next time. 

You will know that it’s not normal if your pet suffers from diarrhea, for instance. 


How Often Should I Give Rabbits Tangerines?

Your pet may think that it’s a good thing if you’re giving it tangerines every day. Well, human beings can eat this fruit, any time. 

But remember, it’s not the same for your furry friend. You shall not give it frequently; once or twice a week will do. 

Why so?

Because rabbits require variety, also, they do not need a lot of sugar. 

Whenever you feed your pet this fruit, make sure you do not give it another sweet treat.

In case you want to give your pet varieties, make sure that it’s in accordance with the required total amount of sweets a day. 


The Right Diet For Rabbits

I tell you, a rabbit’s diet is not exciting; well, that’s the case for humans. Who wants to eat a lot of greens, anyway? 

Wild rabbits eat greens, mostly grass and some low-growing crops. 

Usually, tangerines are not on their menu. Unless, of course, the rabbit is living in a tangerine-growing area. 

Aside from giving this fruit as a treat, you can always plan your pet’s diet beforehand. 

As for my Thumper, I give him access to Timothy hay; this is required for him to nibble. 

The Right Diet For Rabbits

If fresh hay is not available, then you can opt for a complete rabbit food (that is nutritious, OKAY?)

I suggest you get pro-health rabbit food. Surely, your pet will love this food; my Thumper does!

Anyway, here’s what I mix to Thumper’s food:

Pepitas, pumpkin seeds (unsalted), and sunflower seeds; a tablespoon will do.  please read here can rabbits eat pumpkin

And of course, you should make sure that your pet has access to clean water all the time. 



Tangerines may look the same as oranges and clementines, but they’re not the same. You’ve already known the difference between the three. 

Anyway, the main question is:

Can rabbits have tangerines? Of course, rabbits can eat tangerines. 

They will surely love this fruit, given its sweet taste. And it’s undoubtedly nutritious; you just have to make sure that you feed your pet the right amount. 

Never ever feed them in excess. Otherwise, it will be detrimental to your pet. Don’t wait for that time. 

Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot from this article. Have a good day!

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