Do Rabbits Eat Scallions? 4 Best Reasons Why Not!

I guess you’re curious about: do rabbits eat scallions? This question is indeed a common wonder for all of us.

It is because, in every household, there is undoubtedly a scallion present. If you don’t know yet, scallions are actually green onions.

Do Rabbits Eat Scallions

But, you have to be aware of this vegetable because it is toxic for rabbits to consume. Therefore, the answer is no, rabbits do not eat green scallions.

Scallions, garlic, and other kinds of herbs are dangerous to the health of your pet. These vegetables are typically avoided by rabbit owners because it is difficult for them to digest.

If you push your gut for feeding scallions to rabbits, then you are letting them have the possibility of indigestion and stomach pain.

That’s why, I make sure that before I should give my pet, Thumper, a certain kind of food, it’s really good for him.

In this article, we are going to discuss the effects of scallions on your rabbit’s health.

We will scrutinize the risks so that you can have some information about the dangers that scallions contain for bunnies.

So without any delays, let us now start!

What Are Scallions?

Before we should talk about scallions, let’s first understand onions. Well, scallions are considered young onions, and they’re commonly known as spring onions or green onions.

There are tons of types of onions that vary in size, shape, flavor, and color. The most common kinds are red, yellow, and white onions. Depending on the season, onions may taste sweet and juicy and can be sharp and intense.

We all know that chopping scallions can cause your eyes to tear up.

do rabbits eat scallions

It is because onions produce a chemical irritant that is known as syn-propanediol-S-oxide that stimulates our medium for vision to release tears.

Now, you already have an answer to why onions make you cry, and it is fantastic, right?

But, the main concern here is:

Do rabbits eat scallions?

Though scallions are beneficial for humans, you need to know that it is not suitable to be part of your pet’s diet meal.

There are side effects and potential risks that can happen to your rabbits if ever they consume any.

With that thought, you need to erase the interest in adding a tiny bit of this veggie to the bunny’s food.

All kinds of scallions are dangerous to your furry friend. The green and red scallions are not different from the white variety.

The nutrients may vary from one type to another, but it is still not a secret that scallions are toxic.

Remember that, in any circumstances, do not feed rabbits with this vegetable for your pet to be safe.

Risks Of Feeding Scallion To Rabbits

You now know that scallions are not suitable for your rabbits to eat because this veggie is harmful to their body system.

In this part, we will specifically expound on the risks to have a clearer vision of the dangers that may happen if you let your rabbits have scallions.

risks of feeding scallion to rabbits

#1. Can cause hemolytic anemia

If your furry friend ingests a scallion, there is a possible risk for it to have hemolytic anemia. This illness is known as a blood abnormality that leads to the loss of red blood cells.

If this happens for a long time, it will make your pet to be anemic and dizzy.

In severe cases, this illness can get worse and can even lead to death. That is why you should not be absent-minded when preparing a diet meal for them.

You have to do thorough research so that you can have knowledge about the content of a certain fruit or vegetable.

#2. Has an immunosuppressive effect

Another risk also is that scallions can have an immunosuppressive effect on your bunnies.

It can cause an anaphylactic reaction that weakens the immune system of your beloved pet making them less pale and less energetic. It is undoubtedly not a good idea that you feed rabbits with scallions.

You should not serve this vegetable to bunnies to avoid health-related severe problems in the future.

#3. Contains organosulfur

Scallions also contain a compound that is known to be as organosulfur. It triggers elicit medical conditions in your pet and can cause them to be poisoned when absorbed in their digestive system.

More so, organosulfur is responsible for inflammations.

This risk should be part of your learning because the health of your pet must be prioritized. Even a little bit of this vegetable is not suitable for them, so make sure to remove any scallions in their meal.

#4. Has thiosulfate that is toxic to rabbits

If your bunnies happen to consume this vegetable, the red blood cells that are circulating in the body of your pet may be damaged.

Scallion can also damage the overall health of rabbits and make them have bad breath.

In the long run, some severe complications can occur that can lead to death.

What Part Of The Green Scallions Is Toxic To Rabbits?

There is no specific part of this vegetable that carries the toxin because the whole scallion is dangerous to your rabbit’s health!

When I say complete, it means that the juice, flesh, leaves, and even powdered ones are dangerous for their health. It just means that this veggie can provide harm to your furry friend even though you cook, fry, or make it as a powdered scallion.

what part of the green scallions is toxic to rabbits

The allium family, which scallions came from, are toxic to rabbits, including garlic, shallots, leeks, and chives.

As a pet owner, you need to research the fruit or vegetable that you will serve your rabbit to avoid possible harm in the future.

Ensure that the food won’t negatively affect their bodies to eliminate the stress and worries when your pet becomes sick.

Symptoms Of Scallion Toxicity To Rabbits

In this part of the article, you will be guided if you think your furry pet has consumed scallion. The following are the symptoms that you need to be aware of:

  • Has excessive salivation
  • Sudden collapse
  • There are irritations in the mouth
  • Fainting
  • Pale gums
  • Loss of appetite
  • Their body becomes weak
  • Lethargy

If you are sure that your rabbit is experiencing these symptoms, do not waste time, and immediately take it to the nearest local veterinarian.

The vet will then diagnose your pet based on the blood test and the symptoms. This check-up will inform you if the scallion has indeed poisoned your pet.

Can Rabbits Eat Onions?

can rabbits eat onions

No, just like rabbits can not eat green onions/spring onions they can not have ripened onions too. Onions are poisonous to rabbits and should not be given to bunnies at any cost. 

They are not just unpleasant in taste but also cause serious blood order hemolytic anemia that breaks down the red blood cells and may lead to death in severe cases. 


If we go back to the question, “do rabbits eat scallions?” the answer is no, they do not eat this vegetable.

Any amount from the tiniest up to the largest is dangerous for their health. Each part and layer of this veggie contains a significant amount of toxins that can cause damage to the red blood cells.

We recommend that you should never mix even a tiny bit of scallions so that you won’t put the health of your pet in grave danger.

Good luck, and may you always keep in mind that scallions are not for rabbits.

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