Do Rabbits Eat Tulips? 3 Ways To Protect Your Garden

Do rabbits eat tulips? Why not! Rabbits can eat tulips; they will love having these flowers.

It’s always a good idea to mix these flowers with other vegetables or fruits to make your pet’s meal healthier.

Do Rabbits Eat Tulips

Well, I do that every time I serve Thumper his meal.

Do rabbits eat tulips

Are you familiar with tulips? If not, try looking for flowers around you. I’m sure, you will find tulips.

Tulips are biennial and flowery plants. They usually flower every spring season, having hues of red, yellow, pink, or white flowers.

Indeed, tulips are one of the most beautiful flowers you can ever discover.

Many people are already mesmerized by their beauty, and I doubt that you are not one of those people.

Tulips are indeed attractive to the eyes, and their vivid colors also add more beauty to them.

Because of their jaw-dropping visuals, they can be used as an ornament or decorations at your home.

Aside from that, they can also be fed to your pet, including rabbits.

Can Rabbits Have Tulips?

Do rabbits eat tulips?

To make it clear, yes. Rabbits can eat tulips.

Well, it is not that weird for us anymore that tulips are edible, especially to rabbits.

Can Rabbits Have Tulips


There are even some dishes that we humans eat, decorated with exotic flowers and herbs.

We even eat their flowers and greens. And strangely, we find these tasty. Right?

As you know, tulips are one of the plants that can be considered food for rabbits.

They are one of the treats you can give them, especially their fresh flowers and leaves. They will surely enjoy eating these.

If you are thinking of feeding your rabbit with these beautiful flowers, better mix them with some veggies or fruits.

Put in mind that rabbits should eat at least five or six varieties of vegetables every day.

It should take the majority in their usual diet routine.

And even though your rabbit would love eating those flowers, always remember that a rabbit’s food intake must have enough amount of hays and, of course, raw foods that can benefit their health and well-being.

In contrast, there will always be a disadvantage for everything.

Since rabbits do eat tulips, there would be a higher chance that they would nibble and gnaw on your plants if ever you have tulips.

How To Prevent Rabbits From Eating Your Tulips In Your Garden?

There are several ways on how to prevent your rabbit from eating your tulips in the garden.

Don’t let them enter your garden, otherwise, these attractive and colorful flowers would never grow.

The same is true if there are lots of cockroaches and rodents in there.

How To Prevent Rabbits From Eating Your Tulips In Your Garden

Hence, to make sure that you will successfully prevent your rabbit from eating tulips, better try to apply the following tips:

Step #1. Create a wire fence

You should make use of a chicken wire mesh measuring at least one inch in size, 3 feet tall, and it goes deep into the ground if you apply pressure on it.

It would indeed protect your tulips from being eaten by your rabbit. You can also use other animals as a scare for your rabbit; dogs may suffice.

Using rabbit resistive alternative plants can also help. Crocuses, blueberry, and grape hyacinths can aid keep away rabbits from your garden.

Step #2. Repellents

Repellents are considered an effective way to protect your lovely tulips from rabbits.

You can either use their predators’ urine or hair because they would stay away from that area as soon as possible.

If you don’t want to do the natural method, then you can always buy from stores.

A cayenne pepper’s odor and unique flavor can also be another repellent form that can keep rabbits away from your garden.

Thus, it will prevent them from eating your tulips. To make it more effective, be sure to soak it in water before placing it around the corner of your garden.

Try having plants that can stop your rabbit from going near your tulips.

You can either try having ornamental onions, daffodils, and crown imperials as they will repel your rabbit away from the garden.

These kinds of plants act as a repellent. You can make use of some rabbit repellents, either artificial or commercialized, and are found in grocery stores.

Step #3. Artificial barriers

If you’re looking for an easier way to keep your rabbits away from your tulips, then this method is definitely for you.

If you are also raising other pets, it would be best to use a safer method that won’t harm them in any way. You can try using barriers and stuffs like that as well.

You can use any wood as a blockage in your garden. Just make sure that it won’t harm your pet.

Avoid using barbed wires, and most of all, do not use nails because they might protrude at some point and cut your rabbit.

The Truth About Tulips: Are They Dangerous For Rabbits?

As we said earlier, rabbits can eat tulips.

However, there are findings that tulips, mainly their bulbs, can lead to sudden vomiting, severe diarrhea, too much salivation or drooling, and even the abrupt loss of appetite.

The Truth About Tulips: Are They Dangerous For Rabbits

Though there are only a few rabbit poisoning cases due to tulips, it is very alarming for rabbit owners like you.

But as they say, prevention is better than cure.

You can give your rabbits tulips as long as they are in moderate amounts, and it is suggested that you avoid the bulb part. It may kill them and be a cause of the sudden death of rabbits.

Better look for other sources of food than tulips.

What To Do In Case Your Rabbit Gets Poisoned?

A lot of cases regarding poisoning can be stopped if they are immediately given medical attention.

Every kind of treatment process can vary based on how worse the amount of poison has affected your rabbit.

But, of course, it would still be more effective and safer to consult a veterinarian before doing the following:

  • Reactive charcoal can reduce the poison in your rabbit’s stomach. There is a need for artificial respiration if it affects your rabbit’s breathing or to transport blood to your rabbit if the situation worsens.
  • It would help if you regulated your rabbit’s body temperature all the time.
  • To stop vomiting and severe diarrhea, you should let your rabbits drink more water. 
  • Proper management is needed when your rabbit starts having gastric ulcer irrigation to immediately eliminate the amount of poison in your rabbit’s body.
  • Feed your rabbit with foods rich in Vitamin K, for it can help release some toxicity out of its stomach.


Indeed, tulips are useful in so many ways.

For humans, we can use them as ornaments or decorations for our homes. And basically, animals like rabbits love eating them.

Yes, tulips are edible. So, do rabbits eat tulips? Rabbits do eat them, which is one reason why most rabbit owners like you are stressed out.

Why so?

Given that rabbits can eat tulips, it is very stressful for many people to keep their rabbits away from their garden.

Hopefully, this article is a great help for you. Have a great day!

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