Do Rabbits Thump When They Are Happy? Here’s The Signs!

Do rabbits thump when they are happy? Well, it’s usually otherwise. Thumping is an indication that they are depressed or unhappy.

Don’t easily get worried, though. It’s just a natural reaction of an animal whenever enemies threaten it. That’s what my pet, Thumper, does every time he’s afraid. I can tell because he thumps whenever he saw the dog of our neighbor.

There are more things that you should know about the behavior of rabbits. In this article, you will know when your pet rabbit is happy. Aside from that, you’ll understand why they thump and other body languages.

Without further ado, let’s start!


Signs When Rabbits Are Happy

The question is: Do rabbits thump when they are happy?

There are many signs when your pet is happy, and here are just a few of these:



Whenever something is exciting, your rabbit will most likely dance. And I can attest to that because that’s what Thumper does.

He would try to run in circles; sometimes, he would sprint, hop, or catch his tail. Your pet is undoubtedly happy to see you, especially when he runs around your feet. Please read here how to catch rabbit


Binkies or hops

Whenever your pet jumps high, he does binky. If you happen to see this behavior, you are confident that your rabbit is extremely happy. please read here why do rabbit binky

Oh! Let me tell you how Rabbits hops and jumps so high whenever I give him freedom, such as out from his cage or whenever I allow him to wander around the garden. please read here why do rabbit hop


Grooming and licking

If your rabbit loves to groom and lick, he is surely happy. My pet tends to groom and lick whenever we’re watching television, or he wants us to pet him.



Yes, this kind of sound is weird. But, do you know that it’s just normal for them to make a chinning sound? Learn here how to mute Rabbit chat sound

Here’s why!

Their chins have glands that they alone can smell.

If you see your pet rubbing its chin either on you or some other things, it means that it is familiarizing its territory. Well, it’s their way of marking their possessions.



Noises can sometimes be irritating. But if your pet noises, it’s an indication for you and your rabbit to bond.

Well, in my case, I tend to rub my nose with Thumper’s nose. And he loves it! He feels loved; I think the same way too.

After doing so, Thumper would fall asleep in just a matter of minutes. I guess it’s their way of getting comfort from us.



I love seeing rabbits purr. They look very cute when they do that.

You will know when they pur whenever they grind their teeth.

I tell you- there are many reasons why rabbits pur.

In Thumper’s case, he would pur when I hug him, pet him, stroke behind his ears, and talk to him.


Do Rabbits Thump When They’re Happy Or Not?

It’s hard to know when your rabbit is not happy. But indications are manifesting this mood, though, such as the following:



Sadness is the main reason why your rabbit thumps. But, it’s not always the case; rabbits thump when they sense a threat.

I guess you will wonder why I named my rabbit Thumper. Well, he tends to feel afraid during his first days. Maybe, it’s because of our pet dog at home.

Anyway, it changed as time goes by. Right now, Thumper is a very happy rabbit. He’s even not afraid of our dog at home (In fact, it’s already his friend).

Well, there are still times when Thumper thumps his feet. It’s inevitable for them to do so. Every time he sees a cat outside the window, he would thump his feet and run around. Please read here How many  toes do rabbit have

Sometimes, he would do this if he wants us to pet him. It’s so sweet of him to do that. I guess you can relate to this too!



If your pet feels threatened or if it is about to attack something, it will grunt. There are many other reasons why they make grunting sounds.

Just like thumping, Thumper would grunt whenever he wants us to give him attention.



Do you know that whenever your rabbit feels pain or is afraid, he would squeal? If you hear a squealing noise, give your immediate pet attention; it might be in terrible pain.

In that way, you can give them the appropriate action for them to feel okay.

Oh, wait! If it’s your pet’s first time to be handled, then it will most likely squeal. So, you don’t have to get shocked when your pet does that, okay?


Always alert

You are your pet’s safe place. If you observe that he sits up always alert, it may only indicate that your pet doesn’t feel safe even if you’re around.

You may think that you and your pet are already close to each other. But, you should take appropriate steps to address the issue.

You have to know the right ways of bonding with your pet.


Tips In Making Your Rabbit Happy

Here are the things that you should bear in mind if you want your pet rabbit happy: leran more here do rabbits thump when they are happy


#1. Be in charge of your pet’s diet

Do you know that your pet has a sensitive digestive system? In fact, rabbits even eat their droppings.

For that reason alone, you should make sure that your pet eats the right food with a sufficient amount of nutrients.

There may be many foods available for rabbits, but grass or hay is still the best for them. This kind of food can promote the proper function of their gastrointestinal system. That said, it should form part of your pet’s major diet.


#2. Let them exercise

Just like human beings, rabbits also need plenty of exercise. While you do it yourself, you should also encourage your pet to do so.

By doing so, you can allow them to become healthy. At the same time, you can improve your entire well-being too.


#3. Check for signs of injury or illness

There are times when your rabbit doesn’t show that it is in pain. That is why you should be the one in charge of checking whether it is suffering from any illness or injury.


It’s A Wrap!

Do rabbits thump when they are happy?

Well, it’s otherwise. The thumping of rabbits indicates that they are not happy; it’s usually a sign that they feel threatened.

Don’t worry, though. It’s not always an indication of negativity. Sometimes, it’s a natural reaction, especially if your rabbits have sensed danger.

Well, there are various steps that you can take for your pet to become happy.

Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot from this article!