Do Shih Tzus Bark A Lot

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Yep! Shih Tzus bark a lot, and there are plenty of reasons they do so. Let’s see what the reason behind such behavior is.

Generally, when dogs bark, they alert the owner of some perceived impending danger. Mostly, their most important role in the house is to shield the house from intruders, or they are kept as friendly pets.

That is a good thing. But no one will want a dog that yaps all the time. At least if you are okay with it, your neighbors won’t. If you have the Shih Tzus dog breed, you may want to know whether they bark a lot and how to control them. please read here what is the calmest dog breed.

Do Shih Tzus Bark a Lot?

Most Shih Tzus bark a lot. They are renowned for their barking ability. This is how they are. They yap at everything- the wind, the mailman, the doorbell, at almost any sound around them. When putting on a scale among other types of dogs, they are on the upper level as far as barking is concerned.  please read here if the dog youre walking is barking at another dog what should you do.

At what age do they start barking?

In most cases, Shih Tzus usually start barking from 6 to 8 weeks after they are born. Just like all dogs, Tzus do not begin making sound or barking from day one. They grow into that tendency. If you really want to control their barking, you need to start from when they are very young. Proper training will help them get acquainted with their behavioral parameters. please read here training an australian shepherd to walk on a leash

How Shih Tzus bark compared with other dog breeds

Dogs bark in different ways and at different levels. Some breeds are less vocal compared to others. Just like— Shih Tzus, dogs like Beagle, German shepherd, Basset hound, Chihuahua, and Yorkshire terrier bark a lot–. Some of them may not be quite vocal because of their size, but they yap too often.

On the other hand, –Basenji, Pug, Japanese chin, Great Dane, Greyhound, and Newfoundland are some of the quietest dogs around–.

As stated earlier, their barking tendencies are more likely going to be influenced by their trait and secondly by their environment. So, you may see Shih Tzus that stays relatively quiet because of their environment, and you may see another that barks too often.

How can I control a Shih Tzus that barks too much?

Okay, maybe your problem is not really because your dog does not bark. If he barks too much, as most Shih Tzus do, there are ways to control and minimize their constant yapping.

However, remember that barking is a significant way to dog express their feelings to the world. In most cases, there is a reason why your dog barks more than usual.

So, you cannot shut them up completely. You may even worsen the whole thing if you try to use forceful techniques. Also, if they have more tendencies to bark, there are still ways to control them.

To control your pup from constant barking:

  • You can try taking him out for a walk. Just like humans, dogs also have moments where they may be overwhelmed by happenings in their immediate environment. When you stroll with your pup, it can help to lessen their stress levels and make them quieter.
  • Also, try to avoid things that trigger his senses. If he doesn’t have much need for action, he won’t bark constantly. For instance, they tend to bark more often when they hear louder noise. If the doorbell rings too loud, it can trigger their action.
  • Again, he will bark more often if he is usually excited. Try to reduce the level of excitement, especially the number of playtimes. Yes, excited barking is a good thing for dogs, but he may spread the barking to almost everything if he is excited at all times.
  • It should not be denied to play altogether. But if you do it too often, cut it down, and it will adjust accordingly.

Rounding Up

Shih Tzus are lovely dogs who are fun to be with. But they may irritate some of their owners with their constant barking at times.

Generally, it’s much better to have dogs that are relatively quiet than having ones that respond to almost anything with incessant barking.

It cannot be very pleasant both to you and your neighbors. So, to answer the question, do Shih Tzus bark a lot? Yes, most of them do it a lot. But there are ways you can deal with their barking behavior to curtail them.

We have presented those methods above, and we hope you have learned one of two things about taming them to your desire.

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