Does Haylage Make Horses Fizzy? 3 Surprising Facts To Know!

A horse diet will either keep them get healthy or make them sick, so the question “Does haylage make horses fizzy?” might be asked a lot by horse keepers. Haylage has content that can make horses fizzy. Indeed there is a big chance for these instances to happen.

Being a responsible animal owner, you have to make sure that the food you are about to feed your pet is good for them. Moreover, it is necessary to keep your horses in the best of health to get the best out of their skills and talents. 

does haylage make horses fizzy

You have to check its content. For example, some foods might seem familiar and expected, but they might contain something that’s harmful.

for horses, is haylage better

Preserved goods like haylage for your horses might be excellent for some instances but not for a specific time.

It can make your horse extra energetic for the day or until it is all out of its digestive system.

There are many more things that you should know about this topic, so read further!

Does Haylage Make Your Horse Fizzy?

Does haylage make horses fizzy? Haylage does make horses fizzy because of its additional content. However, it is something that can make your horses active.

One of the things it contains is sugar. And with that, horses can have more energy than the usual amount they have. But this isn’t a bad thing at all. Although, you should take this in enough amount for your horses.

You have to make sure that it is taken in moderation. In that way, they will not have so much of it.

Does haylage make horses fizzy

Haylage is just a substitute for hay which is mainly recommended to feed your horses. It is still hay, but it has additives and so many different specialties in its formula.

For example, according to some research, haylage is suitable for horses to be slightly moist than hay. It also has a good smell that can make you feel better upon using it. Finally, it is easier to handle than hay.

When your horses have respiratory problems, haylage is a portion of good food. However, it would help if you opted for this one more than hay.


The Difference Between Hay And Haylage

Since we are talking about haylage, which has hay as its base component, we will compare them.

Knowing both of them were mentioned, we will compare them, especially regarding food for horses.

The main difference between these two is the way your grass or hay is being conserved. Here are the facts that you should know:


Fact #1. All about hay

It is a grown grass for hay until it is mature and eventually cut after it is ready. Then after cutting, it will be left in the field to dry thoroughly. It would be best if you did that before it is stored and baled.

We should avoid it being moldy and make it last longer and not spoil in terms of storing it.

For this to happen, you must dry hay sufficiently before bailing it. Unfortunately, it is kind of hard to achieve in some places.

This process requires about 85% of dryness on your grasses. But, of course, that requires good weather to accomplish. And of course, there are places around the globe wherein having good weather conditions is rare.


Fact #2. All about haylage

On the other hand, haylage is somewhat the opposite of what hay is and what it should be.

While they are being harvested matured, grasses for haylage must be harvested earlier than usual. And then it is left in the field to wilt for a short period. Then, right after that, it is also baled.

It is bagged and sealed in layers of plastic that can trap lots of moisture inside and make the grass a little bit moisturized. The big difference between these two is the way both of them are being preserved to avoid molds.

the difference between hay and haylage

For haylage, it mainly depends upon the exclusion of oxygen as for the hay, and you can conserve it by removing moisture from it.

Haylage is just about 50 – 70% of dry substance. First, however, there is the new version of haylage. It is recognized as wrapped hay. It is closer to grass since it is a drier version of haylage.


Fact #3. Which is more expensive?

In terms of the expenses, especially when it is just for your horses, haylage is more expensive than hay.

You might now know why; it is conserved differently, but it would depend on the type of grass used most of the time. When you research markets, you will notice that haylage is more expensive.

Maybe because the way it is preserved is a lot harder considering it has moisture, it is more attractive to growing molds.

But the processes made to store it can make it look even better and stay longer. So the expenses are pretty worth it.


For Horses, Is Haylage Better?

In terms of deciding if haylage is better than hay in terms of horses’ food, we got you. In terms of nutritional value, indeed, haylage is a lot better to feed your horses.

Also that it goes smoothly, and it does not tangle with each other because they do have moisture in them. When you combine it with other food for horses, you will not have a hard time mixing.

for horses, is haylage better

You can just put it with all the other food for your horses, such as powdered nutrients and preserved crops. Then, of course, it will not be too dry for horses to consume, which might help them digest better.

In some instances, it is excellent to feed haylage during cool weather since it is easier or digest and chew on.



Now we are no longer worried about, does haylage make horses fizzy? The answer was quite precise.

It can make them fizzy, and it has no harmful effects on their health; it is considered one of the best food to offer.

It can be a bit more expensive than others, but then again, it has so many benefits that can help your horses have a better feeling.

Thank you for reading!

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