Dog Ear Piercings: What Is It And Is It Even Legal?

Over the years, some pet owners hopped to trends that compromise the health of their dogs. This includes dangerous dog ear piercings.

While ear piercing is normal for humans, there are pet owners who went too far and did it to their pets. Mainly done for aesthetic purposes, defenseless canines have to suffer through unnecessary pain and deal with their owners’ gross disregard for safety.

dog ear piercings

So if you’re even considering having your dog’s ears pierced, don’t just think twice; think a hundred times before you do it.

In this post, I will discuss more about this trend, why you should never do it, and the risk it brings to your dog.

Can dogs get ear piercings?

The answer here is a big NO! Dogs’ ears should never be pierced or damaged for the sake of decoration.

The only time your dog’s ears will go under a needle or knife is during a veterinary procedure. Puncturing a hole through your pet’s ears isn’t just a bad idea, it’s also an outright form of animal cruelty.

Having ears pierced are painful for humans. Just imagine doing it on a dog that can’t talk or comprehend what’s really happening.

Take note that ear piercings on canines can also be illegal in some states. You can literally go to jail if the animal control agency finds out about this form of cruelty.

Even if it’s not illegal, it’s still unreasonable to damage your dog’s body parts. If it doesn’t have any direct benefit to the pooch, you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

After all, there’s no reason to damage your dog’s ears. Domesticated pets are not supposed to wear accessories like earrings for the mere contentment of their owners.

Remember that dogs have sensitive ears. If you puncture it, you’re just doing them a big disservice.

Just because it’s possible to pierce your dog’s ears doesn’t mean you’re going to do it. Always prioritize your dog’s safety and health in everything that you do for them.

What happens when a dog gets ear piercings?

dog piercing ears
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Ear piercing has no benefits for dogs. The only thing it will bring is danger and potential health problems.

Here are the potential issues that will occur if you get your dog’s ears pierced:

1.    Ear infection

Putting a foreign object on your dog’s ears will increase its risk of infection. It’s because your dog will find the piercing irritating, thus increasing scratching.

Over time, this will lead to infections. It will be recurring and hard to treat as long as the piercing isn’t removed.

Take note that dogs love playing on the dirt. With this, dirt and grime can get stuck on the piercing and trigger more health problems.

You’ll surely get a scolding from the veterinarian once you bring the dog for treatment. Aside from that, you’ll be slapped with hefty vet fees due to the severity of the infection.

2.    Ear damage

Ear piercings can lead to ear damage. It’s because dogs will try to pull the earring or accessories out of their ears.

Over time, the earlobe will sustain tears. This will lead to irreversible damage and an endless cycle of pain.

Aside from that, dogs love shaking their heads. This will contribute to further ear damage and discomfort due to ear piercing.

3.    Pain and discomfort

Ear piercings in dogs do nothing but cause unnecessary pain and discomfort. This will impact your dog’s overall health.

Worse, a dog may exhibit aggressive tendencies due to the continuous pain it’s experiencing from the piercings.

4.    Hearing loss

The worst thing that could happen to your dog due to an ear piercing is hearing loss. This can take place if the piercing has already caused severe infections.

Moreover, piercing can cause nerve damage to your dog’s ears. This will increase the risk of hearing loss as well as other ear problems.

Ear piercing vs. ear cropping

Take note that ear cropping is different from ear piercing. Ear cropping is believed to reduce the risk of ear infections in canines and increase their sense of hearing.

While ear cropping is also surrounded by divided opinions, it’s usually done for some breeds. Also, it’s done by a licensed professional to ensure the dog’s safety.

Do veterinarians perform ear piercings?

I have never known a veterinarian who will do ear piercings on any pet. In fact, this practice is frowned upon and discouraged by vets since it only causes harm to the dog.

Also, veterinarians have seen many cases of dogs ending up in emergency situations due to trends like these. So the fact that vets won’t do ear piercings says a lot about its safety and purpose.

Can dogs get their nose pierced?

The same with ear piercing, nose piercing should never be done. It doesn’t serve any purpose and it certainly doesn’t benefit your pet.

In the end, your doggo will just suffer from pain and discomfort. The pooch will also become prone to nose infections, smelly discharge, and a full-blown respiratory problem.

Moreover, it’s illegal to perform any harmful operation on an animal. If you’re fond of piercing, it’s best to keep it to yourself and leave your dog alone.

Why do they cut dogs’ ears?

Ear cropping is done to achieve a specific look on a dog. This is common in Doberman Pinschers and Pit Bulls.

By keeping the dogs’ ears erect, they are believed to have better hearing. This is usually done for guard dog breeds that need to remain alert.

Aside from that, ear cropping is believed to reduce the risk of ear infections. However, it must be done properly and owners must observe proper care after to avoid complications.

Final words

Dog ear piercings should never be considered, let alone performed, by any pet owner. This dangerous trend only puts dogs’ lives at risk for superficial reasons.

Overall, the aesthetic benefit the piercings bring isn’t worth it if it’s in exchange for your pet’s safety.

Remember that your dog doesn’t need any material accessories. The best accessory your pet can wear is its healthy ears without any punctures or jewelry.

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