Essential Oils To Deter Cats From Peeing

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Essential oils are used for a wide range of purposes. It is used for treating a certain medical condition, used as mood elevators, and as deodorizers.

These days, essential oils to deter cats from peeing have flooded the market because of their effectiveness in that area. They have become very important for pet owners who want to prevent their cats from peeing in certain places.

They also help to keep odors out of your home. Another good thing essential oils do, is to prevent cats from peeing in a particular spot they have marked. Once you spray this oil in the particular are, the smell will discourage them from visiting that spot again.

How does it work?

Although essential oils can be used as odor control, they are effective too when you want to prevent cats from peeing in certain areas. Cats hate the smell of this oil, so they wouldn’t want to visit any spot where it smells. Sometimes the scent from the essential oil may not be unpleasant to the cat, but it will let them have a feeling that the place is no longer conducive for them to pee.

How to use essential oils to deter cats from peeing in the wrong spot

Cats have a high sense of smell. They tend to trace the smell of their urine whenever they want to pee. And they will continue peeing at a particular spot as long as they continue to perceive their urine there. But with essential oils and vinegar, you can neutralize that smell. If they are not able to perceive their urine, they will stop using the place as their bathroom.

All you need to do is spray the mixture at the place your cat urinates wrongly. The smell in that spot will stop them from marking that particular spot. There are harmless essential oils you can use to prevent your cats from peeing inappropriately. But remember, not all contain the right ingredients for the safety of your cat. You need to diffuse the essential oils properly in a well-ventilated environment.

Most smells from essential oils are very strong. Some of them can last several hours and even days, which is enough for the cat to completely forget going to their unapproved peeing spot

Are there any risks of using essential oils?

If all the products are manufactured with the right materials, they won’t be a risk of using it. But unfortunately, some products contain substances that may be harmful to the cat when they go close.

You need to avoid such products. Some essential oils may cause harm to cats when used on them. Those that contain ketones, d-limonene, and phenols are dangerous to cats. Some can lead to neurological issues and cause allergic reactions. They aren’t properly processed by the cats, so you should stay away from them.

Common essential oils for deterring cats from peeing

There are good essential oils that can work perfectly when keeping cats away from peeing at a particular sport. Some of them include:

This one is 100% safe and has a rich scent that can last for days. It is a spray with adjustable spray nozzles and motion detectors. It is quite harmless and keeps the cat away from the specific areas your spray the product.

PetSafe Spray Pet Deterrent

This cat anti-marking essential oil goes more than bringing freshness back to the environment. It also helps to remove invisible pheromones and sticky mucous after your cat has urinated. The strong smell prevents cats from visiting the place a second time.

Dumb Cat Anti-Marking and Cat Spray

Nature Miracle eliminates odors and existing stains. It’s also great for keeping cats away from revisiting their peeing spot.

Nature's Miracle Just for cats


Essential oils to deter cats from peeing play important roles not just to diffuse smell and keep the environment refreshing. It is also great for keeping cats from peeing in the wrong place. This product is nice to have if you want your cat to go back to their litter box.

They help pet owners control the movement of their pets too. However, not all essential oils are healthy to spray around your furry friend. You should strive to select only the product that is free of harmful substances for the safety of your cat.

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