How High Can Rabbits Jump? Here’s The Funny Truth!

How high can rabbits jump? This is a very common question, and we are going to address it today. 

So rabbits can jump with the use of their long and powerful hind legs. This has a particular form that allows them to jump farther and higher if they feel like doing it.

How High Can Rabbits Jump

It offers them the thrust in leaping upward and forward. Aside from that, these hind legs also provide rabbits with the agility they need when escaping a predator.

But in terms of the particular height that rabbits can leap, there is no specific measure that you can find. Experts’ opinion on this matter varies.

According to some, an ordinary rabbit can leap vertically for as high as 2 feet. Conversely, some would say that they can jump for up to 4 feet.

On the other hand, if they jump horizontally, rabbits can reach as far as 15 feet.

Is it incredible, right?

Some breeds like cottontails can even leap farther than 15 feet, especially when trying to escape predators such as dogs, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, and snakes. 

By the way, by 15 feet, I mean forward. Rabbits jumping 15 feet upwards seems impossible.

The highest I have seen my pet rabbit Thumper jumps only measures below two feet. This is maybe the case because he is a bit overweight. Or he is too lazy to go for higher jumps.

However, the height that rabbits can jump would depend on what kind of rabbit we are talking about.

If you are interested in rabbits’ capabilities to jump, please scroll down until the end of this post.

how high can rabbits jump

Pet Rabbits

So, how high can rabbits jump?

Here’s what you should know: According to research, pet rabbits cannot jump as high as wild ones. This might be the case because they are usually too heavy and too fat to do so.

Besides, they have easy access to food, so they lack the survival instinct that usually activates their aggressiveness in jumping higher and farther searching for food.

Apparently, pet rabbits are also sheltered in cages or hutches. So they lack enough space to hone their jumping skills. They do not have the opportunity to properly develop their hind legs. 

On the other hand, wild rabbits grow in action. Their bodies are typically lean, and their muscles and hind legs are well developed, so jumping up to four feet seems so simple for them. 

Why Do Rabbits Jump?

Rabbits show little jumping and twisting in the air called a binky. This little jumping might be a way of showing the excitement of your bunny. 

This is s common expression of domestic rabbits for happiness and excitement.

Another reason for jumping could be to escape predators. They leap and jump for their survival and to avoid danger. 

Training Rabbits To Jump Over Obstacles

Rabbits are proven to be trainable animals. They can be trained to perform different things like, for example, using their litter trays or not chewing on things found in the house.

Apart from that, you can teach them to hop over obstacles, be aware of their names, or be held.

Some pet owners have even trained their pets with a few more tricks other than those I have mentioned.

In addition to this, rabbits are known to be wise animals.

training rabbits to jump over obstacles

They tend to be physically and mentally stimulated whenever they feel challenged in learning something new.

Besides, this also helps them break the boredom, which is also the common reason they become aggressive or destructive.

So if you desire to train your rabbit to jump over a particular obstacle, you have to be extra patient in doing this since it will naturally take some time.

Otherwise, I advise that you find a professional trainer in order to achieve faster results.

But why would you need to do it if you can train your pet by yourself?

Rabbit Show Jumping

There is a particular show where your rabbits can exhibit their agility and hopping skills. This is called a Kaninho; it is a sport that is quite similar to horse show jumping.

From the time it was popularized in Sweden in the 1970s, it has spread to some parts of the US, Australia, and Europe.

These sports exercises include long, high, crooked, and straight lump courses that are divided into different skill levels. Several breeds of domesticated bunnies can join and compete. 

But small breeds such as dwarfs have difficulties with higher obstacles.

rabbit show jumping

Giant breeds, on the other hand, seem to be disadvantaged due to their excessive weight. Exerting too much force on their front legs often causes injury.

Furthermore, the long-haired breeds, just like Angora, are required to clip their hair.

Otherwise, they will be disqualified from the activity. That is because their long coat can obstruct their agility and vision.

I am thinking of training Thumper for this competition, but I am having a second thought. I don’t think he will be willing to do so. 

How To Build Rabbit Fences?

Having pet rabbits at home also means that you probably need to build up fences or walls to prevent them from entering into your gardens and eventually feasting on your vegetables.

As we all know, You can easily attract rabbits as they are drawn to various crops and fruits. So building a reliable fence might be essential.

It is said that a fence that is 3 feet tall could be more than enough. That is because the majority of domesticated rabbits only jump as high as 2 feet at most.

The extra foot will be an adequate margin that is intended for their safety.

Furthermore, rabbits are intelligent animals. They often make sure of the things they can find in jumping on.

As such, you should keep any boxes or crates away from the fence.

If you decide on building up walls, it is advisable that they are to be buried for at least six feet below the ground.

Also, make sure that the walls are three or six feet away from your plants, just to be sure.

If you ask why?

Simply because rabbits dig into the ground if they cannot reach the high walls. 

If you live in the countryside, you have to protect the crops in your garden against wild rabbits.

Some are considering them pests since they can cause havoc on your plants.

how to build rabbit fences

Plus, they might also bring diseases that are considered fatal. Some would even bite humans. But this happens very rarely, though.

When they require food, wild rabbits can jump higher as compared to domesticated ones.

This will also be the case if something or someone is chasing them. So it would also be ideal if you are to build a bit higher fences. Some would even angle it – bending outwards so it would be harder for them to go over.


How high can rabbits jump?

Although rabbits would normally just hop around, they can jump quite high. The majority of domesticated rabbits can only jump upwards, not more than two feet. 

However, some of them can leap higher than this. Particularly, wild rabbits are stronger and faster.

Their ability to jump is very incredible. In fact, they can jump beyond two feet high with ease.

Wild rabbits also tend to carry diseases, which is why most people would make fences to keep them away from their homes and protect their plants.

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