How Long Do Mini Rex Rabbits Live? Know Amazing Facts!

How long do Mini Rex rabbits live? Generally, the lifespan of Mini Rex rabbits is approximately five up to seven years.

Some can even live up to 10 years long or even longer, depending on how you take care of them and the certain diet given to them.

If you are also wondering how big Mini Rex rabbits get, the most common answer is that they often weigh five pounds maximum. This is very small.

But they can only get this far on average. Bucks are also a bit smaller than the doe at about three up to four pounds only.

If you would like to know more about this particular breed of rabbits, just read until the end of this post.

Although this will be brief, rest assured, you will get essential details about them.


What Is A Mini Rex Rabbit? 

Mini Rex rabbit is a compact breed characterized by its extra soft fur, which comes in an array of colors and a very plush undercoat.

What causes this fur variation is their recessive gene that also causes each of their hair strands standing straight upwards, unlike other breeds with their fur just lying flat against their bodies.

Even if the fur is protruding outwards, it is very soft. In fact, it gives a springy feel whenever you touch them.  plesae read here can rabbit eat spring mix

This particular breed is among the popular breeds of domesticated pet rabbits, especially in the United States.

It is a recent breed of rabbit that originated from Rex rabbits. Specifically, it is a direct result of Lynx Rex Doe crossed with a Black Dwarf Rex Buck.

Mini Rex has fun, sweet, loving, and friendly nature.

They can make very good pets for your kids since they are very playful. But of course, adult supervision is required when a child is handling them or a rabbit of whatever breed.

The body features of Mini Rex rabbits include erect standing ears, a well-rounded body, and bold head. It comes in a wide variety of colors, including black, blue, chestnut, chocolate, lynx, lilac, opal, red, sable, tortoise, and white.

How long do Mini Rex rabbits live?

As mentioned earlier, they can live up to 7 years.


Care Requirements 

The key to keeping your rabbits alive for a long time is by taking care of them properly. This includes providing them with healthy foods and a safe place to live. please read here how many rabbit can live together

Given their particular type of fur, it is not recommended for Mini Rex rabbits to be over groomed because it can bring more damage to their fur than good.

It would be best that you just dampen a cloth, or you can just use your hands in cleaning them to loosen up their static fur initially.

After that, you can use a slicker-styled brush in picking up the fur that has been loosened. Make sure to brush them very gently.

Brushing should also be done very rarely. And just like how it is with any other rabbits, you must not bathe your Mini Rex rabbit.

There’s this one notable attribute that can differentiate a Mini Rex from other breeds.

Do you know what this is?

It is their whiskers that are curling upwards on their nose or mouth area as well as on their eyebrows and cheeks.

And since it is curled up, you have to constantly check their whiskers’ length and trim them when necessary.

This is to avoid them from getting into their mouth, nose, and eyes. Finally, you have to remember that the fur on their feet is often less dense, making them more susceptible to sore hocks.

When it comes to their food, you should be feeding them with unlimited amounts of fresh hay, high-quality rabbit pellets, and or course, clean and healthy drinking water.

There are also a lot of fruits and vegetables that can be given to them. Choose those that are considered a rabbit-safe. And make sure to offer it to them in moderation. 

For their bedding, you must use soft materials like hay, straw, or cardboard. It is also ideal for putting them in a place where they can be alone as it can add to their happy temperament. please read here can rabbit eat cardboard

Although rabbits are very social animals, they still want some time and space just by themselves.

You should also clean the cage frequently so that you can maintain the health of your pet. It is advisable to do it once a week. This includes totally replacing everything inside the cage. 


How Active Are Mini Rex Rabbits?

Mini Rex rabbits are regarded as one of the most active breeds.

As such, they should be given enough space that will allow them to run around.

Given that they are so small, they can undoubtedly survive in a limited space. However, most experts state that the bigger space you give to them, the better.

It is also recommended that you let them run around every once in and awhile.

Please do not keep them caged.

But before letting your pet out, make sure that the house is bunny-proof first; this includes removing all sorts of things that can bring potential harm to your pet, as well as the things that you don’t want them to chew.

Also, if you have a safe backyard protected by fences or walls, you might take the Mini Rex rabbit with you when you go out.

Experiencing a large run is something that a bunny will enjoy. Besides, it would be safe from any harm in just running around the room.

Remember that Mini Rex rabbits cannot stand long in extremely cold or hot conditions; thus, you have to monitor the weather first before going outside.

Keep an eye or your rabbit all the time because there could be predators lingering there.

Being small will make them easy prey.



How long do Mini Rex rabbits live?

On average, mini rabbits can live between five and seven years in approximate.

But some can live longer than this, ranging from eight up to ten years or even longer.

It will depend on how you take care of your pet.

As such, if you want your Mini Rex to live long, you have to be aware and follow the care requirements mentioned above.

You might as well want to ask how big can Mini Rex rabbits get.

As the name suggests, they are a very small breed of rabbits, making them a good pet for children.

Commonly, they would weigh between three and five pounds. Male rabbits are even small at three or four pounds only.

But then again, with proper care, you can keep them healthy and a bit bigger if you want.

Nonetheless, rabbits are as cute as their size.

Plus, their happy and friendly temperament can make your home’s mood lighter if you have Mini Rex rabbits as pets.

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