How Many Ribs Do Rabbits Have?

I know you’re confused about how many ribs do rabbits have. Well, they usually have 12 pairs of ribs, including the costal cartilages and the sternum. 

It means that a typical and healthy rabbit has a total of 24 rib bones. And come to imagine that this number of bones is present in the ribs, alone. 

How Many Ribs Do Rabbits Have

how many ribs do rabbits have

I guess you asked this kind of question because you’re very careful with your little friend. I can relate to that ‘cos I also have my pet named Thumper. 

He’s so energetic, especially during playtime. Sometimes, I’m worried when he moves a lot, given his small and fragile body. Also, he keeps on hitting our furniture or wall at home. 

Who would not question that?

Anyway, did you remember the time when you first held your little furry friend? Well, I do. As always, I’m afraid since he looks like he’s going to break that quickly. 

Due to these experiences, I want to share with you what I’ve learned. You deserve to know more about your pet, most especially if you’re a newbie. Understand which activities they can perform without the risks of hurting your pet. 

Perhaps, the first thing that you can do is to provide your pet with sufficient supplements for rabbits, thereby ensuring their entire well-being. 

Remember this:

You’re responsible for their safety; this means that it’s in your hands. 

And to remind you further…

You need to know every detail about your pet (and that is if you want to make sure of their safety).

In this article, we’ll understand more about a rabbit’s ribs and how to take care of them. 

Just read on!

So, How Ribs Are Arranged In Rabbits?

So, how many ribs do rabbits have?

As mentioned earlier, your pet supposedly has 24 bones in his ribs. 

Yes, there are 12 pairs of bones in his ribs. Count how many bones your furry friend has, including other parts aside from the ribs. 

So, How Ribs Are Arranged In Rabbits

You’ll surely be amazed.

Here’s what their ribs are composed of:

Truly sets are the seven first bones linked to the costal cartilage; they come in pairs.

False sets, on the other hand, are the remaining pairs of bones. 

What’s more exciting is that rabbits have floating ribs. These ribs can be determined with ease, as they appear as if they’re floating and do not articulate anteriorly.

Why is this possible? 

Because they are not attached to the sternum, and they’re positioned last, specifically the 11th and 12th pairs. 

So, where are these ribs attached, you ask? 

They are linked to the vertebra. Anyway, they really can’t be attached because there’s no cartilage. 

These parts are a big deal for me because they are at risk of breaking. My friend’s pet broke her ribs (specifically this part), and she’s unfortunate. I won’t let you know what happened to her. Sad!

Anyway, I learned that this part is not stable; that’s why it easily breaks. Also, when rabbits position laterally, you can find how thin their bone tissues are, which are also locked in their muscle. 

Another exciting fact!

The ribs are only 11 percent of the total number of bones a rabbit has. 

How many bones do they have? Can you guess?

Not a hundred! But, they have two hundred twenty-two bones in total. 

Well, you will know that the animal is a rabbit, as manifested by the placement of its ribs. For instance, a cat; has three pairs of false ribs, nine pairs of true ribs, and one pair of floating ribs. 

So, if you see 12 pairs, you can say that it’s a rabbit; but if there are 13 pairs, you can tell that it’s a cat

How To Take Care Of A Rabbit’s Bones?

I know you want only the best for your bunny. That’s why you should make sure you give it the right nutrients. 

One of the most crucial minerals that your pet should have is calcium. And calcium is responsible for ensuring healthy bones. If your pet consumed the right amount of this nutrient, you’re certain that it’s going to be strong. 

How To Take Care Of A Rabbit’s Bones

But, take note of this:

You just can’t give food high in calcium whenever you want. 


You need to know the right amount of calcium that your pet needs, and that would be based on its diet plan. 

Too much or too low of this mineral can eventually lead to some major concerns. 

If you don’t want that to happen, then make sure you did the right thing. And if you’re looking for the best fruits and vegetables that can provide the proper amount of calcium, then read on further:

#1. Fruits

Yes, we all know that fruits are healthy, especially for human beings. Although they can give a lot of health benefits, eating one comes with some major drawbacks. 

That’s why, when feeding fruits to your beloved pet, make sure that it’s only occasional and that you give it only as a treat. 

Generally, fruits are sweet; thus, they’re rich in sugar content. 

Just like us, they’re also prone to diseases, such as heart diseases, and we can link that to diabetes and obesity- the two most common deadly diseases throughout the world. 

Anyway, fruits are still great, just make sure to limit the amount.

Let your pet try kiwi, oranges, apricots, apples, grapefruits, and more!

#2. Vegetables

You’re already aware that rabbits are herbivores (always mention that!). This only means that they can only consume a certain amount of veggies. 

But remember, not all vegetables are good for your pet. Some veggies can be harmful to them, so be careful all the time. 

How To Take Care Of A Rabbit’s Bones

Anyway, here are just some of the vegetables that you can feed your pet:

Okra, broccoli, and lettuce are just some of the veggies they can have. 

#3. Herbs and Hays

Of course, who would forget your pet’s usual and healthy food? 

Don’t worry if you don’t have hay in your backyard or apartment; you can always find hays in online shops, which are affordable and made with quality. 

Also, it’s worth noting that not all herbs are great for them. You should make sure that the herb is edible and allowed before you should feed it to your pet. 

Try having grass hay, parsley, alfalfa hay, and Italian parsley for your rabbit

Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin D is essential for your pet. If you lack this vitamin, your calcium blood levels will most likely become inadequate. 

How can you determine if they lack vitamin D? 

If your pet has poor quality bones and teeth, it’s a sign that it has vitamin D deficiency. 

More commonly, rabbits will suffer from tooth root and tooth growth issues. 

Don’t worry, though; no pet is perfect; each one will certainly pass-through hardships, just like us humans. 

But take note…

Dental problems do not necessarily mean that they are deficient in vitamin D. However, vitamin D deficiency is the common cause of these issues. 


So, how many ribs do rabbits have?

Take note that rabbits have 222 bones in total and 12 pairs of bones in ribs alone. 

You’re already aware that rabbits are very fragile creatures. It’s a must to take care of them all the time. 

Make sure that you feed them the right food- fruits, vegetables, and hay. 

As always, your pet’s health should be your number one priority. 

Hopefully, you’ve learned from this article. 

Have a great day!

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