How Many Toes Do Rabbits Have? 6 Exciting Facts To Know!

Are you wondering how many toes do rabbits have? To answer that question, these furry animals have four toes that are webbed on their hind feet. It is the main reason for keeping them from spreading apart while they jump.

If we talk about their front paws, bunnies have five cute toes on each of them.

How Many Toes Do Rabbits Have

how many toes do rabbits have

There is a need for you to have enough knowledge about rabbits since a responsible pet owner knows everything about the physical aspect of their beloved bun.

In this article, we will talk more about rabbits’ characteristics and appearance, especially their toes.

Without any more delays, let us get right into it!


What Are Rabbits?

Rabbits are furry mammals that are small and have long fluffy ears. They have strong hind legs and cute and tail!

Bunnies have two pairs of front teeth in which a couple is on top, and the other is at the bottom.

They have two peg teeth located at the back of the incisors (also known as the front teeth).

What Are Rabbits

These teeth have significantly adapted to their bodies to use it for gnawing and chewing their food.

You have to keep in mind that a bun’s teeth grow continually throughout their lives.

They need to chew their teeth very often so that these furry animals can have the chance to trim it.


How Many Toes Does A Rabbit Have In Each Paw?

The question is:

How many toes do rabbits have?

Depending on the breed of a bunny, the number of toes varies for each kind.

How Many Toes Does A Rabbit Have In Each Paw

For a cottontail rabbit, its left hind foot has five little toes. The front foot of the family of rabbits has five toes on each one and five on each hindfoot.

I am discussing this because I do not want you to be confused about the answer at the top of the article, which is why you also need to familiarize the breed for a more detailed description of your pet.


Facts About Rabbits That You Must Know

Bunnies are known to be cute hoppers with fluffy fur.

But did you know that there are more interesting facts about them that you don’t know?

Well, in this part of the article, we will discuss them one by one.

Here are the following things you need to know:


#1. Rabbits are not classified as hares

Though there is an absolute fact the rabbits and hares belong to the same family, which is the taxonomic family, these two came from different genera.

Facts About Rabbits That You Must Know

In terms of physical appearance, bunnies are much smaller than hares.

Buns also have smaller ears and cannot even run as fast as hares!

Moreover, when a baby rabbit is born, it is hairless and has its eyes closed. please read here when do baby rabbits open thier eyes

On the other hand, hares are born with fur and with their eyes wide open.

These are significant differences that you must understand if you do not want to confuse yourself with which is which.


#2. Rabbits are not rodents

A rabbit will have a trait as of rodents, but these furry animals are indeed not rodents.

In the early 1900s, some influential people classified both the hares and rabbits as part of another family and not of the Rodentia.

To further understand, Lagomorphs (the rabbits and hares) have peg teeth, commonly found at the back of the front teeth.

That is a significant difference that you must consider to avoid future confusion about this matter.


#3. Paw pads do not exist in rabbits

I have a cute little bun named Thumper, and he is very adorable!

After a few weeks of having at home, I had observed that he did not have any paw pads.

Back then, I was still a newbie in taking care of rabbits and knowing about them.

When I saw that Thumper does not have these paw pads, I realized why he was sensitive on the surfaces he walks.

After I learned about that fact, I was more careful not to hurt Thumper’s feet because I know it will be a bad day for him and a disaster.


#4. Rabbits tend to eat their droppings

If you are imagining bunnies suddenly eating their droppings, then you are partly wrong and partly correct.

As you can see, rabbits produce two kinds of droppings: mucus-covered cocentropes and small pellets of dry waste.

The one which they eat is cocentropes because it has nutrients. Yes, you have read it right because it is a habit of bunnies called coprophagy.

They usually eat their droppings at night, and it is directly taken from its anus. A bunny is genuinely unique.


#5. Rabbits tiptoe

Rabbits walk on their toes, but I know that tiptoeing is undoubtedly an exaggeration, as you may notice.

This movement that they do is called the digitigrade locomotion like dogs and cats.

If we compare rabbits and humans, we do not walk like these furry animals.

We walk as plantigrades, which means we walk using the soles of our feet.

We walk entirely the opposite, and maybe that is why humans and rabbits are compatible (kidding!).


#6. Rabbits are active in the evening and morning

If you want to play with your bun in the times where it is active, then make sure to remember that evenings and mornings are their busy times.

It only means that the rest of the hours are allotted in their sleep or nap, and it not a good thing for you to disturb them. please read here when do rabbit sleep

I am sure that you and your pet will enjoy it if both of you are active.

Ensure that you have different varieties of games so that your bunny won’t get tired and bored.

Here’s the thing:

A depressed rabbit will tend to be weak and may also affect their overall health if neglected.

You can see that your rabbit is happy when he hops for joy every single time.

If I were you, try to give him toys to play with. Well, there are many kinds of toys for rabbits in the market.

As the owner, do not forget to give it enough attention if you do not wish your bun to be depressed, weak, and lonely.



So, how many toes do rabbits have?

For the final words, rabbits do not have an equal count of fingers and toes in their body.

These bunnies have five toes on the front paws, and only each hind leg has four toes.

Depending on the breed, this number may vary, but I have to be consistent about the most dominant answer.please read here how to breed rabbit in the forest

As a pet owner, you must read these kinds of blog posts to learn more about rabbits.

Thank you very much for sparing a little time reading this article.

May you have gathered useful information about your adorable furry friends’ physical appearance and behavior of your precious furry friends.

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