How Often Should You Change a Rabbit’s Bedding? 4 Awesome Choices!

How often should you change a rabbit’s bedding is the same as having to clean their cages.

The changing of beddings should be done at regular intervals, especially when they already smell bad.

Cleanliness is a necessity when it comes to taking good care of your bun.

I change Thumper’s beddings twice a week, depending on Thumper’s litter.

That is to maintain the cleanliness and to keep check of my available resources and to conserve them.

It is also essential to keep your bunnies healthy and meet all their needs to grow healthy and lively. This does not only benefit them but you as their keeper even.

The following information below is what you will need to maintain that energetic bunny lifestyle you have.


Bunny Beddings And Litter

Rabbit beddings are usually made up of hays, straws, hardwood shavings, or cloth.

Some bunnies enjoy organizing their place, so some comfortable items must be placed along with the beddings.

Making them feel satisfied with their new home would make them enjoy and stay there.

Speaking of beddings, changing them must also be done the same as what we humans do. But how often should you change a rabbit’s beddings? please read here how to make a rabbit bed

Well, changing the beddings should be done at a regular interval. This is to keep the cage smelling fresh and comfortable for our pet rabbits.

The intervals of change might depend on how frequent your bunny urinates and produce feces.

There are some instances that you’ll have to change the beddings as frequently as you would imagine.

Some available materials should be placed other than the bedding. You should also provide a litter box.

The litter box should be cleaned with warm soapy water at least once a week or more frequently if required.


Litter Choice

You have various litters to choose from, including the following:


#1. Newspaper

Newspaper is a generic material. We could easily have them when our newspaper boy delivers them every morning.

As much as it is easily obtained, you will need as many newspapers as you would need because it is not as absorbent as other litter materials. learn more here why do rabbit eat paper

The newspaper will begin to stink whenever the urine there stays for a long time.

Regardless of the amount of paper you use, the frequency of changing the beddings of your litter box will also increase.

If you ask me, you will have to change the newspaper beddings every 2 days at the minimum.


#2. Paper pulp pellets

Paper pulp pellets are much more preferable than newspaper beddings. You will have less time changing your bunny’s beddings with this kind of material.

Many veterinarians also recommend this type of bedding, especially when you are making your bunny learn where to put their litter. This could last up to 3-4 days.


#3. Wood fiber pellets

Wood fiber pellets are the densest litter than the other types. It is also a safe option for your rabbits, and they usually last the longest.

However, you still have to change their beddings once every three to four days, following the cleanliness rule in keeping the sanitation of their cages.

You should also be wary of the materials that you place on your bedding. Some materials may be toxic for your bunny.

Materials like pine and cedar shavings are not suitable to use as bedding or litter for rabbits. These wood shavings could cause liver disease and potentially shorten their lifespan.


#4. Food grade paper bedding

Food grade paper bedding is one of the best litter options according to rabbit hole hay.

It is FDA approved and could serve as rabbit food also. This type of bedding fights odor and could last for a long time before changing to another bedding.


Factors That Affect The Frequency Of Changing

How often should you change your rabbit’s bedding depends on the following factors.


#1. Size

A rabbit’s size could be a determining factor in changing the bunny’s beddings.

Are you wondering why? It is because larger rabbits tend to eat more than smaller rabbits.

As expected, eating more is expected. If you have a larger breed of rabbit, changing their beddings should be done more frequently.


#2. Illness

Bunnies with illness and diseases tend to fill their litter a lot faster.

For rabbits that are sick, like having diarrhea, their beddings should be changed at least once a day.

More litter means more cleaning.

Doing this will make your bunny feel more comfortable until they are better. Still, it’s best to visit your veterinarians to treat your bun immediately.


#3. Material

Another factor that may affect the frequent change of beddings is the material used in their litter boxes.

The materials that may be used in their litter boxes were listed above. Newspapers tend to get soiled easily, thus making the changing more frequent.

Having other materials like hay could both minimize the space you’ll have to clean and train your bunnies where to put their litter at the same time.

Placing some hay on their litter box will give them the leeway of eating while taking a dump.

That way, they’ll know where to put their litter while having a munch.


Bunny Care Tips!

In taking care of your pet, you should remember the following:


#1. Housing

One of the primary necessities, when you keep a pet, is the place where they’ll stay.

It’s not an option to keep your pet beside you all the time because keeping them there all day means their bathroom and food must be beside you also.

We don’t want to smell, am I right?

Giving a proper shelter for your pet is a must.

Rabbits require a cage or a hutch, at least escape-proof enclosures, and a predator-free environment.

These cages must be free from various hazards like electrical wirings, poisonous plants, or away from your other pets such as cats and dogs.


#2. Feeding

Food is important. I mean, of course, without food, you’ll be feeling weak and restless.

Food for bunnies should mostly be composed of hay. Since rabbits are widely known as herbivores.

Hay is one of the critical food a rabbit should have.

Mixed in some veggies and fruits is also recommendable. It is also essential to keep their regular diet a balanced one to avoid diseases and obesity.


#3. Exercise

Just eating the right food doesn’t necessarily guarantee a fit and healthy lifestyle. Exercising is also needed.

One way to let your bunny exercise is to play and have fun.

Yes, you read it right; playing could make your bunny fit and active. please read here when are rabbit most active

Not only will they enjoy the fun, but you’ll also be entertained seeing your bunny hopping around.



How often should you change a rabbit’s bedding?

Frequent bedding changing can be a lot of work, especially for first-time bunny owners.

But don’t lose hope because, with this article, you surely will have an idea on what to do and use to lessen the workload you expected.

Not only will you reduce the work, but resources could also be saved.

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