How Smart Are Guinea Pigs? 3 & More Interesting Facts!

Seeing their pets do small mischievous acts, one may think “How smart are guinea pigs?” The fact is that guinea pigs are intelligent rodents; they can perceive some gestures and even respond when their names are called. 

Moreover, just like dogs, these fluffy pets can identify different sounds and can be trained to learn tricks!

Let me tell you how happy I am when my pet guinea pig, Ginger, came running towards me when I called his name! It was rewarding. If you have a guinea pig as a pet and you want to develop a strong bond of mutual love, you can learn more about how to introduce Guinea pigs?

Facts About Your Cavies

Did you know?

·        Guinea pigs were already considered pets in the 16th century.

·        3 hours is the maximum time for guinea pigs to run after being born.

·        Guinea pigs give birth to fully developed offspring. Meaning, it already has hair, and its eyes are fully open.

·        Their tails are not visible.

·        These creatures communicate vocally. Wherein they “purr” when they feel happy and “chirp” when they are stressed.

·        Since guinea pigs are social beings, they can become depressed when they are kept alone; a dominant male leads their wild ancestors as they live in groups.

A small companion perfect for you to keep at home, this is how I imagined owning a guinea pig, and I was not wrong!

Your cavies don’t take up too much space inside your home, convenient for those who have a small space living in.

However, they are anxious, especially to larger animals. So you’d want to keep your dog away from your guinea pig if it’s still new to your environment.

Moreover, these little and fluffy beings are very active, day and night, and guinea pigs love to play! Like my guinea pigs, Ginger and Ken, they play a lot. I get worried sometimes because I thought they would get exhausted and weak, but they don’t! 

Anyways, going back to our topic, how smart are guinea pigs? They are not just cute and small, but they’re also intelligent!

Let me help you know more, so shall I continue? Read on!

How smart are guinea pigs?

Yes, they are smart!

At times I have doubts when I see Ginger just sitting there with his food looking like “not so smart”.

But let me tell you the reasons as to why they are clever.

#1. They have a good memory! They remember everything

Do you have a good memory?

Well, I don’t. I quickly forget simple tasks, making me compare myself to Dory from “Finding Nemo.” You know, that fish with short-term memory.

Regardless, guinea pigs can:

·        Retrace their step

·        Remember gestures

·        Identify your voice (especially when you call their name)

·        Remember certain sounds and voice

Can they retrace their steps?

Technically, they can retrace their steps and find their way back home as long as they are not preyed upon by other animals.

This ability is prominent for their wild relatives where they can remember the track they walked on before, which is a useful attribute for them when looking for food.

However, this trait can still be seen for the domestic ones or your pet when they can identify rooms if you let them roam around your house.

But if you want them to roam outside, please look after your pet, or else you will find no trace of it outside your yard once left unattended.

#2. Your voice? Don’t worry; they won’t forget that.

It’s what they want to hear the most, especially if you’re calling your guinea pig to eat. I mean, I like the sound of that.

Whenever I call Ken and Ginger, they rush their way towards me as if they are on a race, and I am their finish line.

But when I’m angry, it’s as if I have no pets around because of their hiding! And sometimes it will be difficult to catch them, though you can learn how to catch a Guinea pig.

Yes, they can even identify your tone of voice, so if you want them to behave accordingly, you better change your tone.

#3. You can teach them tricks! fun and exciting activity

Unlike other pet rodents, guinea pigs can easily catch on when taught new tricks. 

After all, they are social creatures, and your pets would love it when you spend more time with them!

Please take it as your quality time for your pets. Plus you can learn how to entertain Guinea pig.

But I suggest you teach them one-on-one since they are social creatures and get easily distracted when their friends are around.

Well, I’m like that too when I’m studying, so how much more with our guinea pigs, right?

Going back to our topic, here are some easy tricks you can teach your pet:

  • Standing upright
  • Passing a ball (I recommend you purchase a